Monday, June 28, 2010

A well-deserved tassel~Kindergarten Graduation 2010

Not really sure where to start with this one.

My heart has always been fond of small school settings.  Preferably the kind that has a lot about God and faith running through its veins.  We have been blessed with that for the big kids since A started her first school experience at the age of 3 years.  And although we will experience it again once my heart is strong enough let my last baby go  B is big enough to go, for now we have had to move on without our safety net.

L had a good year last year, but honestly, this year was more than I could have imagined or hoped for.  I was told how good his teacher was and how much he would learn, BUT.OH.MY, I really had no idea.

Even my husband agreed that all the money we "wasted on Kindergarten" was worth it!  ;)

L with two of his best buddies and future rock band members!  What a handsome trio! 

L led the opening prayer before singing.

These kids learned SO.MUCH this year.  They recited The Pledge of Allegiance, States of the USA, Presidnets of the USA, Books of the Bible, The Lord's Prayer, The 23rd Psalm, The Ten Commandents, their A-Z Bible Verses, and Luke 2:1-14.  And that doesn't even include all the academic stuff they learned! 

They also performed "The Three Piggy Opera".

There is my L as the Big Bad Wolf!  I loved listening to him practice all the time.
"I want a big fat pig to eat, I want a big fat pig to eat, I want a big fat pig to eat!  Yummy, yummy, yummy, mmm, mmm, mmm!"

L receiving his diploma and big hug from Ms. R, the owner of the school.

And a big hug from Ms. T, his teacher.

So proud!

I love this picture of L and his teacher, Ms. T!  She took the class around February because their teacher was having some serious health issues.  Ms. T had taught at the school before but was finishing up her teaching degree when she stepped in to help out.  I found out later how worried she had been that the parents wouldn't be happy about taking Ms. C's place, but she made the transition as seamless as possible and did a fabulous job!

His first teacher, Ms. C, congratulating him on his performance and graduation.  She also was telling him how much she loved the letter and picture he sent her.

He had not seen Ms. C in a few months and was so glad to give her a hug!  There were a lot of prayers for her as she faced some uncertainty regarding her health issues.  I can happily report that after some major surgery and lots of R&R time, she is 200% better and with clean bill of health!  It would be hard to adequately express what she did for these kids and what she means to so many people.  She is one of those remarkable teachers that is able to balance the perfect classroom~fun, respect, responsibilities, faith, knowledge, skills.  She had very high expectations of these children as she lovingly, yet firmly, guided and taught them.  We are so, so, so grateful for what she gave L this year!  Ugh....enough or I will cry again!

Ms. M is the assistant director and ALWAYS greeted the children with a smile every day!  He is getting a hug after giving her a gift!

He adores Ms. R, the owner and director!  I am tearing up right now just thinking about it!  She is just one of those people that really loves these kids and wants them to learn AND shine for Jesus!

B wandering past the cookie table.  Probably wondering if he could sneak one off without getting caught!


Friday, June 25, 2010

End of the year fun!

A had a super fun "fun" day during her last week of school.  Not that they hadn't been having fun the last TWO weeks of school with no work to speak of, field trip, rodeo, fun day, and early release the last two days of school!

I don't usually get to attend the fun events.  Somehow they always end up on my work days.  I was so glad to spend a bit of the day with her!

Beach Ball Golf

Sno-cones and girl friends!

Going for it!!

My girl is a thrill-seeker...awesome!

Nothing like an oiled-up slip and slide!

Potato sack race

B and O chillin' at the sno-cone stand!

"Dude, I am so over this hat!"  (B almost always refuses to wear one!)

"Me love to eat!"

My sweet girl received a Citizenship Award at the last Principal's Pride day!  After dealing with some girl drama for a good bit of the year, she rose above it and her teacher noticed.

Thank you Mrs. J for being part of our village!

L having a blast at his Fun Day!

Hula hooping is sweaty work!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Rock and Roll for Jesus!

This summer, I am trying to do fun AND cheap things with the kids. We are staying busy with lots of little things.  A great topic for another time!

We don't get the newspaper, so the other day while at my in-laws, I shuffled through several day's worth to catch up. In one, there was a big write-up about a concert coming to town, featuring one of our town's own. A christian concert featuring several artists for only $5, hosted by one of the bigger local churches in town. Both of the big kids love music, singing, playing instruments and L just started guitar lessons so I thought it might be fun to take them to a "real" rock concert. A brought a friend along and we bought our tickets for a fun night.

I had heard this band's name a few times, but I will admit that for the most part, I am terrible about keeping up with which bands go with which songs. I know what songs I like and we listen to the area's christian station for the most part, but I didn't really know what we would be hearing.

Was I in for a treat!!

We got to hear Building 429! Jason grew up in this town and Jesse is from the area as well (can't remember exactly where). The concert was part of the SummerFest Tour as they partner with Food for the Hungry.

You can listen to You Carried Me, Always, Glory Defined, and End of Me

The kids were excited to go but really had no idea what to expect. I have a little secret for you.....pssst.....lean closer.....

I think I had more fun than they did!

It was SO good! The music was loud. The crowd was excited. The message was clear.

I knew several of their songs, recognizing them from the radio once they started singing.

We also got to see Mike'sChair.  (Click on the name to hear Let The Waters Rise!) They were really good too!  Here is Can't Take Away.

Maybe it was crazy (at least my husband thought I was crazy!), but I just want to expose the kids to as much good stuff as I can even at their ages. And by good stuff, I do mean christian rock music!! And yes husband, christian rock bands DO know how to rock the house and DO play real rock music!

Check their tour schedule and try to catch them if they are in your area!

Getting the party started!


Joining in with the music!

More Mike'sChair

In this case, following the crowd is a good thing!  That's A with her arms up!

L is feeling the music!!

L was mesmorized by the talents of the guys in the band.  He just started guitar lessons himself so his interest was peaked!  The loud speakers AND loud music didn't phase him.

On the other hand, two little girls were wimping out on me!  Sorry girls, this isn't your Taylor Swift music!

Building 429

Having fun with a song he knew from the radio!!

I love these next pics! 
Both bands were super nice to the kids, signing autographs and taking pictures.
A got her jeans signed and L got his shirt signed. 
Yes, I could have bought stuff to be signed but I was trying to be light-handed at the concert so I could enjoy it.
No purse = No extra cash!

The kids with Mike'sChair

Building 429 with us!  Not sure why I was leaning over except that the other guys were doing it.  Just call the me the little old lady....hunched over in Mommy clothes at a rock concert!!  :)