Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wind beneath his pedals

After a trying this a few months ago, he finally gave it another chance. He was being pretty speedy on his new scooter and I think that gave him the confidence he needed.

He is so pumped about his new freedom!

Just a few days after this, he braved a try on his sister's bigger bike. That little stinker is a pro already!

Good times!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

I am just warning you, it is a picture-heavy post! Don't feel obligated! It is mostly for my record-keeping and other family viewing.

Part I
My husband's side has an extended family Christmas gathering each year. It includes gifts for the kids, the adult White Elephant game, and lots of food. This year was no exception.

A pretty new dress

The latest star of the family

He loved his new clothes and puzzle.

My dtr with the Daddy of the new baby.

Fun for hours....or something else to find containment for!

The kid table. My kids love their big girl cousins!

Part II
We spent Christmas Eve day eating and opening presents at my in-laws.

My son got a little remote helicopter. It kept both the little and the big kids entertained for quite awhile! The funny story is how he got one last year, but promptly flew into the roaring fire in the fireplace!

Looking at Gigi's new kid calendar.

He successfully scored one "as seen on tv" item!

He really wanted a new "real" scooter (not his old baby one with 3 wheels) so he could go as fast as sister.

Challenging Gigi to a game of mini air hockey.

She was pretty disappointed with this Baby Alive....can't you tell?!

A girl never has too much make-up.

Our gift-a new digital video camera.

Princess puff paints.

Part III
We ended the evening back at home, opening just a few presents and baking cookies for Santa. I prefer opening family gifts on Christmas Eve to leave room for Santa's gifts the next morning, but the kids were already indulged so we decided on just a few gifts that night.

Earlier this month, the kids went shopping for us. They could hardly wait for us to open our gifts. Gloves for Daddy and 4 cute pregnant/mommy ornaments for our tree for me.

They were excited to give each other gifts too. A soccer ball for him and princess game and puzzle for her.

They loved their new pj's and robes. My son feels like such a little man with his robe and slippers on.

My kids love to color so their giant coloring books were a hit.

Waiting! (6:50 AM!)



**Two of the most important things on my kids' lists were a Cupcake Maker/Decorator for her and a Hotwheels loop for him. Both were secured at my wee-morning shopping trip after Thanksgiving. Both were discovered my by daughter a few days prior to Christmas. After my head exploded, I quickly rearranged a few gifts and we survived.

More good things!

By 8 AM, we had opened gifts, put together a Hotwheels track, and baked 2 cupcakes!


Thursday, December 25, 2008


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's the only thing I know to ask

I have worked on several superficial things to post about, but none of it feels appropriate right now.

Please pray for a very dear friend. For her family. Especially for her mother.

Over the weekend, both of her parents were admitted to the hospital. Her father required stints for 2 extensively blocked arteries.

Her mother has cancer.

After turning yellow, they discovered a blockage in her bile duct. The blockage was a malignant tumor that involved both her bile duct and her liver. Operations and transplants are not possible. I am unclear if any treatment is being offered at this time. Her mother is in pain.

Each message has been clear about two things.

The doctors are not offering much hope.

They are leaning on God for their hope.

My friend's parents are both very faithful and active people.

Would you please fervently pray for my friend's mother.

It is the only thing I know to ask.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Sugar Scrooge!

I am about to make that my official new title.

It is not just the holidays, but of course, the sugar intensity is greatly heightened this time of year.

It is everywhere!

Home, school, church, parties!

Even the other night, my husband commented that we needed to limit the sugar in our son's diet. When I followed up with the fact that it would need to be a family affair to make it work, he quickly made issue with the idea that he had a problem.

What a team player!

We are not a perfectly healthy eating household. And I do believe in flexibility and enjoying treats. My quest for organic has been limited with our move here. I can get a few things (milk thankfully!), but most everything else just has to be more natural and or at least the healthiest I can find. And there are lots of times I cave at the store when a young person is with me.

But this sugar thing is like a speeding train that needs to be stopped!

School parties last week were ridiculous. I always volunteer for non-sweet items because I know that 80% of the table will be sugar. And I am usually right. It was abundant at my dtr's party, but thankfully me and a few other mothers contributed otherwise. My son's party table looked a bit better than the Halloween party they had, but the take-home bags from other kids (mothers!) and the teachers were loaded with candy.

