Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall 2008


I loved her costume this year!

I found it at my favorite resale shop last year after they put their Halloween stuff on clearance! It was a perfect fit for this year!

I tried to convince little man to be John Smith or a "cowboy", but he had ideas of his own.

At first, he wanted to be another wild animal. I did actually find another great furry costume at Goodwill for $4, but it was a tad too small to be comfortable. My MIL ended up using it for her pumpkin-decorating contest!

I had picked up several super hero costumes there as well for his dress up box.

Once he saw "Dash", that was it!

He and I made the mask together.

Over the past few years, ever since she started preschool, I was never able to attend parties or school functions. They ALWAYS had them on T/TH; the days I worked. This year, little man is in a 1/2-day program just on Fridays at our church. It is usually a great time to run errands, clean, blog, or have a little me time.

The last couple of Fridays, I have enjoyed his class' pumpkin patch trip (forgot the camera!) and his Harvest Party.

Praying before the food.

Wouldn't they make a cute couple?!!

Ring toss

The winning number!

Pin the Pumpkin Nose

The bat that lasted 3 days! We almost literally had to chip the paint off his face!

More musical chairs

Winning another monkey for his collection.

A true fisherman

Class picture

Cuties again!

The Pumpkin Story


Jennifer said...

cute costumes!! And so glad you got to attend his school events.

Someone Being Me said...

Those costumes are adorable. Looks like that fall carnival was a blast.

Anonymous said...

So fun!

Mandy said...

They look terrific! That's one awesome Pocohantas costume! Sweet find!