Thursday, January 24, 2008


Want to guess what my kids did not get for Christmas?

We do have a few kid-friendly electronics around here such as My First LeapPad, the new ClickStart My First Computer which Santa brought L for Christmas, and A's simple educational computer.

Otherwise, we are either depriving or blessing our children with our own technical ineptness!

I mean look how long it took me to get a digital camera!

And neither of us have anything that requires us to put ear buds in our ears. Although that I am not necessarily anxious to add that to my wish list for the simple reason that I truly believe there is going to be a whole generation of young people with early hearing loss. The studies are already coming out on college-age kids.

Now, let me say, I am not at all against the electronics that are available to our kids. They can hold purpose and fun when managed correctly.

I just get irked watching kids being led around by their parents while their eyes and hands are busy mastering a game. Or when they are eating at a restaurant with them. Or at church! Yep, seen that with my own eyes!

And don't even get me started about kids walking around having conversations with pacifiers stuck in their mouths!

Oops, off topic!

Are there times my kids watch too much tv in one sitting? Yep!

I am just avoiding the electronics overload for as long as I can!

I want our kids to know how to play, use their imagination, develop their motor skills, enjoy the outdoors.

It's about balance, right?

So before you pound on this non-techy gal :), I just want to say, it's all good! No worries! We can all live in peace!

HEY! WAIT! I got off the real purpose of this post!

Weren't they cute enjoying their "gameboys" that they made themselves?!



Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! My GRANDparents nag me to buy my Wog a portable DVD player for him to watch while in the car. He's 19 months old! They've been after me since his first birthday. ACK!

BTW, those little peg games kick my hiney.

Danette said...

Totally with you. No egames but also too much TV occasionally (but only in Espanol).

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I completely agree with the let's-not-overdo-it-on-the-electronics thing. I much prefer those which do not require batteries!

(And if you happen to sneak a peek at my blog and see a picture of D with a paci in her mouth . . . well, just know we're working on it!)