Thursday, November 27, 2008


Wishing everyone a



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Whose your turkey mama, now?!!

Apparently, I forgot that when you are pregnant, you can have a tendency to forget.

Which appeared to be the case when I signed my dtr and myself up for the annual Turkey Trot at her school.

It involved running a race with your child against other children and their parents.

Apparently, I forgot that I would still be pregnant!

But let me just tell you that 4-month pregnant girl can run!

She can't win, but she can run!

Out of the whole 1st grade, only 6 girls were signed up. My competitors included 4 men and 1 nice grandmother.

I felt good that I might at least have 5th place wrapped up.

The girls ran 400, then the parents finished the last 400.

I pulled through the finish line in 4th place, narrowly missing 3rd as my legs weakened and a guy edged past me at the last minute.

Which bums me because my dtr actually won her part, leading the girls' pack as they tagged their parents!

She rocks!

And today, I will be soaking in rock salts!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Superficial fun-Hollywood Style (is there any other kind?!)

I was more excited to chat about this week before last, but got interrupted.

I don't really watch a lot of TV anymore. I used to stay up late after everyone went to bed, pre-dvr days, and channel surf. Now, I mostly catch up on Internet stuff.

But even that is no competition these days for the sleep fairy dust that must be sprinkled over me every night when I put the kids to bed! It is not uncommon for me to fall asleep in one or the other child's bed and not wake up until wee-morning hours.

I have not slept this much in years!

Oh, where was I?!!


Monday- Little People, Big World; Jon & Kate Plus 8; 17 Kids and Counting

* I love LPBW! I have not always watched every show, but having a DVR (finally!) has made it easier. Matt is way over the top, but I love how Amy grounds him and her family. I think they are raising some good kids and having fun along the way. I like my kids to watch every once in awhile so we can talk about how people are different.

* J&KP8! I can't even tell you how much I love this show! I love that God gifted her with OCD that is a perfect fit for a family with 8 kids. I love that they keep it real. I am not of the camp that downs them for putting their kids on TV or getting all the trips or stuff. I am pretty sure they are handling it the right way with their family. The girls are close to my dtr's age and the sextuplets and my son are the same age, so it is fun to watch the development. I seriously think Maddie needs some help in terms of mood stabilization, but it is not my call. I would love to spend a day with them!

* 17K&C OK, how can you not watch?! Although some days it makes me feel like I am doing a really bad job as a parent!

Thursday- Grey's Anatomy; ER

* GA- I actually missed the first season. I really really tried not to watch it. But I caught up while watching season 2 and never looked back. You could say there are a lot of reasons not to watch and I wouldn't be able to disagree with you. But I do. And I almost stopped this season. The Hahn/Callie storyline was too much and was really about to ruin the whole show for me. I was more than thrilled to read about, then watch Hahn leave the show two weeks ago! And seeing the softer sides of McSteamy and Alex these last few episodes has been nice.

* ER- I was a loyal fan for many seasons. Then over the last few years, I might get just a few shows in each season. I really need to catch up so I better understand all the story lines lately. With it being it's last season this year, I decided to rededicate myself this season. It was so good to "see" Dr. Green a few weeks ago. Sad to see it go.

Friday- Lipstick Jungle

* I caught an episode awhile back and now I need to go catch up from last season. As my husband walked by one night, he mumbled out loud that it must be my new SATC. Yep!

Other- Shows I watch when I have time and happen upon them.

* Bizarre Foods- I tried to watch it before but got oogied out. Then for some reason it began to appeal to me. Andrew makes me laugh at what he will eat-anything! It is fun to listen to his descriptions and find out what will actually oogy him out. Not much, but I have seen it happen! I also love learning about these other cultures.

* Ace of Cakes- A super fun show! A pastry chef rounded up all his artist friends and created a fabulous cake creation company. They do some incredible work!!

* Law and Order Criminal Intent- I mostly catch the reruns and have not even seen whole seasons, but I still like it. It is just interesting to watch Bobby's brain work while solving these crimes.

* What Not To Wear- Who doesn't love a good make-over by Stacy and Clinton! She inspired me to try pointy toe shoes and love them!

* Housewives of Orange County- Go ahead, think what you want. I know! Here is the deal. People's lives intrigue me. Good or bad. I don't want to emulate them, they just make me curious. I really enjoyed watching this set of Housewives, so I thought I would try to catch the others-New York and Atlanta. Awful! I could not stand New York and only watched one episode. Atlanta was almost as bad. Here is the funny thing. They both made the OC gang look tame!! My honest opinion is most of the OC wives are really pretty good gals, whether I agree with everything they do or not. They just live a totally different lifestyle than I do. The money lifestyle!

