Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Detox 2007

**I had to add an update down below!


It is has just been a tad crazy since getting back home from our travels.

And I should probably get this written before I start my second margharita!

You know us crazy parents that stay at home with young children on New Year's Eve have to find fun somehow!

Not like the good old days of going out with some guy friends in college who get drunk and obnoxious while hitting on some other girls and then proceed to lock our keys in their trunk which leads us to take a ride to some strange guys' house for an ongoing party who then get us back to the parking lot where we finally sucumb to calling one of our friend's cool parents where we ended up crashing for the night.

Remember that girls?!

Yes, I know you are reading this! :)

Well, it is nothing like that here this eve of the New Year!

I just wanted to say that we have successfully completed our rounds for Christmas 2007 and I think all are pleased.

We headed to Oklahoma where we spent time with my family. We had two stops there and each meant anxious children wondering when "we are going to open presents?".

In addition to grandparents, there are cousins involved which meant lots of squealing and lots of playing. I did not grow up with cousins my age; my brother and sister and I were the only grandchildren on both my mother and father's sides of the family. I have really enjoyed my sister and I having children close together; the girls are 3 months apart and the boys are 1 month apart. I also have a nephew in California who is between the girls and boys and we hate that he does not get to be around his cousins more often. It was fun at my Dad's to have the kids participate in a televideo conversation with our nephew, my brother, and my SIL.

Prior to our trip, the kids had written e-letters to Santa to make their requests formally known. They were most concerned about him knowing their location on Christmas Eve.

Not to worry! He found us.

Unfortunately, not before he had to pull up the reindeer reigns and make a pit stop at Walgreens and Blockbuster at 9 PM that night due to a non-functioning computer for our son.

I am not sure if Santa was fullfilling my son's wishes or my husband's.

Seeing as how he brought guns.

There was also a basketball hoop and a Cars movie (ours had been handled too much!).

But guns?!

Anyway, Santa was also kind enough to leave a note regarding the mishap and to let my son know that a new computer would be delivered to his door step soon.

Along with my husband's stocking stuffers which he somehow misplaced as well.


That is precisely the reason I don't like to be away from home on Christmas Eve!

After the kids headed to their grandparents in Texas for a few days while we worked, we concluded our Christmas this past Friday night.

L was so funny. He was thrilled with each present he opened, but he wanted to "save it for later" and keep opening a new one.

Sadly, A's guitar was busted upon opening the box! And after all that effort, it really irks me! (I did find TWO today at Target and she is a happy musician again!)

The kids were blessed! They loved it all! There were pjs, hats/gloves, cars, dolls, stickers, clothes, cups, games, guitars, and kid computers.

We appreciate everything!

Hubby received some big box of tool thingies, Lowe's GC, a watch, a thermos/2 travel mug set, a shirt/tie, and a hat/tshirt combo.

I was thrilled with my jewelry, Target GC, Visa GC, and my blessed crock pot! OH, and my cutie patutie bag from my friend that says "If I keel over at Wal-Mart, then drag my body to Neiman's"!

And don't think I haven't already worn it over my shoulder as I walked through those automatic doors to make returns!

UPDATE: I must not forget to tell you about the life-saving tool Santa brought me! I had been asking forever for one of those window puncture/seatbelt cutter in case my car ever goes over a bridge and sinks to the bottom of a body of water. Can you tell what my nightmares center around?! Anyway! Santa brought me a great combo tool that includes those two devices and several more!

There is probably more to tell, but I will let the pictures do the talking.

Besides, I am starting to slur my words!

I love these books that come with DVD/CD's for reading!

Lugging his HUGE new set of Lincoln Logs to Daddy.

They did this all on their own. Do you think God will forgive me for stopping to take a picture? I could not resist!

His teacher would be so proud that he is raising his hand to go next!

These next two pictures pretty much sum up L's Christmas in which he displayed his constant thrill that he received "THE.SAME.THANG!!" as whoever else! If you look close, you can see the vein in his neck popping out due to his excitement!

He is my irrestable boy!

These girls love each other so much! Here they are showing off to their great-grandmother!

They were thrilled to be Hannah Montana twins!

Giggling girls in A's new mirror!

I think we are in for big trouble!

The kids had their new pj's on by 4 PM and as you can tell, L is having a hard time staying with us!

A man-size job! This was my mom's treadmill I found her for FREE!

Working hard like their Daddies!

The girls loved having the same shirts! I loved finding them this summer for $1 each!

A LOVED her New Generation doll!

Just practice your lip reading here! He makes it easy!

Awaiting Santa's big reveal!

Oh man!

