Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Listen to my heart

A long while back, I wondered out loud about having another child.

You can reminisce with me here.

In my perfect world, I would have loved for that to have happened 2 years ago.

I would have been younger and thinner.

Well, maybe just younger!

But, I guess it wasn't the right time.

Last year around this time, when I found out the dreaded moving news, I was not happy. NOT.HAPPY. But you know that story already. I was beyond devastated about everything I was asked to give up-friends, schools, church, work.

That is when I pulled the "baby" card out of my back pocket again.

He knew that feeling had never gone away for me. And I don't believe it was a matter of him not wanting another child. For him, it was all those things that come along with-time, money, space, etc. The things that we turn into worries. I am not saying that these are not valid concerns, but that was not what my heart was thinking about.

I love love love my kids! And it is not that my life would not have been perfectly complete with just them. I know had a different decision been made then God would have known how to fill that space in my heart.

But instead, He is filling my heart with my desire.

And my belly.

And my hips!

More about the hips tomorrow!



Kimmy said...

I've been where you were, with regards to that yearning and desire to fill your heart with another child. And I'm pretty sure you've read my post on that time in my life when my husband and I decided to make our family size permanent, and not have any more children. Not that I regret our decision, but there are still days, almost a year-and-a-half later, that I long for another baby. However, as time passes, these moments are fleeting and not something I tend to dwell on anymore. The dwelling happened long before we decided to end the idea of another child (or two). I'm so happy for you that you were able to both come to peace about this and I look forward to hearing your story along the way. When's the due-date, by the way?

Mandy said...


I'm just getting caught up on blog posts and discovered your big news! I am so thrilled for you! I can't wait to hear more about it in the coming months!

Rachel said...

Sending lots of Love and Prayer your way, your such a wonderful Mommie and you know your BLESSED!

Mel's World said...


Is it true??? OMG that is so amazing to see the journey that God has had you on and now where He has you. How awesome is that?!?

I'll be praying for you!!!

Much Love,
Melissa in Mel's World