Saturday, December 31, 2011

Old, Older, and Not Quite Ready Yet!

These were my goal ideas for 2011.

I was actually pretty proud of these.  Simple.  Realistic.  Doable.

Here is what they looked like in my final draft plus my update:

2011 Resolutions

• Read 1 book a month.  Redo please.
• Organize 1 room a month.  Not so much, although I have had some recent bursts of energy in this area.  I have just felt so uninspired since moving into the house.  Gotta get my groove going here.
• Kid date 1 time a month.  Not as stated, but I think both of us have done better with 1:1 time with each kiddo. 
• Complete 1 project a month.  Nope.
• Exercise 3-4 times a week.  YES, YES, YES!
• Bible study 3-4 times a week.  I'm having some issues in this department.
• Blog post 3-4 times a week.  Just smile, nod, and move on.  But the Resurgence of 2012 is on!
• Memorize 1 verse a week.  Take a guess.
• Try 1 new recipe a week.  Not as stated, but I have tried lots of new recipes this past year.
• Organize computer.  Off and on.
• Organize blog.  Just recently.
• Work on vacation plans; skiing, California, Lubbock/San Angelo, Florida, Disney.  Skiing-thinking about March maybe; we'll see.  California-booked this week!!  Details later!  Lubbock/San Angelo-probably summer.  Florida/Disney-YES!  Can't wait to share that trip from this past August!  A longer Florida beach stay is a must though!

As compared to these high aspirations back in 2008!!

Let's revisit just for fun now shall we?!!

* Exercise 3 times a week.  Yes.

* Do back stretches 2 times a week.  Yes; incorporated into general exercise.

* Stretch 5 times a week.  Yes; same.

* 25 sit-ups & 25 push-ups 5 times a week.  Not so much, but that's about to change!  :)

* Increase organic and/or natural food purchases to 80% of total food purchases.  Ongoing; in progress.
* Increase food purchases from local growers, farmer's markets.  Not so much.  Need to work on that.

* Minimize sugar intake.  Ongoing; in progress.  I have my ups and downs, but I have seen changes when I do.

* Minimize caffeine intake.  Met, I would say!  I do decaf coffee mostly and other caffeine beverages infrequently.

* Take supplements daily.  Nope.  I can't seem to get into a routine with this.  Need to change that.

* Go to bed by 11 PM 4 nights a week.  Maybe, maybe not!  I know I should because it is an health essential.

* Eliminate 80% of plastic food storage containers.  I have done well with this, but could always do better.

* Eliminate 80% of "Made in China" purchases.  Up and down, but still important to me.

* Read Bible or work on a study 4 times a week.  I'm just going to hang my head in shame now.

* Have prayer and quiet time every day.  Oh, I pray every day.  Quiet time is another story.

* Implement and maintain a general household cleaning routine; daily, weekly, monthly.  I did really good with this several times, but not so much right now.  Gotta work on that!

* Implement a responsibility system for kids.  Up and down over years, but on upswing right now and planning for some new ideas this year.

* Implement a "value of the month" for kids.  I loved when we did this!  Might be time to try again.

* Implement a "verse of the week" for kids.  Totally need to get this one back in rotation!

* Implement daily quiet time for kids.  This was originally when the older kids were home several times a week.  Might try it again, but need to think of some ideas how to implement.

* Create a family schedule.  Hmmmm?!

* Spend at least 15 minutes alone with each child daily.  I do this at night with big kids.

* Play with both kids together daily doing purposeful (and fun!) activities.  This was originally when I had both big kids at home several days a week.  I need to make sure I am being purposeful with Brax now.

* Have a special activity with each child individually once a month.  This one is up and down.  Need to work on this.

* Read the bible with kids daily.  Oh, please don't ask!

* Work on academic activities with kids for 1 hour on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Then with big kids.  Just need to incorporate with Brax during our fun time.

* Continue monthly coop schedule; 2 Saturdays out, 1 Saturday keep kids.  Oh, oh, how I miss my coop...and my friends!

