Friday, August 29, 2008

Come on down!


You are the next winner on The Truest Thing!

I will pop this in the mail to you next week!

Jen gave me a great idea when she commented, wondering how fun it would be to see where all this book could go!

So, I thought I would make a request.

What if each person that receives this book, signs it AND then passes it along to the next person with the same request? Each person can choose how they want to give it away.

I think it would be super fun if we kept it in the blog family and then track it!


p.s. I will put your name in there Jen!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


This is not what I had planned to post today.

And no, I am not pregnant.

But many women across this country are pregnant at this very minute.

Before I hit the "publish" button for this post, many of those women will no longer be pregnant.

And not for all of the wonderful reasons you might be imagining.

This is NOT a judgement about why these women are choosing to no longer be pregnant, and it is NOT a judgement about the heart-breaking decision they have probably anguished over.

This IS a judgement about the man who, tonight, will once again put many in this country under his "hope" spell.

I wasn't even going to say this much. When I read Elizabeth's post last night, after sending her some encouragement via my comment, I was simply going to ask you to go read her post and watch the video.

I, like her, know those who have decided to let go of their pro-life stance, in order to support a man they feel that can make some social changes in the other areas they are passionate about.

While I fervently do not agree, I have listened to their views and am trying to respect their opinions as such.

Since last night, Elizabeth has added several updates to the original post.

I HIGHLY encourage you to link over to read her entire post AND watch the videos she has included AND read the running discussions in the comments.

Maybe it is a cop out as far as not talking about this anymore here, but Elizabeth's expressions of belief and feelings truly represent where I am with all this right now. She is both eloquent and passionate.

Why reinvent the wheel with any thoughts I might try to stumble over here.

Go to MommyZabs for the post.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We have been experiencing back to school since last Tuesday, when my son started his 2-day program a week ahead of his sister.

We were prepared physically. We had our new backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles!

We were preparing mentally, as we began the routine transitions. We are still working on those, but I didn't expect them to welcome earlier bedtimes and more regulated after school activities so quickly!


Well, I guess you could say there have been a few tears.

But I have an excuse!

Those are my babies!

Last Tuesday, we woke up to dark rain clouds. I guess my plan of being the cool, put-together mom dropping my kid off at his first day was a wash!

His Spiderman umbrella didn't help me out much in the hair department!

Oh well, he was excited!

He knew several of the kids in his class because he was with them during his summer day camp. One of his buddies is actually the son of my new boss.

And since he started last week, I took a little time from work to enjoy a special treat with my daughter!

Our 2nd annual Mother/Daughter Pedicure!

She was so good while we were there. She was polite and intrigued by all the work the lady did on her toes. While I was finishing up, she sat like such a big girl and chatted with an older lady while her toes dried.

On Monday, it was sister's turn! No rain, but overcast and HU.MID! There went the cool mom thing again!

Here is my 1st grader!

A few very important points are necessary here! Earrings. Fake! Pedicure. Open-toe shoes! Embarrassing BIG BOW in hair. Totally cool after her friend showed up with one too!

Brother and I walked her to the cafeteria, sitting with her awhile. Along with many, many other anxious parents! I could see she was a tad nervous, but was holding it together.



Her sweet teacher greeted her and then asked how I was doing.

Here is where waterproof mascara might have come in handy. (Yes, I waited until I left!)

Once her fellow bow head friend showed up, though, she was fine for me to leave!

All I can say is thank goodness I had my little buddy with me! And bless his heart! While he truly wanted to comfort me all day long, he had to settle for having a friend over to play for several hours!

Oh well! We'll make some more of these crazy memories on another day!

(note to self: get some sleep!)

And her?

Well, she survived!

We all did!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

If looks could kill!

Did you see those icey stares and pursed lips by Michelle Obama as the crowd went crazy over Hillary tonight?

I actually started to feel sorry for her.

Hillary, that is.

But then she started talking.


*This has been an unpaid, unendorsed, opinionated comment!

