Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hip Hip Away! (One day!)

So, where were we?

Oh yea, my hips!

Well, let's start a few months back, shall we?

The agreement had been reached and we were ready to proceed.

Funny, some of my husband's first words were, "Sure hope you don't get pregnant as quick as you did with the other two.". I will leave it at that for you to decipher what he meant by that!


Apparently, my eggs are the friendly kind!

Once we realized that we had been successful, I took my sweet time fully dealing with it, as well as making my first doctor's appointment. We had a lot going on at the time, and besides, I had done this before and figured I knew enough about pre-natal care to go on my own a few months.

Besides, I knew the doctor issue was going to be a whole.other.issue!!

In my past DFW life, I had found THE.BEST.DOCTOR.EVER! Yes, I know many of you feel like you have the best one, but really, I do! :) This is a man who was working as an accountant and realized he wanted to be a doctor. So, he went back to school. And seriously, PTL he did! He always makes me feel like I am his only patient-attentive, personable, Godly. And not just me. That is how he treats everyone. Plus, he is a one-man show. No wondering which doctor you will see and a small staff that remembers your name and your family! Heaven!

Sorry, got carried away there!

My other half thought I was cuckoo, but hopefully a few of you can vouch for my insanity! How could I give up this wonderful man who had already coached me through the growing and delivering of my other two kids? How could I not have him for my last?

And know what I found out?

Women FLY to use him as their doctor! And others drive practically the same distance I will be driving. See? Not cuckoo!!

So, after some pleading and careful negotiations, I am indeed using my Dr. Wonderful in the DFW area. It is a 1x/month visit and 1x/delivery visit! Yes, 2 hours away, but I go the night before, get the first appt of the day, and am back by 12 noon that day. Besides, my kids don't pop early. They like to percolate well into my due date!

At my first visit, I got a little surprise! I was a whole month further along than I had thought. So, that day I came home 13 weeks pregnant and the owner of a sweet little DVD to show the kids. We told them we had a "movie" to show them that night. They knew it was a baby, but it took a few extra clues to get them to understand that it was their mommy's tummy!

They were excited and ready to tell the world. Immediate family knows and quite a few friends know.

I actually expected a few eyebrows to raise. And maybe they have behind my back.

By the time I deliver in May, I will be 39. AND A HALF!

Yes, we will be able to collect social security while still putting our kids through college!

Some days I think about it. Most days I try not to. It is not like our kids are almost teenagers anyway. They will be 7 and almost 5 when the little one joins our family. We can live with that. Plus, I will have two excellent helpers!! Most of our friends have kids the same age as well.

And it's not like we started out young with anything we have done. Married-29. Daughter-32. Son-34. It's like being right on track, right?!!

I am looking to my friend Martie for a good word of encouragement! :)

Ah, and the hips!

I so wish that I hadn't slacked off from my workouts the last few months before. Hopefully, walking will keep them at a reasonable width! The tummy, well, can't do much about that. After having two kids already, it was screaming "Let freedom ring!" as it didn't have to be girdled in anymore. All I keep thinking about is the rock star body I am going to start working to achieve after May.

Of course, it doesn't help that I am slightly addicted to Triscuit Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil dipped in creamy ranch dip. Serious goodness!

At last, but not least in the my kids' eyes is our new Kia Sedona.

It is a {choke} mini {choke} van {choke}. My kids think it is the coolest thang evah! Much like a little red corvette, maybe!

I consider it the end of my coolness.

But I was out-numbered and out-reasoned, so I will live.

It still blasts some good Bon Jovi!


p.s. Thank you all for your sweet words and well wishes! Your excitement for me makes me excited all over again!


Jenna said...

So very happy and excited for you!! I so understand about the doctor thing. I love, love, love my doctor and could not imagine using another one.

Someone Being Me said...

I totally get the doctor thing. I had to switch doctors for this baby because I am now on my husband's HMO so I have to use their doctors. Luckily I found one there that I really like. I also second the triscuit cravings. I ate those my whole first trimester with cheese and balsamic vinegar.

Loni said...

Such an awesome story!

You are much younger at heart and in spirit than your birth certificate leads one to believe, so I wouldn't worry so much about the age thing. Plus, more and more women are choosing to wait for marriage and children. I am sure there are a lot more of you out there than you realize.

I am so excited for you and your family!!

Kimmy said...

Great story, Stacey. I love those Triscuit crackers too . . . they're my favorite. Have you tried Triscuit Thin Parmesan Garlic? They're good too. I hope all goes well as you proceed in your pregnancy. And I'm glad your able to keep Dr. Wonderful.

Martie said...

Here is your encouragement, Stacey! My children are 22,20,17, 16,14,12,10,4,1. Do you see a HUGE gap in there? Tanner and Delany are almost SIX YEARS apart! I kid you not! But we totally love this, and let me tell you one of the best perks. Your son and daughter are old enough to remember this experience and to nurture instead of argue with the little babe. they can take positions of compassionate and understanding superiority instead of sibling rivalry. They will become deeper and more wonderful and compassionate beings as they reach out to their new sibling. It is powerful and it is WONDERFUL! I am SO HAPPY for you!!! It's going to be a great trip.

My very best to you on your journey,

Mom to 9

Martie said...

AND I had my last at 39! :O)

kel said...

That is so great and exciting!
I travel long ways for great docs for my son so I totally get it. People are like you drive 7 hours to get to a doc I am like you find someone you trust you don't leave.

Anonymous said...

Ok, you made me laugh! And there is no stinkin' way on God's green earth that a minivan can boast some cool Bon Jovi. No way. I will not own one. Evah! And you can't make me with all of your Bon Jovi talk. No ma'am, you can't.