Sunday, July 29, 2007

20 to 1

Well, that is just great!

Apparently, some people thought it would be fun to have a little get together.

So, they are hunting us down one by one.

They are thinking next summer would be a good time for everyone.

After 20 years.

I went to an independent school district in Oklahoma. The campus housed K-12th grade. I arrived in 7th grade because we moved and my dad was the Jr. High Counselor. And oh, don't you know, that was FUN for me! Jr. High is hard enough without your parent there every day coupled with the fact that he was highly involved with classroom activities.

I think I graduated with about 70 something people. Overall, it was a good school and a good time. You definitely knew everyone!

Our school was always good with its basketball and softball teams. We didn't add football until I was in 9th grade. You wonder why I even mention that, huh?

Well, adding football meant the start of my athletic training career. I know what you are thinking...what girl wouldn't want to hang out with the football team all the time! Honestly, it wasn't like that. I loved that job. Mostly. I remember going that first summer to an athletic training camp and realizing that this could be something I do for a long time. I am prophetic like that! (I did actually continue my athletic training career into college and it meant going to a 4 year private university without debt!)

Over the next 3 years, I managed the training room (and that did include doing their stinky laundry!), kept the team and supplies organized, provided supplies and training care to the team during practices and games, and traveled with the team during the season. I wasn't without help. Several others came and went to do the same.

Some of my most fun times were with the team and my fellow trainer/gal pal Kel! She made the work part less like work cuz we were able to have a good time while doing so. A friendship that started out on the football field extended to life outside of school and has continued to this day. It is one of those easy friendships. The kind where you might lose touch and not speak for years, then find each other again and literally just pick up without a beat. We can always find something to talk about AND laugh about. Always laughter!

I can tell this story now since it has been 20 years and really, who cares. Our senior year, Kel, myself, and ? were all nominated for football homecoming queen. Kel and I had fun deciding how to get ready for it. I really, really wanted to receive the honor and just knew I had the loyalty of my boys, but in the end the new cute blond girl won. But I was prepared. You see, Kel and I already knew that she had won. Possibly because we might have, kinda, in a way, accidentally, on purpose....counted the votes ahead of time ourselves. Privileges of having keys to the offices. Kel was very gracious and humble with our discovery. But secretly, we both knew how excited she was because it meant she got to kiss Rusty ;) Love ya, Kel!

So, we are headed back next summer for our 20 year high school reunion. Our 10 was OK, but no doubt there will be even more major changes this time around. Kel and I are already anticipating the fun and making plans to be the hottest and skinniest 30-somethings to walk through the door.

After 20 years, I now have 1 year to lose 20 pounds. I think I have pretty good odds. However, it will mean serious accountability. Anyone want to join the fun? Anyone? Anyone?

Maybe it could involve the most weight loss winning some loot!

I need to ponder this!

(or Stace just for you Kel!)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Strength in numbers

This is a serious one.

Hopefully, not somber. But indeed serious.

I felt like with all the fun we just had, it might be time to remember all that is really important.

I have had this mom on my heart for over a week now since first reading her sad, yet incredibly inspiring story. I wondered whether to talk about it or not, but the family kept staying on my heart, so I took it as a sign. Her story has made me watch my children differently. Soak them in; their physical being, their spirit; to hold them tighter, watch them longer, enjoy all that is small and big about them and their world. Her daughter and Anysa were the same age. It breaks my heart and I have cried reading her story. But, what is funny, is how much I have smiled simply because of the way this mom has chosen to tell her daughter's story and to celebrate her life.

The other is a mom whose story is more new to me, but I felt strongly about sharing. Especially since she has asked us to. She is a mom of two young boys and is fighting the beast of cancer. She wants you to share her story so other women don't discover this too late for themselves.

I know there are many, many other stories out there of incredible people fighting their own courageous battles whether they be battles of sickness, death, discouragement. I don't share these women's stories to leave anyone out, but simply to make you aware. Aware of them. More aware of those around you in your world. Maybe you are reading this and you are the one fighting a battle. Share your story and find strength by increasing the numbers of those caring for you, praying for you.

I have decided to add another link soon which will be my personal prayer list. My hope is that it will not only remind me each day to lift them up to God, but also be an opportunity to share them with you. If you have been given the gift of prayer warrior, I hope you will check back often and help me pray for them.


p.s. The kids wanted to go ride bikes tonight. Even though the grumpies were emerging halfway home, I am thankful for the opportunity God presented us while on our outing to remember to live life abundantly. We raced through the sprinklers along the way. Twice!

