Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lucky 7

Hello Everyone!

I turned 7 months old last week! Mommy and I can barely remember everything I did last month because I am even busier these last few weeks!

But here goes....

A and L had Thanksgiving week off from school, so we headed to Oklahoma for a few days. I really enjoyed playing with cousin L, but like most girls, she thinks she is the boss! :)

I went for my 6 month check-up and got the thumbs-up! I am up to 18 pounds. Mommy says I get a break and won't go back for another visit until I am 9 months old.

I love hanging out with Aunt J and the girls when Mommy is working. Aunt J says that I am growing too fast and that I am a good boy when I am there. Well, of course! :)

I am keeping the bib industry in business because I need a new one frequently. No tooth yet, but I can assure you I am working on it! To keep my gums happy, I have become a great taste-tester. Magazines are pretty and make fun noises, but a little on the dry side.

My eczema got really bad last month and Mommy thought it was all the drooling I do. Turns out I had something called Fifth's Disease. Hey, I am not even 5 yet! Mommy was surprised when the rash showed up because she said that I never showed any other symptoms. The bright red cheeks followed by the rash gave her a clue.

I still love to nurse but I don't let that stop me from missing any table meals. The high chair makes a great drum set! I haven't mastered the "more" sign, but banging on my tray seems to do the trick most times. ;) Mommy keeps me on a healthy diet of veggies and fruit. She even found out that I will eat green beans if she seasons them with applesauce. Sneaky Mommy!

I love to grab the spoon from Mommy. Food just seems to taste better when I do it myself, plus I get a little gnawing in on the spoon.

We got to have my friend O and his big sister over one night. Mommy wouldn't let me play too rough with him, but he sure is cute.

I love when Mommy and I walk around outside. I am really interested in all the animals and noises. She has taken me on a few walks with a little stroller and it is cool to see everything from a new position. She wants to get a new baby carrier because she says that I am a wiggle worm whenever she has to carry me around.

I love to splash in my little bathtub!

Crawling is a cool way to travel! I am super speedy now and can really surprise everyone when I show up in new places without them looking! I discovered they have been holding out on me as far the other rooms in the house. I have even found the Christmas tree. Ooooo-pretty! The lights and branches are fun to touch!

My newest favorite thing is to stand up on my knees and play. Yay me! Mommy thinks I am going to be in trouble soon! Don't tell A, but I am hoping to break her record of walking on her 10-month birthday-shhhh!

I love love love to talk!  Sometimes, I just do rasberries, but most of the time I have something important to say.  Usually bababa or papapa.  I like to sing along with the kids in the car, too.  Mommy thinks my squeal is cute.  Loud, but cute!  When I laugh, it sounds like a little chuckle bubbling out of my throat.  I crack myself up sometimes.  I am even happy at 5 in the morning.  Mommy and Daddy, not so much!

Mommy and Daddy took us to see some really cool Christmas lights at a place called Santa Land. We got to roll down the windows and see all the pretty things.

I can't wait for my first Christmas! I saw some presents under the tree with my name on them! Mommy said she did my shopping for me this year. I hope A and L like what I got them!

Enjoy the pictures!

Merry Christmas!


Checking out the tree for the first time!  Please excuse the cut-offs....toes were getting squooshed!

The red cheeks!  But still happy!

Preferred mode of play

Reading a good book

Posing for a pic

Yucky eczema

Made worse by Fifth's

The rash

Hey you up there!

Laundry helper

Mommmm!  L won't share!

Gumming the good stuff!  Still working on getting to his mouth.

Whoooo meeee?


The beloved bag of crayons that he beelines to!

Hmmm, maybe if I use my mouth?

Can you believe he is doing this to his Momma?!
(just a note...this is not my house in the pic below.  i don't do baby walkers.  ;0 )
(just another note...sorry, the ot in me made me say that!)

Good to last the lick!

How d'you like them apples?!!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A few little people projects

I saw these online and thought they would make easy and cheap gifts that A could help me sew.

She has requested a "sewing kit" for Christmas, but I thought we would get an early start.

I think I spent about $25 on all the fleece.  I bought 4 yards~1 of each kind.

We ended up getting 6 long and 2 short scarves out of each set of fleece.  16 gifts seems pretty darn good for $25!!