In the spirit

In the last 2 weeks, I won this

and of course, THIS

The book was a perfect read for me! It was good and easy-nothing too deep, but with great detail that made envisioning the story fun. It was my rainy day book last week and I finished it in one day! Thanks Jen!

The printer, well, what can I say. It was so neat to win that! I am bummed that we had just bought a new printer several months ago. But this new one is even nicer and I can't wait to print pictures from it! Thanks 5M4M!

What I neglected to mention was another little treat I won a few days after the printer! Look what I received from Melissa just today!

I received a beautiful scripture bracelet, a Starbucks GC, and a cute bookmark!

I stuck my bracelet on immediately and wore it the rest of the day! "I can do everything through Him that gives me strength." Philippians 4:13. My son saw it on me today and was asking all kinds of questions about it. He thought it was nice that "Melwissa" sent it to me. When I told him what it said, he was all "Hey, we learned that at church!".

Thank you Melissa! I love all of it and the bracelet is a true treasure!

Sooooooo, I was thinking!

Why be greedy?

In the spirit of giving, I am going to pass on a few of my treats to one of you!

(Keep your hands off my printer people! And YES, we actually have a Starbucks here! Well, at least for now since it is on the closure list-boo hoo!)

I thought I would pair up the book with my new bookmark! See me sharing the "love"!

(Yes, I know! What you really want is my son's Superman placemat in the background!)

Nothing complicated. Just leave a comment here at this post. Book recommendations might be nice, but not mandatory! I will stop counting comments on Thursday, August 28th at 10 pm CST and randomly draw a winner. I will announce Friday morning!

Anybody giving away a trip to Hawaii anytime soon?!!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Covered up with cute!

Y'all have to head over to Confessions of An Apron Queen! She is giving away a super cute one this week! I am not really an apron-wearer, but this one would be so worth giving it a shot! It is mommy-functional!

And did I mention cute already!

She gives one away each week, so head over frequently!

Lots of other little tidbits swirling around in my head, so I will be back later!


Friday, August 22, 2008

No Men Allowed

Last week, we indulged in a special treat for 3 days!


My friend and 3 of her 4 kids came to stay and play with us. To some that may sound like a lot of work, but it was so easy.

Don't you love having easy-maintenance friendships?! I have so many and feel so blessed in that area of my life!

We spent 3 days talking, working, eating, and playing.

All the kids had a great time fishing at the pond. One of the boys even caught a 5.5 pound catfish! It was so funny to watch! He was alone on the other side of the pond trying to haul in his catch while everyone was yelling instructions from across the pond! Then the rest of the kids raced over there to help him carry back.

That afternoon, we hung out for 3 hours at our local city pool. Her kids are always so good about entertaining my younger kids! There was lots of jumping off the diving board by all the kids! Even my little man was a daredevil!

(Sadly, oh so sadly, I must report that all pictures documenting that fun-and fish!-were lost in the tragic Picture Deletion of 2008! Lots more of her pictures were lost as well! We might want to have a moment of silence!)

We kept them feed and busy so we could tire them out for bedtime! So important when you have secret mommy food, drink, and movie stashed away for later!

AND, she helped me reduce the piles of pictures waiting to be hung on my walls and of junk waiting to be organized in my hobby room!

Do you ever have that feeling of being so overwhelmed by a task/s, that your brain stops dealing with it? Even if you are a fairly talented person in the art of decorating/organizing? Ugh, I was so stuck! And she so rescued me!

From myself AND from having to partner with my husband with these tasks! Now, we all know how well those projects go!

My walls are now more graciously adorned with family pictures and art, while my hobby room is now ready for phase 2-specific organization!

We had a great time!

These boys were having such a ball together despite their 6 year difference! While the other 3 were watching a movie, they wanted to have some serious play time with L's car collection! They had created quite a car trail from his room all the way down the hall! My little man was in heaven to have another boy wanting to play cars with him!