* SATC- There is always a good rerun on to watch!

On a side note, some movies I have finally watched are:

Elizabeth-The Golden Age; liked it.
Becoming Jane; LOVED it!
Mr. Brooks; Creepy, but liked it.

What do you watch?


Monday, November 24, 2008

I am thinking I will need to borrow Santa's elves this year!

That Christmas tree I thought was so cute that I just had to put it on my sidebar?

It is going to be the death of me!

I have virtually done nothing in regards to the occasion it marks.

OK, maybe a few things have been secured, but only because they were discovered last year and have been in waiting ever since. Let's not even talk of decorating!

I am just trying to get through one thing at a time these days.

Thanksgiving will involve visitors, food, and busy children.

Then I will think about Christmas.

And all that involves baby?

Well, all of those things will be waiting until after Christmas.

I can't seem to wrap my mind around more than one thing at a time these days.

And while that realization actually stresses my usual multi-tasking brain a bit, I hope it also makes me enjoy each thing a little more.

I think I can. I think I can.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hip Hip Away! (One day!)

So, where were we?

Oh yea, my hips!

Well, let's start a few months back, shall we?

The agreement had been reached and we were ready to proceed.

Funny, some of my husband's first words were, "Sure hope you don't get pregnant as quick as you did with the other two.". I will leave it at that for you to decipher what he meant by that!


Apparently, my eggs are the friendly kind!

Once we realized that we had been successful, I took my sweet time fully dealing with it, as well as making my first doctor's appointment. We had a lot going on at the time, and besides, I had done this before and figured I knew enough about pre-natal care to go on my own a few months.

Besides, I knew the doctor issue was going to be a whole.other.issue!!

In my past DFW life, I had found THE.BEST.DOCTOR.EVER! Yes, I know many of you feel like you have the best one, but really, I do! :) This is a man who was working as an accountant and realized he wanted to be a doctor. So, he went back to school. And seriously, PTL he did! He always makes me feel like I am his only patient-attentive, personable, Godly. And not just me. That is how he treats everyone. Plus, he is a one-man show. No wondering which doctor you will see and a small staff that remembers your name and your family! Heaven!

Sorry, got carried away there!

My other half thought I was cuckoo, but hopefully a few of you can vouch for my insanity! How could I give up this wonderful man who had already coached me through the growing and delivering of my other two kids? How could I not have him for my last?

And know what I found out?

Women FLY to use him as their doctor! And others drive practically the same distance I will be driving. See? Not cuckoo!!

So, after some pleading and careful negotiations, I am indeed using my Dr. Wonderful in the DFW area. It is a 1x/month visit and 1x/delivery visit! Yes, 2 hours away, but I go the night before, get the first appt of the day, and am back by 12 noon that day. Besides, my kids don't pop early. They like to percolate well into my due date!

At my first visit, I got a little surprise! I was a whole month further along than I had thought. So, that day I came home 13 weeks pregnant and the owner of a sweet little DVD to show the kids. We told them we had a "movie" to show them that night. They knew it was a baby, but it took a few extra clues to get them to understand that it was their mommy's tummy!

They were excited and ready to tell the world. Immediate family knows and quite a few friends know.

I actually expected a few eyebrows to raise. And maybe they have behind my back.

By the time I deliver in May, I will be 39. AND A HALF!

Yes, we will be able to collect social security while still putting our kids through college!

Some days I think about it. Most days I try not to. It is not like our kids are almost teenagers anyway. They will be 7 and almost 5 when the little one joins our family. We can live with that. Plus, I will have two excellent helpers!! Most of our friends have kids the same age as well.

And it's not like we started out young with anything we have done. Married-29. Daughter-32. Son-34. It's like being right on track, right?!!

I am looking to my friend Martie for a good word of encouragement! :)

Ah, and the hips!

I so wish that I hadn't slacked off from my workouts the last few months before. Hopefully, walking will keep them at a reasonable width! The tummy, well, can't do much about that. After having two kids already, it was screaming "Let freedom ring!" as it didn't have to be girdled in anymore. All I keep thinking about is the rock star body I am going to start working to achieve after May.

Of course, it doesn't help that I am slightly addicted to Triscuit Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil dipped in creamy ranch dip. Serious goodness!

At last, but not least in the my kids' eyes is our new Kia Sedona.

It is a {choke} mini {choke} van {choke}. My kids think it is the coolest thang evah! Much like a little red corvette, maybe!