I can't even tell you how many times she asked for "REAL" make-up from Santa! I thought I was teetering on discovery when she commented that her's was "just like yours Mommy!", but I think I made it for another year!

Seriously, this took like 2 seconds to start happening. And it did not stop until later in the day when we threatened to take it away from her if she did not stop! And yes, this is only going to be at-home/for fun make-up!

Checking out Santa's escape! Or is she wondering how to escape brother's hand-cuffs!

He is so ready for the new pirate movie coming out on January 11th!

Something went wrong. Terribly wrong!

I barely took this off the last week! I love having the kids close to my heart!

It has been a blessed year and I pray that 2008 will find us feeling the same!


Saturday, December 29, 2007

The thighs, they are a changing!

Yes, I have successfully grazed and gorged my way through the holidays with no end in site until January 1st!

There is going to be some serious recommittment and accountability going on here starting at 12 midnight come Tuesday!

Be sure to come back New Year's Day to see all my 2008 Goals!


Friday, December 28, 2007

More cool storage to win!

Click here to win a cool bag with lots of scrapbook goodies inside!

Hurry before it is all over!

And tell Iowa Geek I sent you!


The Art of Regifting

I am not ready to sum up our Christmas for you because we still have round 4 tonight. I would say tomorrow, but my kids have already been drooling and pawing over the gifts at their grandparents' house while awaiting my arrival.

They have been there for a few days while we worked this week.

Somebody caved and let them open "just one"!

Likely to quiet the crowd and ensure her sanity for another day.

So instead, I thought I would just share a funny story from this past Saturday.

We celebrate with his dad's family by sharing a big meal, an adult White Elephant exchange (the good kind!), and presents from each family for all the young kids.

Which isn't so bad since the total is now at 4 and 2 of them are mine! Once you graduate high school, you are kicked up the responsibility ladder! The other girls are so sweet though, so buying for them is a good thing!

Since we would be spending the earlier part of the day doing that before heading further up into Oklahoma to do Christmas with my families, it meant lots of planning and packing.

I had already wrapped the gifts and they were in the closet.

Once he was ready to pack the car, he tried to do so in the reverse order of when the presents would be needed.

You feel something coming, don't ya!

We were having a good time. Talking, eating, eating, eating.

Then it was time to start the game.

And wouldn't you know it, I got #1.

I actually did good and picked out the Chocolate Fountain with supplies. I would have been happy if that is what I ended up with.

As the game progressed, their were lots of cool things. Gift cards seemed to be popular this year, which would have been fine with me as well. Since stealing seems to be in the genes of this family ;), my husband was hoping to keep his pick secured to his side- a tool carrying case with some tools in it.

Then I see one of our older gentlemen decide to pick up my W.E. gift. I chuckled a bit under my breath, thinking "Poor G., he won't be thrilled with Herbal Foot Creme and Cozy Massaging Socks!"

As I watch G. reach into the bag and begin to pull out a red somethingorother, my chuckle quickly turned into gasping and cries of

"NO NO NO!".

He is lucky I did not do a made-for-tv-movie-slow-motion-bionic woman-leap across the room to rescue MY PRECIOUS RED BROTHER LABELER THAT I HAD SACRIFICED SLEEP FOR THE DAY AFTER THANKSGIVING BECAUSE IT WAS SO CHEAP AFTER THE SALE PRICE AND THE REBATE!

After everyone had a good laugh over the fact that my husband had accidentally (whatever!) put out my gift from the "kids" which I had so graciously purchased and wrapped myself AND I had assured everyone I would be okay without it, the game moved on.

But I didn't.

I think I might have still been dealing with Silent Hyperventilation.

With a smile on my face.

In the end, my MIL, being the good woman that she is AND understanding the sacrifice leading up to that purchase (since she was right there with me at 5 AM), decided that she needed the Chocolate Fountain more than I did.

And she does since she entertains all.the.time!

Rest assured, I did indeed rescue RED from the man hands!

I might have walked over there really fast!

And while I was completely happy to have RED back, somehow, I felt slightly cheated that I really did not get to participate fully in the game.

Being as I had to sacrifice to save RED and all.

So.....I thought it would be wise to offer another example of sharing to my children.

You know, for their future well-being.

It's me, don't you think!

I have always wanted a car seat organizer!

And yes, I do have great plans for all those pockets!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Hug them tighter today

My husband played baseball with this guy. Listen to the horrible tragedy this family has experienced and please keep them in your prayers.


A room with a view

I am thinking about this:

big bloggy move2

But I need your help!

First, you must know that I am a First Born.

Enough said!

Second you must know that I am a Procrastinating Perfectionist.

