Friday, July 22, 2011

Christmas (2010) in July or And you thought I was kidding!

Since I'm going to go back and add pre-Christmas posts, this will get out of order.  BUT who could pass up such a great title!  :)

Always fun, and a little nostalgic, to go back and look at pictures.  Yes, even from 6 months ago.  They always change so much so fast.

Blessings all around again this Christmas.  Family gatherings, lots of playing, and goodies for all!

Cousin pic

He hasn't practiced opening presents since his birthday, so taking his time.

We love games!

Santa Brax!

The boys enjoying some yummy food!

Chillin' with Gigi.  (Awww, it seemed just yesterday he was a paci dude.)

Rockin' the house!

Christmas kid craft at my home church.  Marshall and his wife have devoted themselves to children's worship for many wonderful years!

You can see Luke, Jackson (cousin), and Anysa on the front row.

Brrrr in Oklahoma!

Grandpa with Lylleigh and Brax

Cool dude cousins!

Princess cousins!

The Gang!

Someone is not cooperating with the Mommy picture.

I love traditions!

Aren't they cuties?!

Who's going to win?

Movie time!

Mmmm, breakfast!

Presents with Nana.

Brax loves his new stool Nana made him!

Uncle Chris bringing on the fun!

Santa won't mind if we taste test the batter!

My 3 favorite people!

My sleepyheads before they wake up for Christmas!

What do you mean, this belongs to Luke? 

Santa caved and brought an electronic game into the house!  Wii time!

He doesn't like his new ride at all.  I promise!

Can't forget our sweet Micki on Christmas!

A new sheriff in town.

This boy cracks me up!

Oh my!

So sweet.  He was more interested in Dora than opening the present.  Love his new shoes from Papa...dinosaur shoes with the feet on the bottom!

Mommy and Daddy's Christmas present!

He was amazed that SB was on his body! 

Poor little man was sick the next day!