(see that cute sign behind the boys? that was one of my new wall appliques! they were so easy to deal with and make such a big impression! i love them so much that i am thinking about doing an online "party"! my dtr got her name across the wall above her bed.)

Some fun outdoor time!

It is so hard to believe how much all the kids have grown! I will have to find some old pictures to scan later to show all the changes!

Thanks my dear friend for a wonderful 3 days!


p.s. My husband only had to endure ;) 1 evening of the full house (with a lovely meal provided, i might add!)! he left the next day for a 2 day business trip!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm just not that into you

We are now pet owners.

Against my better judgement.

I am a mommy. I have to worry about feeding, housing, and caring for my family. My people family. I don't have time to be worrying about the furry kind.

And truth be told, I'm just not that into fur.

PETA would be so proud of me!

When my dtr turned 4, she started asking for a dog. I told her that she could have one when she turned 6, thinking how brilliant I was for scooting her dreams ahead by a couple of years.


And don't think she has not remembered my promise almost.daily since then. Ask anyone that knows her. She has probably told them, "When I am 6, I get a dog.".

When she turned 6, we were in the middle of trying to sell our home/dealing with the future move. We explained to her the situation, and thankfully, she understood that we needed to wait awhile longer until after the move.

Around that time also, she and her brother had become inquisitive about the animals across the street at my neighbor's/friend's house. Just call her Ms. Doolittle! She had 2 dogs, a big snake, and 2 birds. My kids became interested in the birds and I became more willing to negotiate.

Then along came the pet party they attended and our coop nights at my friend's house. They had guinea pigs.

Option #3 was now before me.

Literally just weeks before we moved, an angel, later to be called "Jake", came trotting up the drive at my in-laws property. Jake was a lost puppy that had just found his new home.

At my in-law's house!



As the newness wore off, the begging for a pet resumed.

In my head, I debated.

Guinea pig? Bird? Guinea Pig? Bird?

Finally, 2 weeks ago, while shopping in a larger town, I caved.

They had one guinea pig left. So we left the store with the pig and the starter kit cage.

You would have thought I was a new mom taking home my first baby the way I was nervously asking all those questions.

We are all adjusting. Personally, I think he is a little too skittish still. It has been 2 weeks of loving care (food, water, bedding, play) and he still skitters around his cage nervously hiding if anyone approaches him. He has started to move about his cage more freely even when people are in the same room as him. But don't make any moves towards the cage or he is gone into hiding.

The kids are doing better about holding him, so we do that several times a day now.

I just have no interest in worrying about one more person's p**p around here.

Do they make diapers for guinea pigs?

Meet "Tex".

Seriously, if anyone has any experience with this creature, I welcome your thoughts. I think we are following all the rules; food, water, timothy hay, and some vit c fruit or veggie and a little tlc per day plus we clean up his bedding as needed. He is just so much different than any other animal I have dealt with personally, that I want to make sure he is acting ok.

And personally some more, I would be just fine not dealing with any animal at all.

Oh wait, that is not true. I can live with fish.

But I won't ever be able to give him away.

The last time I had to give away our pets, 2 beta fish, one of them, Superman, met his untimely death.

But I am not naming any names Laurie!


p.s. In case you are worried. I don't dislike animals, I just don't have a burning desire to live with them at this point in my life.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A good day to go back to bed

It has been overcast and rainy-at times finding us in a downpour-since the weekend.

Many of you likely need rain as much as we do, we are thankful!

Well, that is, except for all my friends in Florida! Stay safe gang!!

Today is going to be another dark and rainy day.

Other than laundry, I need to find some things for us to do around here.

Right now, the kids are upstairs in the middle of a make-believe scenario, so I won't interrupt them just yet. I took them to see "Journey To The Center of The Earth" on Monday, so they are working their scenes between that and "Water Horse" which we have on dvd now.

Nothing like having a 6 year old American daughter roaming around your house with a British accent!

Anyway, I think we will do a science project and make a mini birdhouse.

