Thursday, December 11, 2008

Funny Boy

I figured that I needed to pay the same blog attention to each of my kids this week, so this is for my little man!

I have found that my son is almost as particular about his wardrobe as his sister. One Wednesday night, I decided the kids needs baths before church. After his bath, he picked out his clothes himself. He decided he wanted to be both handsome and a superhero that night.

My handsome superhero!

A couple of months ago, we started teaching the kids how to play Uno. Well actually, I had to teach my two little kids and my one big kid all how to play! For many times after that, we played in teams so the kids could catch on to the rules. Then we worked on playing as individual teams with a little grown-up help to stay on track. Now? Well, let's just say that we grown-ups have to hold our own against some serious card gamers!

One day, my son and I played a few games while his sister was at school. Four games to be exact. I will give you one guess who won all four games!!

This is not necessarily a funny story, but just funny how it happened when I wasn't home. I had left one Saturday morning for a girls' weekend. About 4 hours later, I get a phone call from husband as he is waiting in the ER.

The real story from my kids is vague, but something about playing on the bed while my husband was outside working. My son managed to land off the bed and directly onto the corner foot of a chair in his room. Of course, as with most minor head injuries, there was way more blood than there was injury! His shirt and pants never recovered, but the little gash on his head did. By the time they saw him, the bleeding had stopped and it was barely worth a stitch. The doctor offered a staple, but my son kindly refused!!

The whole shocker is that we actually made it over 4 years (over 6 if you count my daughter!) with this being our first ER visit!

And yes, I am knocking on wood!



kel said...

Yes you better knock on

Super cute I mean handsome super hero.


Cindy said...

We love Uno around here too! Sequence is another good one that kids can catch onto quickly... or dominoes, my 4 year old LOVES to play that.

Sorry about your little guy and the ER trip. Thank goodness it wasn't serious.