I know, it does not really fit with my take-charge and organize-it-all personality!

Maybe I am Bipolar!

So that I won't end up pulling an all-nighter (like I did in college when I managed a semester-long project in, um, like, ONE NIGHT!), will you please help me start making some decisions so I can work on this project sooner rather than later!

I need opinions.

And I know you have opinions!






And feel free to share my need with your friends, in order that they may come visit me and give their opinion too!

And be sure to click on the banner and see what is going on, especially if you are thinking of making some changes or maybe even starting your own place to tell your story....

Kelli :)


I have already picked Megan's brain and she has offered her wonderful insight! In offering your opinion, it is important for you to remember that-

* I am NOT technically savvy!
* Most days, it is doubtful I am even using Blogger to its fullest potential.
* And it is likely I don't even know what I am missing!
* If you even think about throwing around computer jargon and easy how-to's for me to do myself, there will be head spinning and brain explosions! It will not be pretty!

Proceed to comment!


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My kids are gonna be so jealous!

When leaving her house in OKC this morning, I promised my mom that I would not talk on my cell phone while driving until I got out of the bad weather.

Mom, I kept my promise.

See, I am not on my cell phone.

If you live in OKC, you might want to check on my mom after she sees this.

You know, in case she had a heart attack or something!


50% OFF After-Christmas Sale and other GOOD news!

Other than my sidebar, I think I have only ever mentioned my Arbonne business in one other actual post.

And you won't find me doing it often in the future.

But special occasions call for special announcements!

And I wanted to be sure to share something special with all my friends.

Here is what you need to know:

(Includes both my in-stock and to-be-ordered products.)
* Good December 26-31st.
* Cut-off to place your order through me is 12 NOON on 12/31.
* All orders will be placed on December 31st.
* If you are reading this, you are eligible!
* You may call or email me with your order.
* No order is too small or too big!
* Everyone who orders will be eligible for my FREE PRODUCT drawing!
* My current In-Stock List is below for easy viewing. Prices listed are already discounted to 50% off.
* All other products can be viewed via Arbonne's website.
* All regular and Holiday products are eligible, but keep in mind that Holiday products will go fast!
* If you live out of town and wish to participate, please keep in mind your order will take a bit longer to receive as I have to ship it to you once I receive it.
* As you shop, don't forget about upcoming birthdays, celebrations, and Valentine's Day!

All products may be viewed at by clicking "shop online".

Ladies, if your husbands need help shopping for you, then be sure to pass along your wish list to me and a way to contact them so I can help you out! I totally understand!! :)

I also wanted to mention something else very special.

Several months ago, I dedicated a percentage of my business earnings towards to cancer foundations. In October, that foundation was the Gal-To-Gal Foundation in honor of Sonya. This foundation supports families and research affected by Stage IV Breast Cancer. The amount donated to them is $100. In September, I chose to donate to a foundation in honor of my friend Kevin. At the time, I was not exactly sure which one. I have decided on the Huntsman Cancer Institute located in Utah. The amount donated to them is $60. I recently heard Mr. Huntsman speak and plan on reading one of his books that was highlighted called "Winners Never Cheat". I was so impressed with him, his vision, his heart that I wish I had a million dollars to hand him right now!

I know my donations won't be much, but I believe that together our little amounts will do BIG things!

Thanks to each of you that spoke kind words as I struggled with myself and the loss of friends.


(This is normally where I would include my personal contact information, but for security purposes, you will need to email me and then we can correspond by phone if needed. My email address is

Stacey’s Current In-Stock Products
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Luxurious Almond
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Mandarin Cashmere
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Ginger Citrus
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* Mineral Powder Foundation $17.50 (7W, 8Wx2)
* Color Palatte (Silver)-2, $8

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


From our home to yours,

we wish you a very Merry Christmas and may you discover God's richest blessings throughout the New Year!


Saturday, December 22, 2007

I am not wise, but I give you 3 gifts

As I visit around these last few days, I have received numerous gifts.

The kind of gifts that lift my spirits.

The kind of gifts that remind me to remember what is important.

It can be so easy to forget some days.

Especially lately.

I thought I would share 3 gifts I "received" this week. There are so many others and I hate to leave anyone out, but these are what I chose.

Sarah shares some wonderful thoughts about keeping Christ in Christmas.

Shannon discovered our Savior in an unexpected place!

Karla simply shares what is on her heart.

Have you discovered something that has touched you this week?

I would love for you to share it with us!


