Friday, January 30, 2009


I am off to my ladies' retreat this weekend!

It is just one of the great things I started participating in because of my old church. I'm thinking this is about year 6 for me, but can't remember.

I am not sure I would ever be able to give this group up no matter where I am in life!

We go here for a great time of fellowship and friendship!

We also leave time for this in our schedule! I can't wait!

Last year, my friends and I stayed at the camp and did horseback riding and zip line.

Pretty much out of the question this year! :)

Last year, my girlfriends and I got one of the big rooms to share. After the formal events, we headed to our room for snacks and games. I don't think I had laughed that hard in a long time.

I am looking forward to more of that again this weekend!

See you when I get back!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


My daughter is the doing the No School Happy Dance this morning.

Which is totally ridiculous in our area since the weather is not that bad. A late start, maybe. No school all day, a waste of a day.

I guess there will be cookie baking in our future today as there has been for so many of my friends in north Texas and Oklahoma.

I wonder if my daughter will do another happy dance later when she finds out that we are cleaning her room today?

I will be!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Names withheld to protect the innocent (and of course, the guilty!)

I am not going to tell you about my wonderful weekend.

It would be too painful for you to endure.

All the wonderfulness, that is!

Aside from the 5+ hour drive each way (the + accounts for my bladder and stomach!), it was simply wonderful.

It was like staying in a 5-star hotel with a 10-star friend to hang out with all weekend!

It was simple and relaxed, yet so much fun.

Friday night, I got to reacquaint myself with her little boys. Like me, it is never a dull moment around her house with two little boys running around. Especially when we made the mistake of emphasizing the fact that I did have a baby in my tummy. The littlest kept telling me to "Lift your shrt" in an effort to gain proof. He was too funny!

Later that night, we settled in for the grandest of chick flicks (SATC!!) accompanied by all necessary snacks and beverages.

BTW, if you have only seen the movie once, like me, it is truly necessary to watch it again. And with a friend if possible. Has anyone else counted how many times Carrie wore the black studded belt?

I didn't think so!

That includes you my dear friend since you fell asleep while watching the movie!!!

Saturday morning was breakfast (my friend made the BEST blueberry scones from Super Suppers!) and hanging out with the boys before dropping them off with their grandparents. Of course, that was a treat for me too. I spent a lot of time at her parents' house when we were college and it was really good to see them.

Then she drove me to my long-lost love.


Thank you dear friend!

I got a few things for the kids from the $1 section before we simply perused the aisles at our leisure. This Target had a great clearance toy section. It said 50% off, but we got several things that were a bigger discount than that. I took care of my little man's birthday in June!

Then we went HERE for lunch!!!

OH MY! Who knew that a salmon crepe could ever make a pregnant woman so happy?!

(that's my best version of the needle scratching the record.)

What you ask?

Why in the world would any pregnant woman purchase, much less eat, salmon of all things from people selling crepes out of a trailer?!

Because I was told it was that good. AND it was even BETTER! And besides, these people actually won a Bobby Flay Throwdown. I don't watch Bobby Flay, so I may be off on the name, but you get the point!

Seriously, listen up people! If you make a trip to Austin, GO EAT THERE!

And to my new Flip Happy friends....since you are in a trailer, I think a traveling roadshow my way would be awesome!

The rest of the afternoon included Starbucks, a trip to pick up some supplies for the frames I love to make now, and a little R&R before some big R&R.

Before heading out to dinner, we experienced incredible pedicures and very nice manicures!

Now the term "we" can be used in several ways here.

Sure, I could be using "we" in reference to me and my dear friend.


I could be using "we" in reference to me, my dear friend, and her most awesome husband.

All I am saying is that he is a good man that understands the importance of upgrading his personal hygiene routine to include his feet and hands!

(Dear Friend's Awesome Husband- Thanks for making me laugh this weekend! You rock!)

Dinner was some really good Mexican food.

And possibly a sip from my dear friend's very, very good beverage!

Another movie, then we were off to sleep. Some of us sooner than others!

After waking up at 8 AM (miracle!) and lounging a bit, we made our way to breakfast which was a divine buffet lasting well over an hour!

