Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Superficial fun-Hollywood Style (is there any other kind?!)

I was more excited to chat about this week before last, but got interrupted.

I don't really watch a lot of TV anymore. I used to stay up late after everyone went to bed, pre-dvr days, and channel surf. Now, I mostly catch up on Internet stuff.

But even that is no competition these days for the sleep fairy dust that must be sprinkled over me every night when I put the kids to bed! It is not uncommon for me to fall asleep in one or the other child's bed and not wake up until wee-morning hours.

I have not slept this much in years!

Oh, where was I?!!


Monday- Little People, Big World; Jon & Kate Plus 8; 17 Kids and Counting

* I love LPBW! I have not always watched every show, but having a DVR (finally!) has made it easier. Matt is way over the top, but I love how Amy grounds him and her family. I think they are raising some good kids and having fun along the way. I like my kids to watch every once in awhile so we can talk about how people are different.

* J&KP8! I can't even tell you how much I love this show! I love that God gifted her with OCD that is a perfect fit for a family with 8 kids. I love that they keep it real. I am not of the camp that downs them for putting their kids on TV or getting all the trips or stuff. I am pretty sure they are handling it the right way with their family. The girls are close to my dtr's age and the sextuplets and my son are the same age, so it is fun to watch the development. I seriously think Maddie needs some help in terms of mood stabilization, but it is not my call. I would love to spend a day with them!

* 17K&C OK, how can you not watch?! Although some days it makes me feel like I am doing a really bad job as a parent!

Thursday- Grey's Anatomy; ER

* GA- I actually missed the first season. I really really tried not to watch it. But I caught up while watching season 2 and never looked back. You could say there are a lot of reasons not to watch and I wouldn't be able to disagree with you. But I do. And I almost stopped this season. The Hahn/Callie storyline was too much and was really about to ruin the whole show for me. I was more than thrilled to read about, then watch Hahn leave the show two weeks ago! And seeing the softer sides of McSteamy and Alex these last few episodes has been nice.

* ER- I was a loyal fan for many seasons. Then over the last few years, I might get just a few shows in each season. I really need to catch up so I better understand all the story lines lately. With it being it's last season this year, I decided to rededicate myself this season. It was so good to "see" Dr. Green a few weeks ago. Sad to see it go.

Friday- Lipstick Jungle

* I caught an episode awhile back and now I need to go catch up from last season. As my husband walked by one night, he mumbled out loud that it must be my new SATC. Yep!

Other- Shows I watch when I have time and happen upon them.

* Bizarre Foods- I tried to watch it before but got oogied out. Then for some reason it began to appeal to me. Andrew makes me laugh at what he will eat-anything! It is fun to listen to his descriptions and find out what will actually oogy him out. Not much, but I have seen it happen! I also love learning about these other cultures.

* Ace of Cakes- A super fun show! A pastry chef rounded up all his artist friends and created a fabulous cake creation company. They do some incredible work!!

* Law and Order Criminal Intent- I mostly catch the reruns and have not even seen whole seasons, but I still like it. It is just interesting to watch Bobby's brain work while solving these crimes.

* What Not To Wear- Who doesn't love a good make-over by Stacy and Clinton! She inspired me to try pointy toe shoes and love them!

* Housewives of Orange County- Go ahead, think what you want. I know! Here is the deal. People's lives intrigue me. Good or bad. I don't want to emulate them, they just make me curious. I really enjoyed watching this set of Housewives, so I thought I would try to catch the others-New York and Atlanta. Awful! I could not stand New York and only watched one episode. Atlanta was almost as bad. Here is the funny thing. They both made the OC gang look tame!! My honest opinion is most of the OC wives are really pretty good gals, whether I agree with everything they do or not. They just live a totally different lifestyle than I do. The money lifestyle!

* SATC- There is always a good rerun on to watch!

On a side note, some movies I have finally watched are:

Elizabeth-The Golden Age; liked it.
Becoming Jane; LOVED it!
Mr. Brooks; Creepy, but liked it.

What do you watch?


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kelli said...

Fun! I don't watch hardly any of the same shows as you do. :)

G doesn't understand that LPBW is not just a fake show- when we see a little person out shopping or something she thinks it's a character from the show- I don't think she gets that they are actually real people and were born that way. I haven't been able to explain it in a way that makes sense to her so far. I hope I can before she really offends somebody...