Then maybe I can convince them to take a rest break while Mommy reads her new book!

I won the book from Jen over at The Wilson Six!

Thanks Jen! I have already read the first two chapters! I didn't realize how much I was in the mood for a good non-thinking read!

A cozy bed sounds good about now!


p.s. If you haven't seen either of those movies, I recommend them both!

A Boomer Sooner Birthday!

He probably even forgot it was his birthday because all of this craziness has started.

He is a die-hard fan!

He has the memorabilia AND the ticket stubs AND the logged mileage to prove it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad and Grandpa!

And of course,


Stacey & kids

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Gremlins stole my pillow!

We are having some sleep issues around here!

She started having some sleep fears last year. Remember the whole sleeping with all the lights on thing?

Then, over the course of months that my husband lived out of town during the week, I may have cultivated a bigger problem.

We are not family bed people, but I allowed some co-sleeping during that time.

Some nights, it was for basic survival after a long day with two kids. It got dark early and I took full advantage of getting the kids asleep early as well. Other nights, it was a bit of pure selfishness on my part. Getting them both asleep at the same time allowed me the time I needed to regroup for the next day.

It actually all started the night our furnace wasn't working and it was COLD! We all snuggled together in mommy's bed!

They sure did make great bed-warmers by the time I went to sleep!!

And all those nights I have accidentally fallen asleep while laying down with my daughter at bedtime?

Yea, that probably doesn't help much either.

None of it happened every night. But I guess it happened enough.

This was the morning scene from our bedroom a couple of weeks ago.

He apparently came to our bed some time in the night. I only vaguely remember suddenly losing sleeping space. Apparently, she took her place quietly on the floor some time later in the night. She has finally learned NOT to wake her daddy after making several trips downstairs to our room since we moved in. She is having some new fears about sleeping upstairs by herself.

Oh look! He is waking up.

"Go away Mommy!"

Back up again.

"Don't take my picture!"


"What is all that noise?!"

"Do I have to get up?"

"I need some coffee."

OK, she doesn't need any coffee! But I certainly did!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Final Notice

It hit me like a ton of bricks a few nights ago.

One week from today, I will send my daughter away to the big house.

First grade!

It is not the idea of first grade so much. Although Kindergarten is so much more than it used to be, it still had me in the "she's my little girl" mode.

For us, it is the fact that she will be heading off to school each day of the week. All day. It is BIGGER in so many ways-where they learn, where they eat, where they play.

And by "us", I am referring to me. The other half of "us" thinks it is about time she was in school all day like everyone else. Ugh!

I have talked about my love of our previous school before. But let me recap~ Curriculum that is infused with biblical principles, small environment, enrichment, family atmosphere, an incredible staff and a director whose has a passion for kids while also having her doctorate in education. I could go on!

You can go here to learn more about Little Sprouts! I loved that my kids would go to school 3 days a week max, but still get the max amount of learning possible. Last year, they added first grade and it only had 4 kids in the class. This year, they grew to 2nd and 3rd grade, along with creating a new partnership with another church which will allow them to continue to grow and foster children in both education and God! I am so excited for them!

But sad for us.

Had we been there when decision time came around, I might have had a small battle on my hands. Tuition again when we have a free public education down the street? But it would have been so worth it. The battle and the tuition. Plus tuition went down this year!

I think that is why I am so sad. Sad knowing she is going to miss out on a great education in a loving environment that is not overcrowded with kids and overly stressed staff. I would have even welcomed the expectations and responsibilities of the two days at home being part of her curriculum.

But I have to move on. And that is an understatement in so many ways!

I have to make sure I am presenting an excited and positive attitude to her about her new adventure. I want her to have those feelings too.

We meet her teacher later this week and will get more of a sense of what to expect this year. I am planning on getting involved, both with the parent association and her classroom personally. I want the staff to know me and know they can rely on me, as a parent and as a co-educator. I want to know the kids and the parents so I can make better decisions when my daughter is choosing her friends and her play dates.

