Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Life Goals for 2008

I may be crazy for doing this, but here I am saying, "Hold me accountable!"

I could narrate in detail the why's of all my 2008 Goals, but I won't.

At least not today.

I know all this is realistic for me, but it will involve buckling down and focusing on my priorities. I have to. They are that important to me.

The resounding theme for my life this past year has been "I have a lot to do!" I don't want to feel that way a marjority of the time this year, especially in the way I felt it this past year. The remorseful thought for my life this past year has been centered around how quickly my children are growing and changing and how I let so many little moments slip through my fingers. And my heart!

I saw this on someone else's post today and it spoke to me as well.

More than anything, I want to make each day count!

I can't do that when I am worried or stressed over silly things too much of the time. Several years ago, I realized and acknowledged that I will go through seasons of my life where my priorities and abilities change. They have to! Unfortunately, I continued to think I could do all and be all; the super woman, the super mom.

That thinking is not truth. It is actually the type of thinking Satan uses to bind many women (ME!) and keep them from being.

Being still.

Being His.

Being for Him.

I know the year won't be perfect. I know I won't be perfect. I know I may not attain all my goals in the way I would like-



But I don't want to be afraid to say it out loud and put forth my best effort towards these goals.

I will try to come back and update you as often as I can as I make each day count in 2008!

* Exercise 3 times a week.
* Do back stretches 2 times a week.
* Stretch 5 times a week.
(yes; my general stretching has helped my back.)
* 25 sit-ups & 25 push-ups 5 times a week.
* Increase organic and/or natural food purchases to 80% of total food purchases.
(in progress)
* Increase food purchases from local growers, farmer's markets.
* Minimize sugar intake.
(in progress)
* Minimize caffeine intake.
(only necessary coffee-lifeblood!-in morning.)
* Take supplements daily.
* Go to bed by 11 PM 4 nights a week.
(probably more like 3 right now.)
* Eliminate 80% of plastic food storage containers.
(in progress)
* Eliminate 80% of "Made in China" purchases.
(trying, but it is stinking hard!)

* Read Bible or work on a study 4 times a week.
(probably more like 1x/week.)
* Have prayer and quiet time every day.
(prayer yes, quiet time no.)

* Implement and maintain a general household cleaning routine; daily, weekly, monthly.

* Implement a responsibility system for kids.
(yes; gaining momentum with it.)
* Implement a "value of the month" for kids.
(yes; kids enjoy it.)
* Implement a "verse of the week" for kids.
(yes; we have memorized 4 verses at this point!)
* Implement daily quiet time for kids.
* Create a family schedule.
* Spend at least 15 minutes alone with each child daily.
(yes, but only several times a week at this point.)
* Play with both kids together daily doing purposeful (and fun!) activities.
(yes, but mostly on non-school days.)
* Have a special activity with each child individually once a month.
* Read the bible with kids daily.
* Work on academic activities with kids for 1 hour on Wednesdays and Fridays.
* Continue monthly coop schedule; 2 Saturdays out, 1 Saturday keep kids.

* Organize and transfer all video tapes to DVD/CD's.
* Organize all pictures.
* Transfer all pictures to CD's.
* Clean out and organize computer files.
(in progress)
* Clean out/organize and back up all computer files once a month.
* Clean out and organize email accounts.
* Maintain clean and organized email accounts weekly.
* Purge and organize office/paperwork.
(in progress)
* Maintain office organizational system monthly.

* Begin writing paid posts on blog.
* Label and organize blog posts.
(yes, most of them are done; what a pain!)
* Update and reorganize blog categories.
* Update blog site or change to new one completely.
(yes! i love my new look!)
* Clean out and update "favorites" list.
(MET!; again, a pain!)
* Learn how to "sweep" online contests quickly.
(i think i found the trick; will update you later!)
* Check emails 3 times a day.
(most days; in progress.)
* Check and read Google Reader in evenings after kids are in bed.(weekdays)
(in progress)
* Work on own blog posts/management 1 hour a day and after kids are in bed.(weekdays)
(much better; in progress)

* Begin and finish Luke's 1st year scrapbook.
* Begin 2nd year scrapbook for Anysa and Luke.
* Begin using current picture scrapbooks.

* Re-examine budget with husband.
(in progress)
* Develop a plan to maintain budget guidelines for family.
(in progress)
* Develop debt-reduction plan for 2008.
(in progress)
* Be 80-100% debt-free by December 31, 2008.

* Update all work reports.
(in progress)



Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

These are great, Stacey!! Very specific and doable. And I love the saying at the top about making the days count. Very profound!! How about you hold me accountable and I'll hold you accountable? Thanks for sharing.

The West's said...

your list is very inspiring!

kel said...

Very good list, I may still some of those specific ideas especially the value a month for the kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your list made me tired!
Happy New Year and best of luck with all your goals... I know you can do them all!

If not, I can console you by drinking margaritas together (via webcam) next New Year's Eve!

Jennifer said...

Great post - great goals. But boy, after reading all that, I think I need a nap! LOL! I chickened out with the goals for this year. They are in my head, but I don't have the guts to put them to "paper". Maybe it's just the mood I'm in at the moment. Maybe I'll write them down before January is over.
I hope you accomplish everything you hope to!

And Happy New Year!

Mel said...

okay so you have me motivated.. :) I must have a plan as well. Thanks for sharing this with us. I usually do a basic list of goals but I love how you have it broken down in categories.

Happy New Year!

Jordan (MamaBlogga) said...

I really love your overall goal! I feel the same way about my life so often--thanks for the reminder to slow down.

Cara said...

Your are very organized! And motivated!

Anonymous said...

Ditto for me. :)
This sounds like a great plan... and now I'm slightly overwhelmed just trying to think of making such a list myself. I'm a list maker by nature: as my Claire says, "Mommy, what would you do without paper and a pen?" But the older I get the less likely I am to make plans. The more excited I become about my plans, the more frustrated and irritated I become when life interrupts them. Now, I'm just a regular Pollyanna, aren't I? ;)

Obviously a lot of thought went into this list - and that IS something that I would like to do here soon. THINK. Clearly. The problem is first I have to be "together" and rested... and when does that happen?

Come to think of it... I'm feeling pretty together and rested after this Christmas break, so maybe this weekend?
Thanks for the inspiration!

And thanks for visiting the blog today... hopefully we'll get to know each other better. I enjoyed my visit here tonight - I'll be back, for sure.


Jenna said...

That post speaks to me on so many levels!!