Monday, March 22, 2010

Fly on the wall

It's just pretty darn crazy around here. 

Why don't you share in my craziness.  I need the company!

All last week:
  • Packing
  • Preparing for garage sale
  • Life in general
Friday and Saturday:
  • Garage sale 7 AM-1 PM (more on that another day!)
  • Packing
  • Birthday party
  • Laundry
  • Look at washers/dryers
  • Life in general
  • Church
  • Swim practice for both kids
  • Packing
  • Laundry
  • Life in general
  • Drop-off/Pick-up kids at school
  • Oil change/Car inspection/Free carwash and vacuum (oh my, did I need the free vacuum!)
  • Grocery store for few necessities
  • Meal prep for our family and another family with a new baby
  • Deliver meal to family
  • Laundry
  • Try to contain a very, very busy 10-month old who loves to play catch-me-if-you-can up the stairs as he laughs all the way up!  Not only is he taking steps, but the dude can crawl faster than Apollo can ice skate!
  • Ahhh, don't you love Apollo!
  • Pack and ship goody box for a special friend of mine!
  • Forward our mail
  • Do a work report
  • Pack
  • Life in general
  • Work
  • Baseball practice
  • Evening routine with family
  • Pack
  • Skip bible study because I am overwhelmed
  • Life in general
  • Drop-off/Pick-up kids at school
  • Pack
  • Make some appointments for myself and the kids
  • Prepare for weekend trip
  • Try to see a home health client
  • Dance/gymnastics practice
  • Evening routine with family
  • Life in general
  • Work
  • Try to see another home health client
  • Evening routine with family
  • Pack
  • Life in general
  • Drop-off kids at school
  • Finish packing for trip/load car
  • Prepare as much as possible for husband to move us over the weekend while we are gone
  • Write/fax home health reports so I don't get the evil phone call for being tardy with my paperwork
  • Pick-up kids at 12:30/1:00 PM and leave for Oklahoma
  • Make a whirlwind trip, returning on Sunday in time for swim practice


Friday, March 12, 2010

The Big Backup of 2010

 I can't stand being this far behind.

And that even includes the scrapbooks from June 2004 and May 2009 that are still waiting patiently to be started!

You are reminded even more of all the things you have been meaning to do when you are packing up the meaning-to-do stuff!

So, last we looked at my previous accountability list, I was almost caught up.

But, then life keeps happening.

Like a broken computer and packing boxes.

So, here is my updated listed for when time allows:

  • Food
  • Friends
  • My new technology
  • A supposed birthday
  • B's 9-month pictures
  • B's 10-month letter with pictures
  • A's 8 year old pictures
  • Selling, renting, building
  • Any other random things I can find to talk about
And in anticipation of things to come, why not just save myself some time:
  • My first garage sale
  • Girl Scout stuff
  • Spring Break
  • Visiting friends
  • Visiting family 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Theoretically speaking, of course

So, if theoretically, you knew someone that had just sold their house, and theoretically, was needing to pack up their stuff by the end of the month, and theoretically, would be living in a rental situation until the new home could be finished, and theoretically, this person had a huge desire to purge stuff instead of packing it and moving it, twice, and theoretically, this stuff would likely be sold to the highest bidder at a huge beating garage sale, then theoretically, what kind of stuff would you advise that person to rid oneself of?

Theoretically, this person was considering the following:

  • ALL clothes and shoes that do not currently fit, nor will fit anytime soon, any member of the family.
  • ALL clothes and shoes that lack style, comfort, and flexibility with other pieces in the closet.  (Theoretically, it would be really cool if Stacy and Clinton showed up at any moment for a $5000 family makeover!)
  • ALL toys that are never played with nor will be appropriate for future use.
  • Most fake plants and greenery.  Theoretically, there is a feeling of wanting to be surrounded by what is real versus what may look pretty but just fills up space and collects dust.
  • Any kitchen items that are not used frequently enough to be labeled anything other than space hogs.
  • Anything broken, not useful, or does not fit the overall feeling or look desired for the new home.
Any other theoretical suggestions?


Monday, March 1, 2010

Tales from the carseat- Part Deux

Still no home computer.  I am getting a little frustrated with the whole thing.  I have been using my work laptop to stay online, but I can't do any posts with pictures until I get our computer back.  I am going to be soooo behind! 

Here is an oldie that I had saved.  I type these in when they happen so I won't forget.  These span over the course of months. 

I am thankful to share a little sunshine on this rainy day.

At dinner one night, A was asking about getting married and wondering who her husband would be.  I commented that God was already working on the right one just for her.  I think we discussed it a bit more and she kept mentioning that she really wondered who it would be.  L  piped in and said, "Just pray about it".  Well said!

L likes to ponder what he might be when he grows up.  One day, he said that he would get a job at the power plant where Daddy worked so he could get some money.  He casually concluded that he would still live with me.  I said that his wife might not like that.  He decided that he would live next door to me after he was married. 

Does your child have one of those looks?  L has this look that cracks me up.  I usually get it when he is telling me something and I ask him some questions.  I am usually only asking questions to get him to think or to expand his story, but he does this eyes to Heaven look like I should so already know what he is talking about!

I was clearing my nasal passages one morning with the neti pot when L walks in.  He watches me for a minute and says, "Cool trick.  You could that in the circus.".

While watching TV one day, that Swiffer commerical comes on.  You know the "Love stinks" one.  L turned to me and said, "Hey, that is not very nice because God made your heart.".

I think there had been several discussions centering around how unfair it was that they didn't get to do something or go somewhere.  L exclaimed that when he was a Daddy, he would let his family live in a hotel and go to Chuck E Cheese all the time.  See why I am documenting this stuff?!!  I need proof in a few years!

L was playing with B and said that he was cute.  I told L that he was cute too.  He must not have liked that because he said, "No, I am not a baby anymore."  I told him that he was still cute.  He was quiet for a minute then said, "Well, sometimes when you are cute girls like you.".  I asked him, "So, do you want to be cute?".  He replied, "No." 

I asked L to do something and he told me no.  (Yes, I understand what you are thinking right now.  We do work on respect.  He likes to test the waters sometimes and then tell us later that he was just joking.  Parenting is not easy!)  I asked him to try again.  He said, "No, Ma'me".  I asked him to try again.  He said, "Kinda, Ma'me?".

L wanted to play with my label maker and I had told him not right then.  He responded, "When you get old and can't remember anymore, can I have this?".  Sure, son!!  You can use it to label everything that I can't remember!!

Taking the kids to school one morning, we saw a group of men picking up trash on the side of the road.  I thought I might try to have a life lesson before 8 AM!  I asked the kids if they knew who those men were picking up trash.  They didn't.  So, I explained that those men were from the local prison and part of their job was to clean the streets.  We went on to have a discussion about that, but also about why they weren't wearing stripes.  They were wearing orange suits that day.  Later that afternoon, L found his Daddy's old driver's license that he had just replaced.  He looked at it and said, "Hey, Daddy was in prison??!!".  Wanna guess what color shirt Daddy had on in the picture?!!  :)

This past Saturday, I took A and B to the big town next door for pictures (9 months and 8 years old).  L stayed home and spent the day with Daddy.  We had a fun day of pictures, getting her hair cut, eating out for lunch, and taking our time at a few stores.  It was sweet to enjoy conversation with my daughter while we ate.  I let her have a special drink at lunch and after taking a sip, she exclaimed, "Tasty!".  Doesn't seem like much, but it was just cute coming from her with the perfect facial expression and new sassy  haircut to match!