Because that is what is possible when only adults are seated at your table.

A funny story about the lounging part! At breakfast, we discovered that we both had been lounging in our respective cozy beds while watching a rerun of 90210! At the same time, each thinking that we should really be getting ready instead! Great friend think alike!

I hated to leave!

It was a wonderful weekend with good conversation and good memories, old and new!

I could never thank my dear friend and her most awesome husband enough for going above and beyond the call of hosting duties!

I can't wait for our next adventure!


Friday, January 23, 2009

(I wish I was) Leaving on a jet plane!

But I am still leaving, so that is what counts!

I am heading to Austin this afternoon to spend a fun weekend with my dear friend from college.

This is the trip I had to postpone from October due to children puking.

I am thinking that should puking occur this time, that pregnant momma should still leave. Cuz who really wants to watch a pregnant woman puke, right?

But since everyone presents healthy at this moment, I am saying a prayer and knocking on wood that my wheels will be heading South around noon.

Who you should pray for is my family!

The last 2 trips I have made out of town AND that involved my friends have resulted in someone in my family landing in the ER!


Trip #1- Little man jumped off bead. Bumped head. Head bled profusely. Resulting small wound requiring no intervention.

Trip #2- Dad arrived to bring my 85-year old grandmother for a week-long visit while he and his wife drove to Florida to watch OU in the National Championship. 5:00 PM- Crew arrives. 5:03 PM- Grandmother loses balance as my son attempts to hug her resulting in a fall and broken hip.

I kid you NOT!

I am out of town the next TWO weekends, both of which involve my girlfriends.

The kids are involved in roller skating, cheerleading, and a jump party over the next 2 weekends.

I am thinking a few extra prayers for their safety couldn't hurt!!

p.s. My grandmother had surgery and is recovering at a rehab unit back in Oklahoma.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a super cute giveaway!

Christy over at Bon Bon Boutique (one of my favorite blogs to visit!) is having a fabulous giveaway involving a super cute belt!

Go HERE to check out the details!


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tell me the truth

OK, I am trying to decide about registering.

The problem is I am worried what people might think.

Will they think,

"Seriously, the girl has already had 2 kids! What could she possibly need?"


"Good, now I will know what she needs."?

As I have mentioned before, it is not that I need a lot. Clothes, bedding, blankets, and layette stuff are totally taken care of. I have all the big stuff that is necessary right now.

It is mostly essential type stuff like diapers, wipes, nursing stuff, and few other things. It has been 5 years since my last baby.

I just don't want people to think I am saying,

"WoooHooo, Look at me! I am pregnant! Buy me stuff!".

Yikes, NO!

I am really thinking about it for 2 reasons.

First, for me. I am a list maker. A.LIST.MAKER! And doing the registery really helped me see what I actually needed and what kinds of those things I was interested in. I figured if nothing else, it will save me the thinking part later when I go to buy something but my brain is mush!

Second, IF people did want to generously offer to make a purchase, I figured it would make it easier on them if I could direct them to specific websites or things.

The silly thing is I am actually working on registries at 3 places! But all the lists are really small and a lot of things are duplicates. Again, I was thinking it would be easier on me and them depending upon where they live or if they want to use the Internet.

The lists are actually in transition. I already know a few things I need to take off. I also have some friends who are helping me decide which types of products are really best. There are so many choices when it comes to cloth diapers and safe disposables and slings, that I have my experts working on it for me! :) So more items will probably be deleted after that.

So really, tell me the truth.

Is it bad that I am even doing this?


Monday, January 19, 2009

I've been Faced!

You know, there are a lot of things to love about Facebook.

You can catch up with old friends, stay connected to everyone a little better, show off your family, enjoy others' pics, chat "live" while hanging out on the computer.

You can even be a better friend who actually "remembers" everyone's birthday and wishes them well thanks to Facebook's little friendly reminders on the sidebar.

Unless you are someone like me who neglects Facebook for days and misses those reminders. Or adds friends, but then neglects to send them a message or write on their wall for a long time. Or gets on Facebook and sees that someone's birthday is coming up, then gets easily distracted and forgets to come back and wish them well.