I consider it the end of my coolness.

But I was out-numbered and out-reasoned, so I will live.

It still blasts some good Bon Jovi!


p.s. Thank you all for your sweet words and well wishes! Your excitement for me makes me excited all over again!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Listen to my heart

A long while back, I wondered out loud about having another child.

You can reminisce with me here.

In my perfect world, I would have loved for that to have happened 2 years ago.

I would have been younger and thinner.

Well, maybe just younger!

But, I guess it wasn't the right time.

Last year around this time, when I found out the dreaded moving news, I was not happy. NOT.HAPPY. But you know that story already. I was beyond devastated about everything I was asked to give up-friends, schools, church, work.

That is when I pulled the "baby" card out of my back pocket again.

He knew that feeling had never gone away for me. And I don't believe it was a matter of him not wanting another child. For him, it was all those things that come along with-time, money, space, etc. The things that we turn into worries. I am not saying that these are not valid concerns, but that was not what my heart was thinking about.

I love love love my kids! And it is not that my life would not have been perfectly complete with just them. I know had a different decision been made then God would have known how to fill that space in my heart.

But instead, He is filling my heart with my desire.

And my belly.

And my hips!

More about the hips tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The previously scheduled follow-up has been pre-empted by plumbing problems.

Maybe tonight, but probably tomorrow!


Monday, November 17, 2008



How's that for obvious?!


Y'all crack me up! I loved some of your guesses!

As far off as they were!

I just knew everyone's womanly intuition would have had you discovering the truth much sooner!

Jesting, of course!

I totally know that since I was the one that knew the secret then my clues seemed beyond obvious to me! But they probably weren't!

And did you ever figure out my BIG hint?

I put "kids" as my post label in both posts. Figured that might be the giveaway!

I really thought Loni might have stirred up the thinking with her first comment and very good guess!

Thanks Jen for jumping in there and nudging everyone along! I like how you stated the connection without spilling the beans!

She knew and was probably dying to just say it!

And Kimmy! You are the silly one! I would never be mad! I was waiting for someone to figure it out! And if you think about it, you were the actual first one to say it! You go girl!

Kel, yea, I thought it was a totally cool lead in to my big announcement too! But y'all were killing me by not getting it!!

A couple of weeks ago, one of you almost caught me! I think I skirted the truth without telling a lie! I really wanted to share, but it wasn't the right time. Don't be mad!!!

That's it for now! I just didn't want to leave everyone in suspense much longer!

I will work on a full disclosure and fully-detailed post for tomorrow!

Gotta go eat!


Winning and Giving!

Christmas Giveaway Gifts 240x240

5M4M is hosting another fabulous giveaway!

Go here for all the details and to start entering for the prizes!

The best thing is that their sponsors have agreed to give away gifts to needy families as well!

Sounds like a winner already to me!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Sorry, I thought vague was the new vogue!

These women all have something in common.

But,yes, most of you were right that Jamie Lynn Spears is the odd woman out.

So, that must lead you to wonder what makes the other women similar.

And why would I even care to make all this information post-worthy?

Furthermore, if no one gets this, consider yourselves all so fired from my Blogger CSI Team!


p.s. There is a BIG clue somewhere on yesterday's post! The very same clue is even on this post as well.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

One of these things is not like the other,

One of these things just doesn't belong.

Nicole Kidman
Jane Seymour
Naomi Watts
Marcia Cross
Halle Berry
Jamie Lynn Spears
Elizabeth Edwards
Salma Hayek
Christie Brinkley
Courteney Cox
Brooke Shields
Jennifer Lopez

One of these things is not like the other,
Can you guess which one before I end my song (post!)?


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Like fine wine!

Last month, I attended my 20 year high school reunion.

I know you are shocked that I am anywhere close to being that old!

It was a 2-day affair. Most of it was planned by some really sweet gals, former classmates, who did a great job and put their hearts and time into the event! I am thankful for their efforts.

I attended my school from 7th grade through 12th grade. It was a small school outside of the bigger city. The campus held grades K-12. I probably would have attended the bigger city school had my Dad not been the jr. high counselor. The funniest thing is that I met some of my very best friends at church and they went to the bigger school. It was a good balance for me.

Friday night, we simply met at a local pub. You could eat, drink, and visit. I loved that you could only smoke on the second level, which meant a relatively free smoking environment!

Jennifer (organizer), Chad, and girlfriend. Jennifer taught at the school for a short time!