L was really interested in helping too, so he helped me with the boy scarves and A helped me with the girl scarves.  The sewing was super super easy.  Just a simple straight stitch down the middle of the pieces to keep them together.  It took me longer to cut out the scarves and cut the fringe than the actual sewing.  Makes for a great activity while catching up on my DVR shows.

Here they are modeling their own scarves.

I was interrupting a Christmas show...can you tell?!

Not exactly sure what he is doing.  Probably a rock star move!

I told them to act like superstars.  Notice L's hair.  They had just performed their version of the Grinch for us after prepping and practicing upstairs.  He was the Grinch and B was his dog Max!  Ha!

After hearing about several people sewing their own baby leg warmers, I took a shot at them too.  I picked up a pair of ladies' long socks for $1.50 and watched a video on YouTube to make sure I didn't miss anything.  Cutting and sewing took about 15 minutes.  Literally!!  Probably would have only taken me 10 minutes had there not been interruptions!  :)  I think they turned out cute.  I may try to find some more socks at the outlet store in town and make a few more.

Here is my littlest super model!
(The bum would have been much cuter if I had some gDiapers in his size!!)

The cuffs around the ankles are made from the foot part of the sock.  I don't have a surger, so my pseudo-surging stitch was a little sloppy, but no one can see that part thank goodness!

Singing for us as he models his new look!  This is my life right now....he always needs a bib and he is always on the go!  :)

Now if I can only get B's cootie cover sewn before Christmas!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Just to name a few

There are several reasons why I love having a 5 year old boy right now.

Who else would see the beauty after using door hanger ads to decorate our tree?!

Yes, I have left them up and he has added another one since this picture!
He was so proud of himself!

Of course, we have many interesting conversations each week.  Quite a few of them take place while he and I wait in carpool line for sister.

Just the other day he started in with this....

"Mom, when you get old, you have to wear a bib and diapers and it makes you feel like a baby again."

"Well, yes, sometimes that is true."  "Where did you hear that?"

"Mrs. C's grandma had to do that and then she died."

Life lessons start young!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 40

I turn 40 in a month and made up this fun little list of 40 things I want.

Key word is "want".

I know that most of these things are not needs.

So don't roll your eyes when you read it!

A few things are practical, but most are just fun and frivilous.

It is good to dream.  It won't all happen in a year, but I would like the 5 year plan at least!

Maybe my husband will remember to read this before my birthday!  Might help him sooner than that since he asked me this week what I want for week!

Another massage :)
40 hours of free time (5 hours blocks)
Trip with husband
Trip with family
  Florida beach
  Sea World
Trip with girlfriends
Another trip with girlfriends :)
International trip
iPhone (probably would have to be a Blackberry in my area)
New family computer (PC vs Mac?)
Pocket-sized digital camera
Health Master Blender (QVC)
Flat iron
Kitchen towels, washcloths, hand mitts
Washer and dryer
Willow Tree Navity
Willow Tree (other)
Upgraded sewing machine w/ embroidery
Laundress & housekeeper :)
New house
New clothes
Teeth whitening
Extra fridge/freezer
Piano (lessons for me and the kids)
Tummy tuck (just to jumpstart my exercise program!!)
Photography lessons
Family portraits
Win the lottery :)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One day at a time

It wasn't my favorite show.

But, it is my favorite theme these days!

You know how at parties, you have your paper plate that you fill up too full and you get the bend-almost-break thing going on, but you manage to keep the plate intact long enough to sit down and put it on your lap?

Right before you knock your glass of something over on your host's carpet?

Or something like that!

Well, that is how I feel right now.

Just trying to keep my plate from breaking these days!

So, if it has to be done, it is probably getting done last minute.

Including my presents, which will likely be wrapped or bagged on Christmas Eve!

On top of that, I so behind with visiting all my favorite cyber homes!  Have the holiday cheer ready because I hope to stop by real soon!!!


Monday, December 14, 2009

Like a box of chocolates

Subtitle #1:  The night Mommy lost her Christmas spirit.

Subtitle #2:  Sure, they're cute and all.

Subtitle #3:  Yes, I finally ordered my Christmas cards.

Subtitle #4:  If you don't get a Christmas card, consider yourself get to see allll the choices!

Subtitle: #5: It's the hap, happiest time of the year!  Come on everyone, sing along with me!