Friday, December 21, 2007


I am taking a break from my regular Friday Fuzzy schedule until January. You probably already noticed that from last week! With everything going on these days, it is all I can do keep up with my posts while reading those I already know and love. I promise to bring it back in the new year with lots of new friends to share

So today, I thought I would just give some love to someone whose makes things I love.

My friend Amy does the cutest clipboards and I wanted to share her stuff with you.

I ordered the cutest ones for some Christmas gifts! She does 3 different sizes. I ordered a regular large size and 2 mini sizes that have magnets on the back. She also has a 5x7 type size.

I am bummed that I forgot to take pictures of them, but you can see what she has available at her Etsy store. And since I have been to her house, I can assure you that she has lots of papers available if you have something special you want.

I believe she has others available on Ebay, but not sure where, so you can ask her about that.

Kute Klipboards by Amy

Happy Friday Fuzzies to all!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sweet stuff

I don't think I can take one more candy cane in my house. I am starting to have nightmares of candy canes chasing me!

More than that, my children have been on a sugar high since last week it seems. As much as I try to limit it or at least space out the "fix", some days I just throw up my hands in the midst of wailing.

Because white and green cupcakes with red sprinkles can be a balanced breakfast when paired with milk, right?

On Tuesday, I was trying to take a few quick pics before sending the kids to school. It was party day and they were dressed relatively festive.

Example 1- Crazed child on sugar!

He was not going to cooperate for a picture!

Example 2- The girl looks like she has pulled an all-nighter!

At least I succeeded in getting a bow in her hair that day!

And are these pants not the cutest? There is even black fringe at the bottom!

I loaded up the fridge with apples and oranges.

Which they dip in a bowl of sugar before eating.

Not really, but most days that is what it feels like around here as we make our rounds to all the parties!

Anyone out there understand?


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seriously easy!

Not me!


Spinach Cheese Casserole

1 pkg of frozen spinach; thawed and drained
1 16-oz carton of cottage cheese
2 cups of cheddar cheese; shredded
6 tablespoons of flour
3 eggs

Mix together flour and eggs. Add spinach, cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese. Mix together. Put in 8x8 ungreased baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for about 1 hour.

Next time, I might add a bit of some sorta seasoning, although it was tasty as well without.

Ooooo, I just had a thought! What about adding diced tomatoes, mushrooms, chives?!

I am so hungry now!

I see this as an easy holiday party dish for church, office, bunko, home, or whatever!

And it goes really well with the soup you find here.

Just sayin'!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

5 more days, 5 more days!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Remember last week when I showed you all the Christmas-related stuff I needed to get done?

Well, I did it!

Ok, most of it!

The two big bags are presents that I mailed off yesterday. The red basket holds my kids' teacher gifts (teachers, helpers, school director) which we distributed yesterday as well. The other two white bags are the kids' class stocking stuffers for their classmates plus they each have to take a wrapped book for a book exchange today. AND my daughter had to take a present to her dance class last night for their Christmas party!

Will it ever end?!

Jenna, this one is for you! Just wanted you to know that "Lion" is clean and safe with us, but he is going to live in my car so I can bring him home some time in the next 2 weeks!

Yes, I know this pile beside my guest bed does not look any better than last week! However, the items in the picture really have changed. I promise! Just a few things are left from last week plus all the wrapping supplies I stuck there quickly!

See! This is my closet where all the wrapped presents and stocking stuffers are safely housed.

I bet you are wondering why I took this picture. See that rectangle-shaped impression on my carpet. Well, in order to put all this in my closet, I actually had to clean it, including a basket of laundry that had been there A.LONG.TIME! So long, it was almost like buying new clothes!

This week's tackle before we start our Christmas celebrations?

Shoe basket!!

It was such a wonderful idea as I was training my children to remove their shoes upon entering the house.

You did notice I said children and not husband!

Unfortunately, this basket requires its own day on the cleaning schedule!

Happy Tackling!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Can you blame me for wanting more?!

Remember Friday when I showed you what Jennifer did for me.

Well, I just wanted to show you who those special little people were and why I knew their Mommy would love the necklace!

I think she really liked her new baby!

Now he can play dinosaurs with his big brothers!

The real test of customer satisfaction!

Making sure it is the real deal!

I just love this picture of all the boys! L is sitting next to her youngest twin and her older twins are checking out the dinosaur stuff too!

Checking out brother's stuff!

He is not afraid to show his nurturing side early!

Is this not the sweetest picture? They will need lots of baby dolls around there because I don't think their Mommy is providing more real ones :)

Happy Birthday-I can't believe you will be 1 on Saturday!

Happy Birthday-What a beautiful 1 year old you are becoming!

And Little Miss, you wear that bow with pride!!