And then there is the guilt!

The guilt when so many sweet people take just a minute to wish you well on your birthday. Dear friends, blog friends, friends I haven't talked to in yeeears!

Dang the guilt!

It was so fun to read all the happy wishes and I am so grateful.

I vow to do better when it comes to "facing" other people!

As for my special day, it was pretty low key. Which was just fine with me this year.

Cards, calls, and cake were the only things on the agenda. Along with yummy home grilled steaks, baked potatoes, and salad.

You know I gotta save my energy for growing a little baby.

And for planning my birthday for next year!

It was a good day!


Thursday, January 15, 2009

For them

I don't know this family, but I learned of them because of a blog I read regularly.

There are so many tragic things going on in this world on a minute by minute basis.

But this is the type of thing that always makes everything feel so shattered for me.

I know they would appreciate any prayers you could offer for them.

Also, a friend shared a request for their friends'child. He is around 1 year of age and was diagnosed with Leukemia at 7 weeks. It went into remission but is back. Right now, they are having trouble managing an infection so they can start chemo again.

I know this family and this little guy would be blessed to know you were sharing him in your talks with Jesus.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Several months back, I started questioning whether I would be sending my son to 5-day a week full-day Kindergarten at the same school where our daughter is currently attending.

Our town actually has 3 school districts we could choose from. One is ours and the other requires a transfer request and fee. Our neighborhood elementary is actually one of the better elementary schools in town and probably would have been fine for now, but we knew the other district had a great reputation and started her there. Despite it being a great school and that she has a great teacher, it has still been an adjustment for her as she went from 3-day to 5-day for the first time. My son has done both 2-day and 3-day, but I knew it would be an adjustment for him too next year.

Along with the fact that he is a June birthday and fits the bill for the young boy that would likely do better if he waited an extra year to start Kindergarten. I am totally not worried about him academically. It was all the other maturity stuff I was a bit worried about.

Besides, Mommy is not for pushing her ducklings out of the nest on a full-time basis too soon. I like my kids in a learning and social environment outside of the home part of the time and spending time with me the other part.

So I have fretted the past several months. Not because I didn't know in my heart what I felt was best, but for other reasons. One reason is that school choices are limited around here and there are no viable options for what we had before; a small private Christian environment. The other reason was trying to explain to my husband why this was so important for our son. I could never seem to articulate the words to convince him. He is the no-nonsense, good-old-boy type when it comes to these types of things.

He is also the one who wants us to live on land miles from civilization.

But that story is for a different time!

Over the past few months, I talked with many people. Mostly other moms. I got two stories. Either they waited another year and were so glad they did. Or they did not wait and wished they had. I chatted with my daughter's 1st grade teacher as well.

But I still wasn't getting anywhere with the other decider. In his mind, it didn't help that the decision meant another year of paying for education when free was available.

So I finally sought the advice of a special wise friend. She is older than me, has raised her own 3 children, been the much-loved director of Christian school I know, and has been an educator (Kindergarten specifically) for many many years! Her response back to me made me cry a bit. She took what I felt in my heart and put it into words.

I thought I would share her words with you today.

I would like to recommend a book to you that may be helpful – The Hurried Child by Dr. David Elkind.

There are evaluations that we used to do at LCS to test for kindergarten readiness. L’s readiness for kindergarten has NOTHING TO DO WITH HIS INTELLIGENCE OR THE AMOUNT OF ACADEMICS HE HAS BEEN EXPOSED TO. It is a question of where you and your husband would like to see him THROUGHOUT his academic career – at the head of the class in leadership and academics or somewhere in the middle. This is why it would be very hard for you to find anyone who regrets waiting a year to start school. Their children rise to the top almost 100 percent of the time. Why? Because they are OLDER and more MATURE.

