Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween 2009

As is usual every year, the big kids had been excited about last Saturday all month. We figured out costumes several weeks ago after I brought home several choices from my Goodwill adventure. For L, I had found the Batman cape to accompany the mask I found last year, a brand new Star Wars Stormtrooper in the box, and the breast plate and cape for BibleMan. He had mentioned wanting to be Luke Skywalker, so I also picked up a big tan shirt so we could make a costume if we needed to. For A, we picked out a long purple dress thing. She had originally wanted to be some sorta of Cleopatra-type girl, but changed her mind once L made his final decision.

I am happy to introduce Bible Man and Bible Girl as our winners for Halloween 2009!

I was so thrilled with their choices and loved how we made it all work out. For cheap! :)

Here is Bible Man ready to squash evil all around the block!

Doesn't he look ready?!!

Good thing the real Bible Man had recently cleaned out his closet.  Can't beat a super hero cape for $1!

And here is his lovely, and equally as capable, Bible Girl!  Gotta love those power bracelets we made out of a paper towel roll and tin foil!  Isn't that what this is all about!  :)


Can't leave without a super hero pose!

I feel protected, don't you?!

I mean, who doesn't want to be protected by these goofballs!  :)

Here is one little frog they do feel protective about!

He was a little confused here.  Several people were behind me trying to encourage his award-winning grin.  He wasn't buying all the enthusiasm.

Hard to believe that L was wearing this same costume five years ago!  :(

Love 'em!

We turned off our porch light and headed to a local church for their carnival festivities.  The kids enjoyed a little bit of everything before we stopped at just a few houses and went home to count candy!

The Frog has something to say!

I think he is saying, "Heeeeey, get me out of this thing!".

L landed his bean bag square in the giant's forehead! 

The kids seemed to enjoy their evening.  As we drove back to our house, the neighborhood was packed with cars and walkers.  We tried to sneak in without turning on too many lights as we were not passing out treats this years.  Even without no porch light and our lights low inside, we ended up with one person ringing our doorbell!

The collection of sugar  yummy treats was a success.  The kids actually agreed to my offer of buying their candy from them after they picked out 7 of their favorite pieces.  The goods are now well hidden for adult consumption!

I have to say one more thing here.  I always read every year all the opinions about why people don't participate in "Halloween", so I thought I would share why we do.
  • It's fun!
  • I love making holiday memories and traditions.
  • My kids know that we don't dress up as anything with evil, scary, or inappropriate labels attached to it.
  • My kids know that all the ghoulish stuff associated with Halloween is not real.
  • We always read our book every year called "Let's Shine Jesus Light on Halloween".  It is a fun little book that share how you can have fun while still remembering the most important things.


Someone Being Me said...

So adorable. I am not good with the whole creative thing so I figure my kids will just have store bought costumes every year.

Kimmy said...

Those costumes are GREAT! Bible man and Bible girl . . . so awesome! We do Halloween as well, but it is very low key in our home. I'm always glad when the day has come and gone.

Martie said...

Oh my goodness, what great, great costumes!! They look perfect!

Jennifer said...

super cute costumes!!