Monday, November 30, 2009

Out of turkey, but here is some ketchup

A blur, I tell you.

It's all a blur!

Sorry if you don't like ketchup.  Just hold your nose and pretend it is mustard!

  • The kids were out of school all last week.  Of course, they loved it.  It was a nice break from the hurry and scurry of our usual routine, but I sure wish instead that we would save a few of those days for when we have no breaks in February!
  • The kids and I made a quick trip to Oklahoma to see family.  It had been a few months since the cousins got to play together, so they had a great time.  We visited with family and I saw a few local friends.
  • Prior to leaving last Saturday, we saw The Christmas Carol.  I did not read much about it before going, but I wish that I had.  We went through a Girl Scout event, so tickets were just $2 each.  Unless your child is at least 9 or 10, I would pass on this movie.  Actually, I would pass on the movie anyway.  I hate to say that because the animated work and 3D feature is really good, but the actual story presentation didn't work for me as at least half of the movie was creepy scary.  My 5-year old was in my lap during most of the "ghost" parts.
  • My mom has been here for the week which means my laundry and household cleaning is under control!  Yippee!  It also means that I have had the opportunity to get a few extras done around here plus run errands more easily if I needed to.  Yippee!
  • We ate at church again this year for Thanksgiving.  Good food with no prep or clean up!  That also means no leftovers, but we will survive.
  • We have been using my frozen turkey portions for meals, but I have also been adding back to my freezer in other ways.  I used the turkey bones to make a ton of turkey stock, made ham and beans with my ham bone, made a new batch of sweet pototoes for my baby, and tried my hand at making a batch of hummus.
  • I ended up making a double portion of hummus then freezing the other chickpeas until I can work on the recipe some more.  The first batch was ok, but a little dry and not the flavor I enjoy when I buy it commercially.  I used olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, and garlic.  I substituted the cumin for the tahini which I don't know where to buy.  I am ok with my current flavor, just not the dry part.
  • Yes, I participated in the commercialized craziness on Friday morning.  It helped to have a fussy baby at 3 AM, so once he was back to sleep I just got ready and headed to "W" at 4 AM.  I thought I was doing great getting there so early until I found out that a lot of people had been there all night shopping the specials (except for the big-ticket electronics) and just hanging out waiting for the prices to be effective starting at 5 AM.  Whatever!  Nice of them to let everyone know, not that I would have been there much earlier!  I really just picked up a few things I needed and was over at Home Depot for what I really new 7' pre-lit tree for $49!!  I would love a real tree every year, but my husband says no and we both dislike dealing with lights each year anyway.  Maybe a small real tree one day!
  • We did Christmas decorating on Friday afternoon.  My decorating is even simpler than last year.  The kids and I did the tree again with paperchain garland and the most-loved decorations, then I set out stockings and a few other simple decorations.  I figured keeping it simple would help in a lot of ways now and when takedown occurs.
  • And yes, I went to bed at 7:30 PM that night!!
  • I really have most of the shopping done except for a few online purchases.  My problem is dealing with organizing and wrapping everything.  Since I am one to shop during the year (and after holidays) for great deals, I have to go through my stuff to remember what I have and who I need to give it to.  And since my "hobby" room is a disaster, my job is more difficult right now.  GOT to clean that thing!!
  • I did manage to retrieve my sewing machine out from the clutter and make Christmas dresses for A and my two nieces.  Just simple pillow case dresses...the ones I love to do except I always forget how much I detest the armholes!!  :)  I am going to make B a "cootie cover" (for shopping carts and restaurant high chairs) for Christmas and I am hoping that A and I can make some cute fleece scarves for teachers and friends before I need to put it away again.
I will try to ~ketchup~ more later, but I am off to pick up L from school.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


This is old.  Everyone has already done it, but I am looking for stuff without a lot of effort this week.  Since I was tagged by almost everyone I know, either by blog or by facebook, here you go!

In no particular order.....