The two top kids in my present class this year were both 6 when school started. The boy is by far the strongest leader of the group and the girl is the brightest academically. More and more parents are realizing that emotional, physical, and intellectual maturity is so important in our world at ALL ages. I can almost guarantee L greater success if he is given the gift of TIME . Think about the future. If L starts school as a young 5 year old, when he is 15 years old, all his friends will be 16 and DRIVING. Now I don’t know about you, but I was glad my children were the older ones in their crowd.

I always ask parents this – “Would you put a newborn in with a one year old to play? Of course not. One year in the developmental years is HUGH difference. If L starts at 5 years and 3 months, he will be up against a few that are a whole year older than him. Definitely not to L’s advantage.

Ok. I will get off my soap box now. I would recommend a good preschool if that is available. It is often perceived as “failure” to do the same grade twice. 3-5 days (or mornings) per week with a strong phonics program would be wonderful.

My best to you all in this very hard and emotional decision. Trust your gut instinct and pray, pray, pray.

Remember, this is just my opinion, but as an educator with TOO many years in the business, it breaks my heart to see a child who is not ready or is struggling in later years just because they were always playing catch up

I forwarded her response to my husband and thankfully it was the information that allowed him to realize how important this was for me. I realize there are always exceptions to the norm, but I truly believed this would be best for our son.

I met with the owner/director of his current school and we are set for next year. She was in agreement with me and was excited that he would be in their higher-level Pre-K program. Apparently, the teacher has been there for awhile and is very good. Also, the director mentioned that she always hears good things about the kids that went through this class. In the Fall, he will go 3 days a week until 12N and until 3pm on the two days I work.

The other part that fits with this story today is one which has brought much relief as well.

I knew that I would need to continue to work after the baby was born. Not immediately, but starting in the Fall as well. Thankfully, I just work 2 days a week, but you can imagine my stress in wondering who would care for my precious 3-month old.

I didn't know anyone that I loved or trusted enough in this town to leave my baby in their care.

One night at church, my MIL told me that her sister had offered to keep the baby for me. She has kept babies before and actually prefers to keep them from birth to 1 year. She had actually turned down others over the last few years for various reasons.

But she offered to us!

Now, I can rest easier, knowing that someone who loves me and my children will be loving and caring for my newest child as well!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Making of a Band

As I have mentioned several times, my son loves to sing loudly and play his guitar.

And thanks to my husband, he can even recognize a Rolling Stone song or two!

Over the weekend, my husband's friend stayed with us. My kids love "Coco" Long story short, when my daughter was 2 she loved Larry the Cucumber. Learning Larry's name meant she associated him to the cucumber version and somehow started calling him Coco. I am not really sure how she got to that, but it has stuck and now both my kids know him by that as well as his real name.

Coco enjoys playing the guitar. We have been telling little man that maybe he would restring and retune his guitar and teach him a few things. He had his guitar out and ready before Coco could get through the front door.

I just really enjoyed watching him watch Coco and talk to him about the guitar.

My little man can't wait to be in a rock band

Tuning and strumming

Little man kept glancing back and forth so he could play just like Coco

Sister got in on the action

We checked into lessons for the kids. I really want my daughter to learn piano, but space does not really allow for a standard piano. I guess I could check out some smaller versions. However, she informed me this weekend that she would like to learn guitar so we might go that route. My son will have to wait a bit longer for formal lessons, but he will be ready when his time arrives!

A rock star that can play sports! Oh my, I am going to have to fight off the women for him!


Monday, January 12, 2009


Just a general mommy/baby update today.

But with a twist at the end!

Everyone has been so sweet with their kind words and comments regarding our newest arrival and my appearance!

I wanted to assure everyone that I am truly handling the boy news OK. Not that I doubt y'all, but just in case a random reader thinks I am ungrateful! :) I am very happy to be having a boy. Just sad not to be having a girl. I am OK with those feelings because I believe they can co-exist. For awhile at least. I know the latter feelings will fade over time. The bottom line is my children-current and coming-are all a blessing to me!

I feel bigger than I would like to be in the belly, but I totally know that it is OK. I think I am OK with my weight right now. I don't ask when weighing at the doctor, but the numbers seem appropriate each month.

