Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 2009

I was trying to do a monthly update thing, but decided that would get too long.

My thoughts would ramble more than they already do. :)

I am trying to catch up and do an update for each of the kids instead, but here are a few things that did make the cut for an October review.

My husband turned 40-woo hoo!

The woo hoo is for the simple reason that it wasn't me! Yet! My day is fast approaching.

It is ok. I am ready to embrace it! I have already started my Top 40 Wish List!! ;)

My husband is a no-frills kinda guy. He didn't want a big bash or anything fancy smancy. The weekend of his birthday was nutty busy. Birthday party, football game, Harvest Festival at school. So, I worked on putting together a simple lunch at his parents' house. I just made it seem like it would be our family eating over there as usual.

On the sly, I invited two couples from church to join us. I figured if he found out accidently, it would be no big deal.

On the double-sly, I invited his best friend since high school and his family to join us. I didn't even tell the kids because they love their kids and that excitement alone would have spoiled the surprise.

It all worked out. As he ended up greeting the local friends at the front door, he didn't see that his other friend had arrived and was entering the back door.

He was surprised! For one, he probably never suspected that I would do that. But especially because we always tease his friend about how he rarely leaves the comfort of his town!

I used the candles to create the "0" in 40.  He did generate enough lung capacity to blow those few candles out!

Noise makers for the kids. 

A fun little gift bag from our cousins/friends!  I will try to remember what all these are for:
  • Warming packets b/c our circulation decreases as we age.
  • A hot patch for his back aches.
  • Superhero gummy vitamins for extra energy.
  • Advil for the obvious reasons.
  • Band-aids as you can be more accident prone in your older years.
  • Q-tips to clean out your ears and minimize hearing problems.
  • Tums for that geriatric indigestion.
  • An energy bar cuz you get tired more easily.

The actual morning of his birthday.  We celebrated with surprise donuts!

Our other annual October event is a family reunion on my Dad's side of the family.  I got some yummy chicken and dumplings this year-ahhh!

Grandpa and B

Memaw and B.  She loves having these great-grandbabies!



Jennifer said...

happy birthday!

Jennifer said...

.....meant to say to "C" and not you. Loved the bag of old age goodies!!