1.  I was born in Kansas.
2.  I was mostly raised in Oklahoma.
3.  I think I have earned my Texas stamp in my "passport" by now.
4.  I love to travel and have an international wish list.
5.  I traveled with my job for 2 years when I was single.
6.  I have lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Alabama, Florida, Oregon, Colorado.
7.  Mexico and Australia are stamped in my real passport.
8.  I used to love to scuba dive.
9.  I dived The Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.
10. I didn't know it was a happy place for sharks when I did it!
11. I love working with kids as an occupational therapist.
12. I always wanted to be a mother.
13. I have three great kids.
14. I am the oldest.
15. Most people will tell you that my birth order in apparent.
16. I have a brother 2 years younger and a sister 7 years younger.
17. I like my toilet paper to roll over.
18. I like my window blinds to be shut up.
19. I am a dishwasher loading snob.  I believe in maximizing before running.
20. I am trying to be smarter about food choices for me and my family.
21. I fluncuate with my "green" attempts.
22. I am a big city girl who is living in a small town.
23. I appreciate slow and quiet on my own terms.
24. I have a great family and the best friends ever.
25. I get to turn forty in January!


p.s. I tried to find my old 100 list to link here too.  The one where you check the things you have done.  I did it before I was real good about labeling my posts, so I might find it one day!

Monday, November 23, 2009

He may only be half a year, but he is my whole heart

Hi Everyone!

I hit the hump month! I am 6 months old and there is no stopping me now!

I have had a lot of fun this past month!

I visited my first Pumpkin Patch while the big kids were there for a birthday party. I skipped the hayride but had fun checking out all the orange pumpkins. My first Halloween was interesting. We went to a church carnival where it was loud and crazy. A and L got lots of candy but they didn't share any with me. Mommy said I was the same cute frog that L had been when he was 4 months old. I am sure that I was cuter!

I made a visit to the doctor and I now weigh 17 pounds. It must be all that good food Mommy has been letting me eat. The high chair is not my favorite place to be unless a spoonful of yummy is coming towards my mouth. So far, I have tried sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, bananas, blueberries, plums, and rice cereal. Mommy even made me my own special food with of few of those things. Lately, I like to play with the spoon and suck the food off my thumb. Sometimes I fuss at Mommy when she is not feeding me fast enough, but I stop when she does this weird talking with her hands. She calls it sign language but it just looks like fun motions to me. All I know is that when she says "more?" with her voice and her hands, I am like YES!

I graduated from my first ever baby bed, the bassinet. I was able to sneak my head over the top and that made Mommy nervous. Now, I sleep in the pack-n-play instead. They made it super cushy for a good night's rest. Too bad for Mommy and Daddy that I am not much in the mood to sleep through the night anymore! Maybe it is because of all the groovy things I can do during the day that has me tossing and turning at night.

I have joined the crawler's club. I still like to commando crawl for my quick moves, but I can officially coordinate some pretty cool moves on all four appendages as well. And I go for what I want! If it looks like it might be fun to play with or it might taste good, then I turn on my turbo crawl! A and L better watch out!

If it ever stops raining, I can still supply enough water with my drool to fill the pond! Mommy doesn't like that my chin and neck are always wet because she has to keep a bib on me or let me go naked. I like naked! Mommy keeps lots of lotion on me because of the rash under my chin.

I still love when you sing to me and I really love hand motions. I like to hold your hands and make them clap and I am really getting the hang of banging things together myself. That is if I can keep them out of my mouth long enough! I am a pretty curious kid and I am always interested in what is going on around me. I can even do a 180 twist to find it behind me! I love to laugh and Mommy says that I have an infectious giggle. You can hear it when you tickle my sides or around my chubby thighs. I usually giggle the loudest when you give me snuggle kisses on my neck! Sometimes I even giggle at my own jokes. Mommy thinks that is the funniest thing!

Mommy says that Christmas is coming soon. She told me to make a list for Santa since I will for sure be on the "Nice" list!
See you soon!


He thinks he is going to get to eat S'mores!

My little pumpkin!

Really, I love carrots.  Really, I do.

Playin' around!

Watching brother play football

Practicing my own "sport"-crawling!

Hanging out with my little buddy at Girl Scouts.  Notice who is in charge!

Melt a Momma's heart!

His "cage" as named by brother and sister!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear X and Y

I feel that I need to share with you my thoughts regarding your choice yesterday.