Right around Christmas, I finally broke down and pulled on an official pair of maternity pants. I was making due with my low-waist jeans and trusty rubber bands! Now, I am totally with maternity pants/jeans or elastic lounge pants. It makes breathing easier! I am not big on wearing clothing that is too big on me because I always feel that I look much bigger. I have some really cute maternity shirts waiting for me around Spring time, but for now I am sticking to double shirts that fit closer.

Eating has gone OK. I think I am being pretty good. Although this past week was about splurging on birthday cake from my daughter's birthday dinner! A chocolate chip cookie finds its way into my mouth from time to time as well! My cravings have been more about crunchy, salty, spicy, fruity. The last two weeks I loved eating avocados and cottage cheese. Fruit shakes are another way to satisfy my sweet craving and get lots of good things packed in!

Sleeping is not my favorite. I am so very tired of sleeping on my left side. Even with pillows strategically placed, I have had enough of it. I mean the wrinkle under my left eye is enough to have me sleeping in the recliner from now on! I have actually enjoyed a few nights in the recliner for that very reason.

I promised myself that I would not even think about what I need for the baby, any changes we need to make around the house, or baby names until January. I wanted to get through the holidays, as well as concentrate on only one gender of names!

Our needs are not great. I have several things from the other two-Moses basket, swing, pack and play, travel swing (love 'em!), toys. Boy clothes, shoes, blankets, bedding are abundant and ready since both boys are summer babies. I am sure I will sneak a few new cute things into the closet just because I don't want him to be a total hand-me-down kid!

I am sad that I got rid of the crib and changing table. Both were used and given to me and I had painted them to match the room. At the time, we had little storage room and another baby was much undecided so it made sense. It actually is OK because this house is much different in terms of space and storage is even more limited. The baby will house with us for at least 4-5 months anyway since both kids' rooms are upstairs. The boys will eventually room together, but I am not trusting the bigger one for night duty just yet! I am sad that he won't get his own special and carefully decorated room like the other two, but we will make due for now and make up for it later!

My only big needs right now are an infant car seat and a stroller. My sister has a bassinet that I think will work, but if not I am sure I can find one at a consignment sale. She also has the pump, but we are still figuring if our timing will work for that one. I have simple sling, but want to get another one or two good ones. I was never a sling person before but think it will be a perfect fit this time. I am not planning on wearing my baby all the time because I am big on lots of floor time from early on. But I bet slings will come in very handy since I will busy around the house and with activities for the two big kids! I am also looking into the variety of diapers, wipes, and bottles that are better for the baby. We are a disposable diaper and wipes family, but I would really like to try a few of the new cloth diapers and safer or homemade wipes around the house. I also want to make sure we have the safest bottles available this time for when Daddy or others are feeding him.

Storage is my other biggest issue at this point. I am going to have to come up with some creative storage since he will share our room downstairs for awhile. We are also going to need to work on the boy closet upstairs to make it work better for two!

Names are also in the works. I have a list posted on the fridge that I am adding to as I find ones I like. A few are left from the last time, but are still getting vetoed by the other half!

If you made it through this rambling post, this is where I am soliciting your help!! Yes, I am welcoming your advice!

I would love to know what baby products and brands you loved to use with your little ones. I have not had a baby in 5 years, so I know there is a lot of new stuff out there! Leave me a comment with one or several items! Or do you have a creative storage suggestion?!

And just for fun, do you have a boy name you like that you would be willing to donate to my list?


Friday, January 9, 2009

What I would rather be doing for a living!

Last weekend, I got the chance to bestow a fun little gift to my girlfriends! I have a few more in the works and a few I still need to deliver!

I love to be creative, crafty, decorate, and sew.

Sadly, I have not found the time to really do so as much as I would like over the last year. I was hoping my new hobby space would provide that opportunity more often. The problem is I haven't really spent the time needed putting it into full working order. I want to be able to zip in, work, and zip out without too much shuffling of stuff. I could probably get it ready in a day.

I just need to find that day!

I have been inspired by many of my other crafty bloggy friends, but I probably got the most inspiration for these from Christy! You should really spend some time checking out all her creations or ideas. I hope I made her proud with mine!

