Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Winning is everything!

Oh not really! It was just fun to say!

I found out last week that I actually did win one of the prizes being given away at 5M4M during their Christmas Giveaway. I thought I hadn't cuz I didn't see my name in blue and pouted for a minute, then went about my business with not another thought about it.

Then I get an email, and shonuff, I won something. I get a $50 gift certificate to spend online at Hanes. Cool! Turns out I must have messed up when logging on with my blog site, but they had my email. Thank goodness!

Last Thursday evening, I supported my kids' little school at their dinner and auction fundraiser. The dinner was $10 and included a yummy Italian feast. I was conservative, but competitive, during the auction. I missed out on the least expensive golf package (a potential gift for my fil) and the cut.est little brown and pink (lead-free!) lunch box with a pink "A" already embroidered on it! I just could not make myself pay over $32 for it!

Look at what I did get-

* 3 Free Large Make-n-Take Pizzas and a 2 liter of Diet Coke (yuck!) $23
(I am all about easy prep meals! I think I got a good deal!)
* 4 Tickets and Parking Passes to Lone Star Park (horse racing) $21-ish
(I thought it would be a fun and cheap family activity! Again, another good deal!)
* A wonderful basket filled with great goodies $38
(A GREAT deal!)

It is filled with a gorgeous pillow, a yummy candle, a perfect coffee cup, Starbucks coffee, a lovely cross hanging, and a $10 GC from Half-Price Books (love that place!). Oh, and of course, the best basket ever! You would have been so much more impressed had I actually thought to take off the cellophane before taking the picture!!

And while I did not actually "win" those items, my kids' small school won by raising over $6300 dollars!



Cara said...

Heh. Congrats on the wins! Love it when I can get something I already needed, but it supports a good cause too!

Jenna said...


I can't stand Diet Coke either!