While I applaud yours and your husband's dedication to your jobs as teachers, I wish you had chosen your primary job as a parent yesterday.  Because you chose to bring your sweet baby, who you knew was sick and contagious with bronchitis after taking her to the doctor the day before, to the childcare provider we share, your actions affected other people.

It is unfortunate that you put our babysitter in the difficult position of making the decision she made yesterday.  To keep your daughter because you told her that you both HAD to be at work as it was the end of the 6 weeks.  I was under the impression that as teachers you were salaried employees with sick days available.  I wish she had told you no but I feel that she made the decision to keep her because she has a hard time saying no to people in need.  I feel that you took advantage of her compassionate heart.

As a result, she did the right thing and informed the parents of the other two children she keeps of the circumstances.  I learned of the situation approximately 10 minutes before arriving to drop B off and continue on to my job where I had clients scheduled for the day.  I am a contract employee so I only get paid when I work.  Although I attempted to contact 4 other people to watch B, I was unable to secure another option and was forced to cancel my clients at the last minute.  I did this because my number one priority as a parent is the health and well-being of my child, and I could not in good faith allow him to stay in the home with your sick child all day.

I was forced to make the decision to lose 6 hours of wages because of your choice.  Thankfully, the other mother was able to secure a relative to watch her baby so she could go to work.

I really just wanted you to know the effect your choices and actions had on others.  We should not have had to make the choice to find other childcare or to miss work when our children were healthy and able to attend daycare.

I was happy to learn that you decided to stay home with your child today.

I wish you had made that choice yesterday.


** I am still debating whether or not to send an actual letter similar to this.  I don't think the parents realize what they asked of our babysitter and the resulting choices that had to be made because of their actions.  I know these people and don't want to harbor ill feelings towards them as I know they are kind people.  However, I am afraid that if I don't say something that I won't be able to move on from these feelings.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Or maybe it just looks that way with all the mass food preparation that I did this weekend!

I don't know what it was that made me do it.  Maybe my desire to lessen our opportunities to eat out or just save money in general.  Maybe the great meat prices with Thanksgiving next week.  Maybe my desire to do some sorta meal prep other than the crock pot.  I love my crock pot meals, but they usually just consist of roast and fixins or a whole chicken that I do something with.  I get several meals out of it either way, but I needed something new.

So, I spent a bit more at the grocery store and put together a few things this weekend.  The increase in my grocery bill will probably work itself out since I won't have to shop as soon for our next round of meals.

Breakfast for my kids can be a struggle in the mornings.  It is not that I don't have good stuff to offer them.  It is that I don't have the "right" stuff to offer them!  Interpretation:  I won't let them eat sugar for breakfast!!  So, I put together three packages of breakfast options other than what I usually offer.  Breakfast burritos with eggs, sausage, & cheese, bb with eggs and sausage, and sausage kolaches.  All frozen and can be quickly reheated in the mornings.  It has really worked out well this week!

I also bought a big spiral ham which we used for a family meal then I made three packages of ham for lunch meat.  I love the option of eating healthier lunch meat for a much smaller price.

THEN I cooked a big turkey!

I think I am going to change my name to Martha.

At least for this week!

As with the ham, we ate some for a family meal then I made turkey pasta alfredo the next night.  Yum!!  BTW, I made it with rice pasta and it was soooo good!  Although I usually only make a true pasta dish once a week, I still want to try to cut down on our gluten intake.  Don't worry, we are far from where I want to be, especially on Taco Night, but I have picky people I am dealing with!!  :)  Anyway, the rice pasta was so light and almost creamy.  Hate that it costs more.

I decided to snip the rest of the turkey into bite-sized pieces and bag it for other meals.  Seven family meals (even more if you count leftovers) out of one turkey is awesome!

My in-laws have an extra freezer, so I seriously think I am going to grab another turkey and ham while they are cheap for my next massive meal prep!


ps. I was also going to share about my new found love for coconut oil and coconut milk, but I will save that for another day!  (I know you can't wait, Cara!!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

I need a "Well, you think that was bad, let me tell you...."

Yesterday, my stomach sunk.