Tim and wife

Joy (organizer), Kerri (organizer), LeaAnn. While it is hard to place too many labels on classmates since we were such a small class and all relatively friendly, I would have to say these were some of my special gals!

Susan and Diana. More fun gals!

Saturday Family Picnic

Mothers and Daughters

My own daughter acting like a silly teenager!

A class photo. There are many more classmates (I think we graduated about 78), but these were who showed up for the picnic.

Me and little man


Lockers in a hallway

Saturday night, we had a room in one of the local casinos. A lot has changed since I moved away from Oklahoma! Many of the Indian nations have developed gaming properties.

It was great to visit more and see some faces that had not been at the previous events. Sadly, about half of our class did not show up. And probably at least half of those were fairly local to the event. I don't get it. They had a year to plan. A few had some unexpected work things come up. The ones without an excuse really missed out! We just spent the evening catching up, watching a slideshow, handing out awards, remembering the 3 classmates we lost (all unexpectedly and tragically), and eating. We stayed until about 11, but the smoke got to be too much after that. I am thinking that the smokers could have given it a rest that night seeing as how we were in a small, closed environment. You could have peeled the layer of smoke off me and my clothes when I got home!

Me, Michelle (organizer), and Kel

LeaAnn kicking Jeff's booty at Guitar Hero!

Five girls. Five beers. Seriously, not even ours!

Class photo

Some of the originals! Our graduating class had 28 members that started kindergarten at that school. Pretty amazing!

Me and Kel. I can't say enough about this girl! She and I have stayed in touch and the closest over the years! She is so fun and funny! That was her cute husband and daughter I featured 2 weeks ago! We simply live too far apart-don't you agree Kel?!!

Me, Rusty, Joy. He just finished 20 years in the service-wow! She teaches first grade. (Just to clarify, they are married to other people!)

Tracy and Christy-giggley girls!

Rusty voted the "Kojak" award. A good sport!

Angie, me, Shelli. More great gals! Angie was the class prankster. Now, she trains dogs and has a sweet little girl. She rocks-she used to manage a big ranch in Texas! Shelli is a speech therapist and works with kids like me! I will always remember her in rodeo competitions while in school.

It was a good event and it was nice to see how well everyone had done in their lives. As one friend put it, our small school served us well and obviously prepared us for the futures we would meet.

And thank goodness we became smart enough to give up the perm curlers and high bangs held in place with ozone-killing hair spray! Aussie Scrunch Spray, anyone?!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall 2008


I loved her costume this year!

I found it at my favorite resale shop last year after they put their Halloween stuff on clearance! It was a perfect fit for this year!

I tried to convince little man to be John Smith or a "cowboy", but he had ideas of his own.

At first, he wanted to be another wild animal. I did actually find another great furry costume at Goodwill for $4, but it was a tad too small to be comfortable. My MIL ended up using it for her pumpkin-decorating contest!

I had picked up several super hero costumes there as well for his dress up box.

Once he saw "Dash", that was it!

He and I made the mask together.

Over the past few years, ever since she started preschool, I was never able to attend parties or school functions. They ALWAYS had them on T/TH; the days I worked. This year, little man is in a 1/2-day program just on Fridays at our church. It is usually a great time to run errands, clean, blog, or have a little me time.

The last couple of Fridays, I have enjoyed his class' pumpkin patch trip (forgot the camera!) and his Harvest Party.

Praying before the food.

Wouldn't they make a cute couple?!!

Ring toss

The winning number!

Pin the Pumpkin Nose

The bat that lasted 3 days! We almost literally had to chip the paint off his face!

More musical chairs

Winning another monkey for his collection.

A true fisherman

Class picture

Cuties again!

The Pumpkin Story

Friday, November 7, 2008

Efforts in Futility

* Getting back in the saddle of blogging.

It has just been one of those months when one's life seems to take on a life of its own! Know what I mean?!!

* My 2008 vote for President of the United States of America.

I have such a high level of acid indigestion about the results, and frankly everything that encompasses the results, at this time that it is just truly better not to say more than that at this point.

Except maybe this.

If I hear one more stinkin' word about how the results are going to bring this country closer together OR how much more our country will be respected by other countries because of the results, I may gag myself with a spoon! :)

Sorry, I couldn't help myself!

* Managing leaves when you live in a yard full of trees in the middle of East Texas.

This picture was taken about 15 minutes AFTER I had swept off the porch. The same thing happened to my husband after he spent half a day blowing and gathering leaves from the yard.

I love the fall and I love falling leaves.

It is just the trail that makes its way into my house every time the door opens around here!

Guess I will go now! Off to work on a few posts for next week!