Friday, July 27, 2007

And the winners are.............

I know you are dying to know, but I have a few things I want to say first!

This has been such a fun experience! I got way more visitors than I truly ever expected. I only got 23 with the Ultimate Blog Party (I chalk that up to the fact that there got to be sooo many people that you couldn't help but be missed by so many.), so I admit that I had hopeful yet reserved expectations.

And as you can imagine, I am already twitching from visitor/commenting withdrawals. I have only had 1 all day, but honestly like me, I bet everyone is actually catching up with their "real" life or sleeping (since we got very little cuz who could pass up the prize possibilities!!).

233 visitors that actually commented just blows me away!

I have so many new people to stay connected with. The variety of blogs out there is amazing and I can learn so much from so many!! Over the next few weeks, I can't wait to add people to my link list!

I want to thank each of you for visiting, sharing, and inviting me over to your place! It was a fun week! I hate that there can only be 3 winners over here! By the way, I used the services of to help me out.

Are you dying from the suspense?

The 3 winners of my giveaway are:

Sarah at who wins the Luxurious Almond Body Buff and Body Velvet Set!

Angie at who wins an Arbonne Sampler Bag!


Dana (nonblogger) who wins an Arbonne Sampler Bag!


I will be contacting each of you personally by email so you can receive your goodies soon!

Oh, and one more thing.


Sweet Diann is providing me with the cutest t-shirt, note cards, coffee mug, and Starbucks coffee!!! She has a really cute blog site and a fun business you should all check out! I will add her to my sidebar soon!

Thank you all for your comments!

Make it a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Contest Deadline Alert!

Hey Everyone!

Don't forget to leave a comment if you want to be entered in my giveaway! I will be closing the comments on Friday, July 27th (tomorrow!) at 5pm CST.

Hopefully, I can get everyone numbered, the drawing completed, and results posted by 8pm CST. Please allow me some grace if results are not up right at 8pm. I promise it will be up absolutely no later than midnight!!

I can't wait!! This has been more fun than I can even describe and I am looking forward to staying on with so many of the incredible people that have visited me!!

Good Luck!!

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

The kids arrived home last night around 8:15. I was supposed to go get them, but was unable to navigate traffic in order to meet my husband for the short trip to meet them.

Seems there was a little explosion close to downtown Dallas causing all the major freeways in that area to shutdown. You may have even seen it on the news. They did open the roads later in the afternoon, but you can imagine the mess. So, I opted not to get stuck in it and he got out of downtown on the other side to go get them.

There were lots of hugs and kisses. And if you have young kids, I am sure you can relate to this. They had gotten so BIG! Big bodies, big words! Luke had fallen asleep so when he stumbled out of the car, he just did a collapsed, snuggly hug in my arms. Really, one of the best kinds of hugs, don't you agree!

Anysa quickly declared she was going in the house to see if her room had been cleaned and if her bed was made. Since I am a smart mommy, I had anticipated her expectations!! She then walked around the whole house, checking each room. And you could hear her saying, "Hm hm", "Yes", "Yep". If she had had a white glove on, I am sure she would have beena swiping! (I would have passed!)

We then met in the living room for a few surprises. I gave Luke a spider man shirt I had put back when I brought home his stash of used clothes. And Anysa went through her stack of new clothes. There was lots of holding the clothes up to her body, twirling around, squeals, and things like "OOOOOh how cute!", "Perfect", "Oh I just love it.", "This is JUST what I wanted".

Then there was some snacking and some swinging. Luke wanted me to sit outside with him while we watched Anysa reach the sky with her swing. I am amazed every time Luke comes home from being away, whether it is a day or a week. He just seems too grown up. His words have matured, he has new phrases or sentences, he is saying things clearer than ever before. Honestly, I just want to squeeze him and make him stop growing for a minute! (Just this morning, he is up watching cartoons while on the couch. And when I peek on him, he is laying on his side with his head propped on his hand. I have never seen him do that and it just made me stop and watch him a little longer!)

After stories, their radios set on "Jesus" music, and bedtime talk, they were asleep!

I know they had so much fun at the grandparents. I heard stories of fishing, the tractor, the garden, sleeping in Gigi's bed, Anysa helping Gigi cook, and Anysa "babysitting" Luke while Gigi got her hair cut. Her reward for doing such a good job was, of course, McDonalds.

And since the fun never ends for them, they are spending the day at my friend Golda's house while I work.