But a little piece of me just wants her home with me.

OK, a big piece.

The one positive way that I have dealt with this is in the knowing that I will have 2 1/2 days at home with just my son this year. A first for us. He will attend a 2-day program, then another 1/2 day program on Fridays at our church.

I have had the mommy guilt that he just never got the same of me that sister did. The special 1:1 time. So this is our year together and I am really excited about it!

It is my little gem I am holding onto before I even start thinking about him starting Kindergarten next year! Oy vey!!

Well, at least I have a whole year to convince his daddy that our son needs to be the oldest, not the youngest, in his class!!


Friday, August 15, 2008

Little Mermaid & Dude Merman

Swim lessons ended over a month ago, but I forgot to post the pics I had set up.

I found the whole experience a little aggravating at times, but I am sure most of that was due to the fact that this was our first "group" swim lesson encounter.

My son's class turned out great. He had a wonderful teacher (my new trainer) and only 5 kids in his class. I had no idea how he would do. Last year, he had his first formal lessons in a 1:1 setting with a great teacher. Unfortunately, he was still in his stage of being terrified of the big water, so we didn't get very far. Officially, that is. The rest of the summer and all this summer, even before lessons, he has been a little fish. No swimming really, but a fish! This year, he took the leader role! He can now jump in, float on his back, loves to be under the water, and can even swim some.

My daughter's class made my head explode with each lesson. Ten kids with one teacher. She had a helper, but was not certified so she did not split the class up. In a 30 minute class, they spent half their time waiting to get their turn. The biggest problem was that they did not set the class up by skill level and it was very evident. They spent almost the first week getting their faces wet, blowing bubbles, and learning how to be underwater. Last year, my daughter learned swim strokes, floating on her back, swimming on her back, etc. I tried to talk to the instructor into the second week, but didn't get very far. Basically, wasted my money there. I think we will just keep working on our own with her. She loves diving which a few in the class learned the last two lessons.

We have continued to enjoy swimming all summer and hope to do so as long as weather permits.


Thursday, August 14, 2008


As I was quickly checking my emails last night, one of them made me do a double-take.

And then I had to let out my happy squeal!

I was the WINNER of the Kodak ESP 5 All-in-One Printer.

I am shocked, excited, so thankful, and just a little giddy right now!

Thank goodness for random generator because I was number 728!

Thank you 5M4M for hosting another great giveaway, and as always, supporting us moms!

Wow, I may have the contest entering bug again! ;)


p.s. Actually, I also won a book this week and can't wait to show it to you and give out a proper thank-you once it arrives!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture it

At the time of my home tour, I did not have the kids' new bedding yet. I searched the Internet until my eyeballs fell out, but am pretty happy with the choices.

I love his bedding! I really wanted a vintage baseball look, but it was so hard to find anything that wasn't priced like diamonds or super cheap looking. I finally found this at The Company Store while it was on sale! I got the comforter cover, fitted sheet, 2 flat sheets, and 2 pillowcases. Yea me!

It was even harder to find something for her. I don't like character bedding for the most part because it can date the bedroom and cause me start over again too soon. Everything else I looked at either didn't fit the colors closely enough in her bedroom or was meant for teenage girls. And since she already thinks she is one, I didn't want to perpetuate her (dis)illusion! I finally scoured Target and we made a decision. I really wanted all the Shabby Chic stuff, but that would have caused my husband to ground me from debit card. Permanently! I think we made a cute choice and she really loves it.

While (sorta) on the subject of sleep, this is what I found the other day after sending the kids to their rooms for quiet time. They were over the top on my nerves bickering and I separated them as they wailed, "I don't wanna take a nap!". I made it perfectly clear that they DID.NOT.HAVE.TO.SLEEP, but I guess they missed that part!

I found him behind his door!

She was completely conked out on her bed!

After a long day of playing and swimming! Right before dinner, of course!

Just because he makes me laugh! That is, when he is not making me crazy!