* Organize and transfer all video tapes to DVD/CD's.  Can we say 2011/2012?!  Finally started this week!  WooHoo!

* Organize all pictures.  Need to work on this on computer and hands-on.

* Transfer all pictures to CD's.  Now I want a picture transfer machine!

* Clean out and organize computer files.  Always in progress, but time for a redo anyway!

* Clean out/organize and back up all computer files once a month.  Nope.

* Clean out and organize email accounts.  Probably.

* Maintain clean and organized email accounts weekly.  Maybe.

* Purge and organize office/paperwork.  Always a work in progress!

* Maintain office organizational system monthly.  Ummm...

* Begin writing paid posts on blog.  A pipe dream and I don't consider it my thing anymore.

* Label and organize blog posts.  I did that at one time, but really would like to simplify list.  Not sure an easy way to do that.

* Update and reorganize blog categories.  Yes, and even had a recent purge.

* Update blog site or change to new one completely.  I did that and loved it for so long, but recently revamped on my own.  Work in progress.

* Clean out and update "favorites" list.  Did it.

* Learn how to "sweep" online contests quickly.  Nay, who has time!  Gave it up!

* Check emails 3 times a day.  This was back before I was smart phone savvy!  ;)

* Check and read Google Reader in evenings after kids are in bed.(weekdays)  I mostly read blogs from my phone, but NEED to get back to doing it on my computer so I can comment again.  Unless, anyone knows how I comment from my phone!

* Work on own blog posts/management 1 hour a day and after kids are in bed.(weekdays)  Total fail this last year.  I could barely find my blog much less post to it!

* Begin and finish Luke's 1st year scrapbook.  What?!

* Begin 2nd year scrapbook for Anysa and Luke.  Stop staring at me!

* Begin using current picture scrapbooks.  Sigh.

* Re-examine budget with husband.  Sure.

* Develop a plan to maintain budget guidelines for family.  Probably.

* Develop debt-reduction plan for 2008.  So many changes since then.

* Be 80-100% debt-free by December 31, 2008.  We're in a good place.

* Update all work reports.  Not applicable at this point.


I am pretty sure I still like my 2011 goals best, but I'm going to tweak just a bit and come back with the redo!  (The 2008 version is great as a back up though!)


ps. I broke my caffeine resolution tonight accidently, so yes I am really posting at 1 AM!  Yikes!  I see a nap in my future!

Friday, December 30, 2011

January 2011

We know how to party hardy on NYE around here!

I promise that it's only sparkling grapejuice!


My hat man

We got some great snow last January and the kids had SNOW much fun!

He couldn't wait to throw this one!

He is also serious about his teeth! :)

Anysa getting her award at assembly last year.

Mrs. G is God's gift to teaching and she will forever take up a huge spot in our hearts!  I could write a whole post on her.



My girl!

"Ook, I vcoom!"

Outside fun!

He's been learning about tractors from his PaPa.

Both kids played Upward basketball last year. 


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Fall 2010

Wasn't this just yesterday?!

No, I guess not.

When we were in our rent home, Brax loved exploring the kitchen cabinets.

Grandparents Day at Chapel Hill

Playing dress up in sister's room

Eating popcorn with Nana

He loves being outside

He wants to play with Sissy and Bubba so bad that he will even be their "horse"!

Working on the tractor for Daddy

Some days, I had to trick him into taking a nap.

Pink Day at school!

Crazy Day at school

Brax wanted to dress up too!

Hard to tell from the pic, but Brax is actually in the dog pen.  Notice who is not in there!

Watching Luke play football

Flag Football

When Anysa was 18 months old, she was in a pageant in Dallas.  She actually won Miss Photogenic.  :)  I thought she might like to try one of the local small town pageants.  Silly me, thought it would fun and simple.  I should have known better.  These girls-and mommas-were serious. 

Notice that she is the only one with straight hair!  I thought she looked beautiful, did a great job, and won first place in my heart!

Some of my pictures seem out of focus, but I think it is my editing.  I'm rusty!