I bet you are wondering why I would pawn my kids off on another mom with 3 year old twins and 6 month old twins. While the kids do love to play together and Anysa's middle name is "Mommy", I did make Golda prick her finger and swear in blood that she was sure she wanted to do this.

Well, since my kids are already up and dressed and asking when they get to go over there, I better get ready!

Off to shower!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You like me! You really, really like me!

But, boy you sure are making me tired!! I had to unpry my fingers from the computer last night/this morning because I just couldn't stop visiting all my visitors. What a neat crowd!

Anyway, I actually have to work today, but I will be pining away for you until later tonight.

The kids are at their grandparents since Saturday. We pick them up Wednesday night. Yessssssss, this is the SECOND TIME this summer! I am not doing so good with my home recovery as last time, but I am hoping to do double-time tomorrow while I am home alone. Yesterday was my day off, but I had some outside appointments and then there might have been some shopping to do. Maybe! Ok, yes, yes, there was shopping. BUT, it was bargain shopping!

There is a resale shop (proceeds for a good cause kind of shop) that I have mentioned before (Anysa's bike for $7, shoes for $.50). Anyway, yesterday was Ladies and Children's clothes for 50% off. Well, that is like sticking chocolate in front of my face! Plus, I had a 25% off coupon! My goal was to score for Anysa. I bought probably $200 worth of clothes (plus a pair of shorts and 2 frames for me) all for $40! SWEET! A couple of weeks ago, I bought clothes for Luke (for next 2 years!) from a friend and spent $100 for AT.LEAST $400 worth of clothes/shoes. Seriously, SWEET! Now, I have to break it to the grandparents that literally, I can NOT.FIT.ONE.MORE.THING.IN.HIS.CLOSET!

In honor of the kids being gone, I will leave you with a funny conversation I had with Luke right before.

Me: "Just a minute. Mommy needs to use the bathroom." (We had just come home from swimming and I went into the bathroom. Luke saw me and started for the door. And yes, the door was open!)

Luke: With eyes gleaming, "I want to touch." (I swear, boys get it from the beginning cuz Anysa was never like this and I nursed both of them! He is referring to my "girls" as I was pulling up my suit.)

Me: "No, those are Mommies." (Sorry, but I was feeling a little selfish that day!)

Luke: Looking puzzled, "But, are you still my Mommy?"

Me: Laughing, "Yes, I am still your Mommy, but these belong to Mommy."

Cracks me up! His once mine, always mine attitude coupled with the idea that not sharing my "girls" might mean he had lost Mommy-ownership as well!


Monday, July 23, 2007

Summer blogging, had me a blast!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Just a few weeks ago, I was giving away a prize in my own little blog world! Little did I know what was in the works across blogland. What is so funny, is that both ideas were really along the same lines of thinking. I post, you visit and comment, I give away a prize. Mine was to the person farthest away that left a comment. (Kimmy, I did not forgot you! The kids are at their grandparents for a few days which means I will actually catch up on a few things. Getting to the post office being a priority! Hang in there friend!)

This "contest" is really just like mine was meant to be. Get out there and meet new people! You will get the same in return! Plus, think of all the goodies to be given away!

If you are a new visitor, WELCOME! You are actually in luck! Over the past week, I did 3 posts with LOTS of pictures. Tell the truth, you love pictures! I do try to create pictures with words as well, so come back when you have more time to catch up!

If you are a loyal lurker, WELCOME BACK! Thank you for knowing me and still loving me!

And before you go, be sure to start dreaming about....

Luxurious Almond Body Buff and Body Velvet!

The first is a yummy exfoliate for the bath or shower, while the second is an ultra-creamy (not ultra-greasy!) body cream!

And if you don't like almond, well, I am the kinda gal that is willing to negotiate!

Be sure to visit Shannon to join the fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

**UPDATE- First, I am blown away by all the visitors! I have a lot of people to meet! Second, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure I can get back to you (either by correct blog address or an email) in case you win my prize! I have found several already that I can't reach. AND BEST OF ALL... I have decided to add 2 more prizes for a total of 3 giveaways! The other 2 prizes will be Arbonne Sample Bags with a variety of samples in each bag!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Free x2

I am actually very excited to share this contest with you!

Well, Horizon Organics is giving away $300 worth of gift certificates for their products to one lucky person that links to this contest. And even if you don't win the contest, checking out Horizon Organics is like winning in and of itself. You will learn so much!

If you have not yet considered the possibility of switching over to organic foods, I would encourage you to begin the process in that direction.