These were super easy and less than $5 a piece! You should give it a try! I am thinking about prepping some early for teacher gifts in case I am having a baby or too bleary-eyed by the time end of school comes around in May!


Thursday, January 8, 2009

She's a beautiful thing!


I hope year number 7 brings many wonderful blessings for you!


Mother-Daughter Trip 2009

My girl and I had a great trip!

Before pulling away on Saturday morning, little man was pretty upset. I loved that he would miss me that much but hated to see him so upset. He recovered quickly as Daddy had lots of "boy" stuff for them to do!

Our first stop was Sam Moon where she quickly found the "perfect" purse. Despite my attempts at persuading her otherwise! She also got a cute little ring. I am trying one of those hard case wallets...we'll see how I like it.

Next we ate lunch at ChicFiLa (yum yum!!) before heading to James Avery. I get her a charm each year and hope to give her a charm bracelet when she gets older. She doesn't know about it. I did not end up buying charms because geez they have spiked their prices since last time I bought. I am now 3 years behind, but will catch up later!

We visited a dear friend and her kids before heading over to another friend's house. Our kids used to go to school together and it was fun to see them play together again.

Our biggest shopping adventure ended up being at Bed Bath & Beyond. I decided to return my 2nd Shark because I just wasn't pleased. We used the cash to get birthday presents for my daughter, me, and my MIL. We also got little man his very own Cars Snuggli! We hit the "as seen on TV" jackpot there! While there, it was fun to see and visit with a mom from our old school. Our daughters were in Kindergarten together. Her daughter wasn't with her but the mom took a hug back for her from my girl!

Our day ended at another friend's house where we got to visit, play, eat, and sleep for the night. My girl looks so big compared to the youngest twins, yet they have grown so much!

The next morning was wonderful as we had a chance to worship at our previous church and hug lots of necks! Thankfully, I managed not to shed any tears despite how much I miss that place and all our friends. We were invited to join some friends for lunch by one of their boys. So cute! It was cold, but here is the quick pic I snapped.

Next we spent some glorious time at Target where I picked up some maternity pants half-price and some new comfy shoes for preggo mommy feet.

I was so blessed to get to spend a few hours with my girlfriends. Just chatting and sipping at Starbucks. At the same time, my daughter got to enjoy a play date with another friend so the girls and I could have some grown-up time. (Thanks Nathan!)

Then it was HOTEL time! We were both excited but tired from our many activities. We checked in and then hit Grandy's before enjoying our hotel night.

A chair just her size!

She was quite taken with the bathroom!

Our Grandy's picnic!

One of the yummiest meals, according to her!

After a peppermint pedicure, including a tickly scrub and some yummy lotion, we both got new toes and fingernails! You can't tell, but her toes are actually pink and orange in an alternating pattern.

We ended the night by watching a movie before she crashed.

Excitement over the king-size bed and lots of pillows!

Our last stop after the doctor's visit. We had to see everyone at my old work and share our good news!

I highly recommend this version of a birthday party! It was good for both of us!


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Peek A Blue

We have a very healthy baby from head to toe.

Including all HIS parts in between!

I must be quite honest and admit that I was a little shocked at the revelation. Not sure whether it is the fact that God must have found it humorous to answer my prayer for patience and wisdom this way or that I will never another cute little girl to dress again!

It will take me a few days to mourn the last part. Likely it is just a hormone-overload thing. Probably sounds silly to some of you!

A friend let me know that if I had a calm boy the first time, then I would probably get the wild and crazy version this time around. Again, a God-humor thing! I can assure you that we have the wild and crazy version well taken care of so I must be due the other!

I was really glad to have my daughter there with me. She was so excited and so cute standing there beside me. As we started looking at the live picture, she stood there with double-crossed fingers waiting for the verdict. I saw it before she heard it, and I watched her head drop into her hands when we announced the verdict! She was a trooper though and rallied. She helped take some sonogram pics to take to school and reintroduced herself to the doctor that delivered her 7 years ago tomorrow. She had clothes on this time!!

It was a good way to end our very fun-packed weekend!


