Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tooth Cute!

Over the Thanksgiving break, we discovered that A had her first loose tooth.

So, I kept bugging her to let me take lots of close-up pictures.

I knew it was a race against the clock before this sweet face

turned into this one!

I think she was in a little shock after it actually came out. We had been encouraging her to wiggle it since Thanksgiving, and even more so the last few weeks when we discovered her permanent tooth was already attempting to upstage the baby! At the point I got hold of it last week, it was not hanging on by much. You can tell she is mesmerized by her new look.

Brother was pretty amazed by the whole process too! So much so, he is convinced he also has a loose "toof". And of course, he wanted a gander at the blood!

We are glad to report that we got word to the Tooth Fairy just in time! She is keeping the tooth safe, and in return, left a lovely note of encouragement along with a $1 bill!

As for me, I kept it together. I held her face a lot, told her how proud I was of her, and gave her extra hugs that night.

Ok, so maybe the hugs were for me!



Anonymous said...

I love how losing a tooth turns into a spectator sport. LOL

Jennifer H. said...

Yes, she told us all about the Tooth Fairy coming to visit her.

I'm glad you kept it together! I imagine that was very hard.

Susan said...

Oh that is cute. I told my German husband about the Toothfairy, and he could NOT believe it. He brings up the toothfairy to other Germans, and they laugh at such a ridiculous myth. Now my husband is creative, funny and wonderful and LOVES America, however the Germans don't get the Toothfairy. Toothfairy seems to only service little kids in the Western Hemisphere:( Poor JR will probably not get a Euro for his lost tooth. Probably all the German kids would make fun of it anyway. But if we are stateside with the first loose tooth, Toothfairy will probably find a way.

mommy zabs said...

so very beautiful

Anonymous said...

That is sweet - that one picture at the mirror was worth a thousand words!

I still shudder and revolt at pulling teeth. My husband has done all the pulling (along with a dentist!) and he has even SAVED some of them, for some reason I cannot fathom. I do not even want to know where they are... it grosses me out completely.

Courtney, at 13, has finally lost all of her teeth and is getting braces tomorrow. You are wise to take that picture beforehand! Their faces change SO MUCH once they start losing those teeth. It's just the beginning...

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. I imagine it was tough to hold it together.

What a cutie she is!

The West's said...

beware - there is a book that a teacher recommended to certain 1st grader called something like "The Tooth Fairy Letters" that talked about correspondance between the fairy and the child... I'm glad I was in on it or there may have been some disappointment!

texastanya said...

Wow! The dentist told Woody at his last check-up in December that he can expect to have some loose teeth soon. I can't believe he's already old enough to loose teeth - where's my little baby go??? :)


Jenna said...

She is so beautiful, even without the tooth!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until we get to that stage in life! So fun! She looks so excited!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Ahhhhhhhhh! She is so beautiful - even without a full set of teeth. ;) Oh, that first tooth gone. I love it.