Friday, March 5, 2010

Theoretically speaking, of course

So, if theoretically, you knew someone that had just sold their house, and theoretically, was needing to pack up their stuff by the end of the month, and theoretically, would be living in a rental situation until the new home could be finished, and theoretically, this person had a huge desire to purge stuff instead of packing it and moving it, twice, and theoretically, this stuff would likely be sold to the highest bidder at a huge beating garage sale, then theoretically, what kind of stuff would you advise that person to rid oneself of?

Theoretically, this person was considering the following:

  • ALL clothes and shoes that do not currently fit, nor will fit anytime soon, any member of the family.
  • ALL clothes and shoes that lack style, comfort, and flexibility with other pieces in the closet.  (Theoretically, it would be really cool if Stacy and Clinton showed up at any moment for a $5000 family makeover!)
  • ALL toys that are never played with nor will be appropriate for future use.
  • Most fake plants and greenery.  Theoretically, there is a feeling of wanting to be surrounded by what is real versus what may look pretty but just fills up space and collects dust.
  • Any kitchen items that are not used frequently enough to be labeled anything other than space hogs.
  • Anything broken, not useful, or does not fit the overall feeling or look desired for the new home.
Any other theoretical suggestions?



Cara said...

I'm on a major purge mode. We're planning on having more, but I only keep about 1/4 of the clothes we need in each size now (only my favorites), getting rid of toys right and left, anything I haven't used in, eh, the last 20 minutes is gone! LOL! I wanna hear more about this hypothetical situation.

Cara said...

I wanted to add- anything that can be easily replaced from thrift stores that I'm not currently using goes (baby clothes, most baby equipment).

Finally convinced my other half that we don't need the TV or sound system that we've been keeping in the garage for the past year. Seriously, if we really need it in 10 years when we have a huge house and a dedicated 'man cave' I'll go work at Walmart for a week and we can replace it all.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, that about covers it! And I'll be happy to take any little girl stuff off your hands! :)

Congrats on selling the house!

Jennifer H. said...

Wow! You sold the house?