Fast and hard.

Right at the same moment my sweet baby fell backwards and landed the back of his head on a hard tile floor.

He was playing and having fun on the carpet section.  Twisting, scooting, rocking, crawling, sitting.  He had moved himself over far enough that when he pushed himself up to sit, he was on the edge of the carpet.  All four adults in the room were watching him, laughing with him.  Realizing how close he was to the tile, a couple of us thought out aloud that we should move him.

I got up to that.

And watched him fall as I walked...then ran...over there.

He cried and cried and cried.

We fretted and debated and looked for signs of trouble.

Although still sad, he nursed and took a short nap which was about due.

But you know that nap about killed me.  My head was spinning with what-ifs.

Later on, he ate some more.

For the rest of the evening, he played and talked and played and laughed.

We felt like everything was ok.

But you know that button in your head that gets stuck sometimes.  The rewind button.  It keeps pushing itself and my mind keeps seeing it all happen again.

I don't like that button.

I know things happen.  I know we will have more bumps and bruises to come.  It is just hard watching something happen that your baby has no control to stop or manage.

B is has not woken up yet this morning (which is normal), so of course I will be checking him over again when he does.  Checking for those signs.

Please make me feel better and tell me one of your stories and how everything turned out perfectly ok.

That and my cup of coffee should help this morning.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Apparently, he didn't get my memo

The memo informing him that,

"As my last baby, you are, under no circumstances, to grow up too fast."

Here is my evidence that he either didn't get my memo or that he is choosing to ignore it.

In case you missed it, I will review.

He is crawling.

Exactly 2 days prior to turning 6 months old.

Several weeks ago, I figured that my days were numbered.

He had really been rocking on his hands and knees, along with twisting and turning every direction and commando crawling to the object of his desire.

This kid is breaking my heart already! 


Wife, Mother, Thief

When you are in a hurry, who has time to pay?


Yesterday, after work, I had scurried (trying new words!) into Staples to make some copies and pick up some envelopes to mail such copies.  While the copies were running, I grabbed the package of envelopes before finishing up with my copy purchase.

It's all about efficiency these days!

After I gathered up my stuff, I used the self-serve kiosk to scan my Rewards card and pay for my copies.

And off I went to pick up the kids from school. 


With my loot in hand!

I will be heading back to Staples later today to actually pay for my purchase!!

Hopefully, I will make it before the warrant goes out for me.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I think I am going to bed.

I am not sick, but I am the kinda tired that could get me sick if I am not careful.

I hate being tired.

Right now, the house is quiet and I have some things I really really need to get done.

But tired is winning out over productive.

Little B crashed around 4:45 (for what I thought was just one of his quick little pre-evening catnaps!) and is still sleeping!

I am guessing I will have my eyes shut about 10 minutes when he decides to wake up! :)


p.s. I actually wanted to go to bed about 45 minutes ago, since I could barely keep my eyes open while reading to the kids.  However, I made the grave mistake a reading "just a few" blogs and got s*cked into a really cool crafty one.  Don't worry~I am too tired to get out my sewing machine!!

Good Night!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 2009

I was trying to do a monthly update thing, but decided that would get too long.

My thoughts would ramble more than they already do. :)

I am trying to catch up and do an update for each of the kids instead, but here are a few things that did make the cut for an October review.

My husband turned 40-woo hoo!

The woo hoo is for the simple reason that it wasn't me! Yet! My day is fast approaching.

It is ok. I am ready to embrace it! I have already started my Top 40 Wish List!! ;)

My husband is a no-frills kinda guy. He didn't want a big bash or anything fancy smancy. The weekend of his birthday was nutty busy. Birthday party, football game, Harvest Festival at school. So, I worked on putting together a simple lunch at his parents' house. I just made it seem like it would be our family eating over there as usual.

On the sly, I invited two couples from church to join us. I figured if he found out accidently, it would be no big deal.

On the double-sly, I invited his best friend since high school and his family to join us. I didn't even tell the kids because they love their kids and that excitement alone would have spoiled the surprise.

It all worked out. As he ended up greeting the local friends at the front door, he didn't see that his other friend had arrived and was entering the back door.

