Sunday, July 29, 2007

20 to 1

Well, that is just great!

Apparently, some people thought it would be fun to have a little get together.

So, they are hunting us down one by one.

They are thinking next summer would be a good time for everyone.

After 20 years.

I went to an independent school district in Oklahoma. The campus housed K-12th grade. I arrived in 7th grade because we moved and my dad was the Jr. High Counselor. And oh, don't you know, that was FUN for me! Jr. High is hard enough without your parent there every day coupled with the fact that he was highly involved with classroom activities.

I think I graduated with about 70 something people. Overall, it was a good school and a good time. You definitely knew everyone!

Our school was always good with its basketball and softball teams. We didn't add football until I was in 9th grade. You wonder why I even mention that, huh?

Well, adding football meant the start of my athletic training career. I know what you are thinking...what girl wouldn't want to hang out with the football team all the time! Honestly, it wasn't like that. I loved that job. Mostly. I remember going that first summer to an athletic training camp and realizing that this could be something I do for a long time. I am prophetic like that! (I did actually continue my athletic training career into college and it meant going to a 4 year private university without debt!)

Over the next 3 years, I managed the training room (and that did include doing their stinky laundry!), kept the team and supplies organized, provided supplies and training care to the team during practices and games, and traveled with the team during the season. I wasn't without help. Several others came and went to do the same.

Some of my most fun times were with the team and my fellow trainer/gal pal Kel! She made the work part less like work cuz we were able to have a good time while doing so. A friendship that started out on the football field extended to life outside of school and has continued to this day. It is one of those easy friendships. The kind where you might lose touch and not speak for years, then find each other again and literally just pick up without a beat. We can always find something to talk about AND laugh about. Always laughter!

I can tell this story now since it has been 20 years and really, who cares. Our senior year, Kel, myself, and ? were all nominated for football homecoming queen. Kel and I had fun deciding how to get ready for it. I really, really wanted to receive the honor and just knew I had the loyalty of my boys, but in the end the new cute blond girl won. But I was prepared. You see, Kel and I already knew that she had won. Possibly because we might have, kinda, in a way, accidentally, on purpose....counted the votes ahead of time ourselves. Privileges of having keys to the offices. Kel was very gracious and humble with our discovery. But secretly, we both knew how excited she was because it meant she got to kiss Rusty ;) Love ya, Kel!

So, we are headed back next summer for our 20 year high school reunion. Our 10 was OK, but no doubt there will be even more major changes this time around. Kel and I are already anticipating the fun and making plans to be the hottest and skinniest 30-somethings to walk through the door.

After 20 years, I now have 1 year to lose 20 pounds. I think I have pretty good odds. However, it will mean serious accountability. Anyone want to join the fun? Anyone? Anyone?

Maybe it could involve the most weight loss winning some loot!

I need to ponder this!

(or Stace just for you Kel!)


Jennifer said...

do what our church group does. Everyone is motivated by cash and accountability from friends!

Jennifer H. said...

You know I am so in on the weight loss goals. I want to do a weightloss challenge. And speaking of accountability, we need to sign up for 5k's soon!! ;-) Even if we have to walk some of it!

Kathie said...

Weight loss! Now there is something I definitely need to participate in.
Blessings from Costa Rica

Golda said...

Now that's a good story! Who wouldn't want to be prepared with the appropriate face when the winner is announced?! Homecoming Queen is big business. Sheer brilliance, if you ask me. Who needs to lose 20 pounds when you can cop to that kind of shenanigans? Then again, being hot AND a rebel....not a bad goal. Ha ha.

Ellen said...

Hi Stacey, I just wanted to say thank you for the comment on my blog! and good luck with your goal for your reunion.. 20 years, that would be an undertaking to get everyone together!! :)

Whitney said...

I can be you accountability partner at work! I need to participate! I love your blogs!