A little over 2 years ago when I began my business, I loved the idea that I had made a change based on learning about all the junk that was in my previous products. It just made sense then to really began educating myself on what should and should not be in all my other products. Household cleaners and the food we eat were next on my list.

Switching over to cleaners that were healthier for my family came relatively easy. For some reason, changing our food habits was a little harder.

Maybe it was the fact that we were all in a rut. Maybe it was that we were addicted to the things we liked (that weren't good for us!). Maybe we were convinced by the cheaper prices. Maybe it was because I live with picky people.

I don't claim to have perfected the art of shopping healthy all the time. I do claim to be making a conscious effort every time I shop to choosing more and more foods I can trust will be better for my family.

Does it cost more?


Maybe not.

I think it depends on what you are counting as cost in terms of your family.

The cost of the food or the cost of their health.

Without getting too high on my soapbox, especially since it is still made out of sturdy cardboard and not bricks, I will say this.

Do some research. Start simple. Think about ingredients. Start with healthier choices in general. Then, start by replacing 1 or 2 things for organic. Don't be hard on yourself. Be wise but not militant. Be respectful of other's choices.

What I have come to realize, as I have had to debate even those in my own household, is that I am looking at the long term, cumulative effects that will occur if I don't start making better choices for my family now. It is not about one food with one pesticide or one cleaner with one toxic chemical. It is about all of it together over time.

And remember, all this is coming from a person who is NOT perfect and is still learning about all this.

So, don't give me that look when you see me pulling out of McTransFattyAcids!


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Coming Attraction!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The show begins Monday, July 23rd!

Final performance is Friday, July 27th.

Available for your viewing pleasure 24/7.

For a preview, go to

There you will find details and instructions!

If you think you would be interested in participating along with giving away a prize, I would for sure check out the guidelines now so you can have your post ready and be prepared.

Be sure to check back here on Monday morning to read my post, find out what you could win from me, and...


That, of course, is how you enter to win!

And just think, you can do that on every person's blog post you visit from Mr. Linky!

I can't wait until Monday!

Or tomorrow, when I share ANOTHER contest! It is a simple 1-time entry process with a big payoff!


Friday, July 20, 2007

Lights, Camera, Pictures!

UPDATED: I had lost all the pics with this post and still need to find the few that are missing.

I am taking you back more than a year. Obviously! I just love seeing changes in people and you can really see the changes if I go back farther like I did.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important reason I am doing all these pictures.

I finally learned how to download pictures from our video camera and my phone! Maybe I will get adventurous one of these days and actually figure out how to make a video.

But then again, we don't even have a digital camera, so don't hold your breath!


p.s. Don't forget to come back over the next 2 days as I am going to tell you about some new contests!!

Family pictures for Christmas 2005

L and A with Roman before they leave for Minnesota last September.

The first day of Little Sprouts 2006. A's 2nd year and L's 1st year!

Nana's house.

Remember all those hot days last winter? This was a day at the park. I took their bikes to ride and they were mezmorized by the turtles.

Pumpkin Patch Day 2006

Can you tell they love for me to take pictures of them to "see" later?

My children always adore each other this much. Don't yours?

Waiting for Santa 2006

Family pictures for Christmas 2006

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Luke's year in pictures!

Ok, Luke scored way more pictures than Anysa's year in review. While she is very photogenic, he just gets himself in more situations!

If you analyze these photos carefully, you could possibly call this post "The many outfits of Luke." I swear that boy is in his closet almost as much as his sister. Either changing clothes or playing dress up!


My sweet little boy helping out Mommy! He still loves to vacuum. And yes, this was taken more than a year ago.

This was taken the day before our babysitter moved away last September. Luke and Kendra were together twice a week between the ages of 6 months and 2 years!

Good to the last scrape!

Pumpkin Patch Day

My race car driver!

Post-Halloween antics!

Choosing Halloween candy takes serious consideration!

He is just that silly!

Remind you of Jeffrey-the winner of Runway last season?!

Luke and his lip in time out!

Post-nap entrance!

Some of Luke's fall pictures for our Christmas card.

About 5pm. Obviously, he had missed his nap that day!

Losing the nap battle behind his bedroom door!

Amusing us on a road trip!

"Detting the bad duys!"

In the kitchen with Luke!

I was so mad, but it was one of those situations that was also remarkably humorous. Don't you think he did a nice job for a 2 year old!

Luke and his horse friends at the train party.

Bob is not only a Builder, but he also preaches!

Entertaining Mommy!