He was surprised! For one, he probably never suspected that I would do that. But especially because we always tease his friend about how he rarely leaves the comfort of his town!

I used the candles to create the "0" in 40.  He did generate enough lung capacity to blow those few candles out!

Noise makers for the kids. 

A fun little gift bag from our cousins/friends!  I will try to remember what all these are for:
  • Warming packets b/c our circulation decreases as we age.
  • A hot patch for his back aches.
  • Superhero gummy vitamins for extra energy.
  • Advil for the obvious reasons.
  • Band-aids as you can be more accident prone in your older years.
  • Q-tips to clean out your ears and minimize hearing problems.
  • Tums for that geriatric indigestion.
  • An energy bar cuz you get tired more easily.

The actual morning of his birthday.  We celebrated with surprise donuts!

Our other annual October event is a family reunion on my Dad's side of the family.  I got some yummy chicken and dumplings this year-ahhh!

Grandpa and B

Memaw and B.  She loves having these great-grandbabies!


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still under review

I decided to take a risk and use the updated version of Blogger.

After my last post, my first time using it, I still have a little hair left!

I love all the new options, but my ability to manage them is still iffy!  For example, I can't find spell check.  I am guessing it is right in front of my face, but I.CAN'T.FIND.IT!  Ugh!  I LOVE being able to strikethrough without it being complicated.

Oh well, I am sure I will get it figured out soon enough.  Just ignore any oddities until I do!  :)


Halloween 2009

As is usual every year, the big kids had been excited about last Saturday all month. We figured out costumes several weeks ago after I brought home several choices from my Goodwill adventure. For L, I had found the Batman cape to accompany the mask I found last year, a brand new Star Wars Stormtrooper in the box, and the breast plate and cape for BibleMan. He had mentioned wanting to be Luke Skywalker, so I also picked up a big tan shirt so we could make a costume if we needed to. For A, we picked out a long purple dress thing. She had originally wanted to be some sorta of Cleopatra-type girl, but changed her mind once L made his final decision.

I am happy to introduce Bible Man and Bible Girl as our winners for Halloween 2009!

I was so thrilled with their choices and loved how we made it all work out. For cheap! :)

Here is Bible Man ready to squash evil all around the block!

Doesn't he look ready?!!

Good thing the real Bible Man had recently cleaned out his closet.  Can't beat a super hero cape for $1!

And here is his lovely, and equally as capable, Bible Girl!  Gotta love those power bracelets we made out of a paper towel roll and tin foil!  Isn't that what this is all about!  :)


Can't leave without a super hero pose!

I feel protected, don't you?!

I mean, who doesn't want to be protected by these goofballs!  :)

Here is one little frog they do feel protective about!

He was a little confused here.  Several people were behind me trying to encourage his award-winning grin.  He wasn't buying all the enthusiasm.

Hard to believe that L was wearing this same costume five years ago!  :(

Love 'em!

We turned off our porch light and headed to a local church for their carnival festivities.  The kids enjoyed a little bit of everything before we stopped at just a few houses and went home to count candy!

The Frog has something to say!

I think he is saying, "Heeeeey, get me out of this thing!".

L landed his bean bag square in the giant's forehead! 

The kids seemed to enjoy their evening.  As we drove back to our house, the neighborhood was packed with cars and walkers.  We tried to sneak in without turning on too many lights as we were not passing out treats this years.  Even without no porch light and our lights low inside, we ended up with one person ringing our doorbell!

The collection of sugar  yummy treats was a success.  The kids actually agreed to my offer of buying their candy from them after they picked out 7 of their favorite pieces.  The goods are now well hidden for adult consumption!

I have to say one more thing here.  I always read every year all the opinions about why people don't participate in "Halloween", so I thought I would share why we do.
  • It's fun!
  • I love making holiday memories and traditions.
  • My kids know that we don't dress up as anything with evil, scary, or inappropriate labels attached to it.
  • My kids know that all the ghoulish stuff associated with Halloween is not real.
  • We always read our book every year called "Let's Shine Jesus Light on Halloween".  It is a fun little book that share how you can have fun while still remembering the most important things.