Friday, January 2, 2009


As in all the things left over in my brain from the last month!

* As a class ambassador, A got ride on her school's float during the city Christmas parade. She loved wearing her pj's for their Polar Express theme. Although you couldn't see all the kids' pj's cuz it was so stinkin' cold that they had to wear lots of outerwear. I only took one pic because my camera battery died. Lots of video though. If only I knew how to download it! Their school won the grand prize of $1000!

* Our extra fridge went kaput last week. It was our wonderful hand-me-down that lasted us 9.5 years and had recently found a home in our garage as our extra fridge. Although I didn't keep it packed, it was great for storing freezer foods and whatever few extras we had purchased. I will actually miss it, but at least that means a bit more storage area in our garage.

* Yes, I actually shopped a bit the day after Christmas. It was only semi-intentional! I knew I wanted our new ornaments and also needed to buy a few essentials at Wal-Mart. I did NOT need any Christmas decor stuff! I always buy our ornaments that represent the previous year at the end of the year. Does that make sense? I found perfect ones for 50% off. I probably could have waited for more off, but then my "perfect" ones would have been gone. I should have taken a pic, but I found a man watching football on a big TV with remote in hand, a pretty cheerleader, a sweet mother/daughter duo, and Indian Jones. The last one is for my son. He is taken with the older movies and "Dr. Jones" and I thought it was perfect. He did too! At Wal-Mart, my well intentions fizzled when I got s*cked into the aisles of stuff that could be kid gifts next year. At least I can say that I am finished with small kiddie gifts for mine and extended family & friends!!

* My husband has been on "vacation" since the 24th. He goes back tomorrow. Most of it has been taken up with studying for a professional certification test that he let expire. (He won't do that again!) He has been reading material for the past 4 months, but hit it hard this past week and half. That meant required isolation and quietness. Easy with two young kids around! After keeping the kids occupied and out of the house as much as I could, it is finally over! He passed! No worries, he has had some down time. He got to watch the Cowboys embarrass themselves again and relax a bit before I put him to work yesterday and today!

* We secured a last-minute appointment with Santa on the 23rd. We hit the road early and made it to the mall 45 minutes away so we could be first in line. We actually ended up 3rd in line, but anyhoo! Although I missed seeing the kids with the Santa we have known since my dtr was born, this one was really nice and the kids did great. We had already talked with the "real" Santa via email, but I am the gal that requires an annual pic!

(That pic was my first attempt at scanning. I am looking forward to playing with it some more and seeing if I can enlarge pics.)

(On a funny note, my dtr decided to cuff her pants all on her own. It cracked me up because I have a friend that wears her jeans like that all the time. I guess I have my own little fashion diva!)

* The kids and I managed a gingerbread house this year.

* We took the kids to see Madagascar 2 at the cheap movie theater. It was funny and I thoroughly enjoyed my tub of popcorn! Initially my husband bought a small cup of popcorn and one drink, which I quickly assured him that would NOT be enough for me and 2 kids! I found it interesting that there were several people there sans kids. Don't get me wrong, the movie was good, but I totally would have been seeing something else had I been without kids.

* My dtr has agreed to my idea about no birthday party this year. Her birthday is 2 weeks after Christmas which is always fun to plan! Instead, she and I are having a mother/daughter weekend in Dallas which will include shopping, visiting as many friends as we can fit in, and a night at a hotel where we will enjoy pedicures and a king-sized bed! She is very excited! The best part is that she will accompany me to my doctor's appointment on Monday for the big reveal!

* Yes, if little one cooperates, we should know by Monday morning what our future holds-boy or girl! Family bets have been placed, so we will see! Someone asked if I found out with the other two and I can emphatically say YES! I am a planner and need to have as much prepared this time around as possible. One part makes me sad will mean letting go of one gender of clothing. Of course, I will keep several special things, but still makes a little sad.

* So be on the look out for my baby post in the next week! There might actually be two. I will reveal our gender news and I am going to be asking for product suggestions and name ideas. Won't that be fun?! Put on your thinking caps!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

May everyone have a blessed year!