Church is almost worse! Since we moved, I have never seen my kids eat so much in class. They almost always come out of Sunday class with a treat and Wednesday usually involves a snack and juice.

Then I get to take my kids home and try to put them to bed. Thanks!

I know it starts at home and I need to do a better job so I won't have to worry so much about what happens when they are not here. I would love to make some significant changes, but it would be a struggle with my big kid's love of all that is a sugar or white-product.

It would probably turn into the One Mean Mommy Show!

I guess I will ponder some more and figure out how to make some of the changes for our family in the New Year. We are going to make some other changes anyway, so hopefully I can just slip this one in without anyone noticing! :)

Excuse me while I go throw away some chocolate!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My friends are all smarty pants!

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to my friend Jen who just graduated with a Master's degree while teaching full-time and continuing her other duties as wife, mom, volunteer, and friend! And that would be a 4.0 she graduated with! Way to go girl!

And just so my other friends won't feel left out, I am also very proud of my friend Heather who made a leap of faith 2 years ago and quit her stable corporate job to be a teacher. She dumped the commute and now gets to spend more time with her kids while also sharing the joy of learning with other children. You go Super Mom!

And then there is my friend Pam, who is all things to all people! Wife, mom to 4 active kids, friend, volunteer, committee member, and finished all her classroom work to be a nurse. With just clinicals left to go, I think she is pretty spectacular!

All my other friends are just as wonderful!!


"Mom, Look at this!!!!"

When my son watches TV, you can almost bet you are going to hear this!

He loves him some "As Seen On TV" products!

Most are things he thinks he NEEDS! Other times, he is just looking out for the best interest of his family.

He would love a Snuggie and thinks I could probably use one too. Good thing they are "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" right now!

Of course, he really really needs Aqua Dots and a Hover Copter.

There are about a bazillion other toy-like things he has his eye on for both him and his sister, but I almost went blind trying to find just a few on the official website! It's crazy!

After watching his Gigi kill a huge plant this summer, he just knew she needed the Aqua Globes.

He thought the Instant Flower Garden looked really cool this summer. And I must admit, I almost ordered it because gardening was not at the top of my list this year.

He is also sure that I would love the Memo Mate or the My Little Reminder.

When there was a dog at his grandparents, this Pedi Paws was high on his list.

He got the Rocket Rod for his birthday, but it was a flop. Don't bother!

His Daddy really needed the Weed Claw.

I am just thankful he has not discovered the The Clapper commercial. Can you imagine one of those things in a house with a 4-year old boy? It has taken us over a month for him to stop playing with the automatic van doors!

I am more thankful that he has not seen the Ageless Woman commercial!

His latest fav is Bendaroos. I have always used Wikki Stiks with my kids in therapy, so I do think they are cool. He keeps reminding me that they don't stain or make a mess.

He might have made a sale!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Happenings

This weekend we drove to a neighboring town to see the North Pole of Texas. The kids went last year with their grandparents, but the line was so long that they missed out on the actual train ride. We did have to wait awhile this year, but the kids played, watched the attractions, and drank hot chocolate. It was a neat experience, but I will let you check out the website for all the details.

Blogger was messing me up, so I won't spend time putting my pics in sequential order!

On the train and meeting Santa in the Toy Shop

Along the ride

While waiting in line

The kids and I worked on teacher gifts on Sunday. Chocolate-covered Christmas Pretzels-yum! I tried to be the cool mom and let the kids do as much as possible, but it only lasted so long! My son lasted about 4 pretzel rods before I kicked him out of the kitchen. All he wanted was to eat the chocolate and the sprinkles. And besides, I didn't think the teachers would appreciate his germs all over their goodies! My dtr lasted a lot longer and enjoyed the process.

I am sure I will be discovering sprinkles in my kitchen for days!

This last week of school will be crazy, as I am sure it will be for most of you! Christmas party tonight, Girl Scouts Tuesday, church Wednesday, Cheer practice Thursday, possible party Friday, Christmas family party Saturday!