Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Making my list and checking it 5,000 times!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This is my crunch week for getting Christmas stuff finished.

I need to finish the shopping & wrapping, make some returns, get the cards in the mail, make ready for several party situations, get the kids prepared for their Christmas stuff at school, and manage all your last-minute head spinning stuff!

All are tackles that need to be ticked off my ever-growing list!

I did start with something fun last night after getting the kids to bed.

All this

was being hidden in my closet after my crazy outing to one of the local resale shops last Friday night. They were having a 50% off Midnight Madness Sale.

And you will get to hear all about it.....


But for now, just know that most of it is safely hidden in black trash bags now until each one is ready for use. The few items that are for this Christmas have been re-hidden until later this week when I wrap!

This is another gift pile I am tackling this week. Most of it is going to other people. Other people as in not my children, so I don't feel pressured to hide it. Other than beside the guest bed!

And this of course all these!

Most went out today, but a few that will include this single photo (because I ran out of my photo cards after licking #125!) will need to go out in a few days!

Tomorrow, I get to tackle shopping.



While my kids are being fed and loved by some empty-nesters from my church. I am going to tackle quickly so my girlfriends and I can meet at Starbucks as part of our "alone" time!

But I am not excited.

Nope, not me.

Then tomorrow I will tackle preparing for my much anticipated GNO(in)-Christmas Party at my house on Thursday. I am hosting but the girls are bringing food in addition to my Le Madeline Tomato-Basil Soup. I will share our lovely evening with you later this week!

Happy Tackling!


Anonymous said...

Because of the ice storm here in Oklahoma this weekend, and the fact that I've had a cold - I did it easy this year and made everyone order gifts at Amazon.com. I know it seems like the cheater's way out - but I truly despise shopping, especially for Christmas gifts. I know it sounds Scroogy but it's true. This was so much easier!! I do have a few gift cards to buy and a few little stocking stuffers, but we aren't buying gifts for anyone else except our nieces and nephews on my side of the family. I didn't even do Christmas cards, don't even have any bought. Not sure if I'll buy any either.

peppylady said...

Christmas can be a tackle I real haven't got anything complete for Christmas yet but a good start.

My tackle project is done and posted.

The West Family said...

my list is coming along alright, but every time I check something off, it seems like I have to add something else!!!

I'm enjoying your posts - inspiring and humorous!

Wendy said...

Wow, looks like someone is going to have a very merry Christmas! I've hardly managed any of my shopping yet, I'm still stuck on getting all the cards out! Congrats on your good progress!

Jenna said...

do you have the recipe for that soup? If you do then I want it!! Yum!

Love the finds!!