Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I miss...

my conveniences,

my kids' school,

my job,

my church,

and oh how I miss my friends!

I miss my life.



Cyndy said...

You sound a little blue today!!!! Change is always hard, but trust me, you're allowed to have your blue days!!!! Sometimes we just have to give in and be sad a little while so we can appreciate the happy times!

But, know that you are missed too!!!! J. tells me often!


Jennifer said...

I know that all the changes have been hard for you. Like Cyndy said, it's OKAY to feel down about it. You've had a lot going on lately and you are probably tired on top of it. That makes you emotional. I know it's hard to have to start over but I know you and you will do awesome. You don't meet a stranger!

Cindy said...

So sorry you're having a hard time today. Big hugs for you!

Shannon said...

Your friends and church MISS YOU TOO! Change is hard. I hate change. At least we have the internet and email to stay in touch. I can't imagine what women used to do...I guess that is why there were so many prescriptions for valium!

Hang in there. God has placed you in your new home for a reason. (I can't imagine what that reason is, but I will defer to the fact that He is God.)

Scott and I read through the SF vaca. I can't believe how brave "little man" hands!

Love ya',

Jenna said...

So sorry! I hope that once school starts you will form new relationships that will make you not miss everything so much. Or, you could just move back :)

Golda said...

I miss you, too! MP bites.