Monday, August 18, 2008

Final Notice

It hit me like a ton of bricks a few nights ago.

One week from today, I will send my daughter away to the big house.

First grade!

It is not the idea of first grade so much. Although Kindergarten is so much more than it used to be, it still had me in the "she's my little girl" mode.

For us, it is the fact that she will be heading off to school each day of the week. All day. It is BIGGER in so many ways-where they learn, where they eat, where they play.

And by "us", I am referring to me. The other half of "us" thinks it is about time she was in school all day like everyone else. Ugh!

I have talked about my love of our previous school before. But let me recap~ Curriculum that is infused with biblical principles, small environment, enrichment, family atmosphere, an incredible staff and a director whose has a passion for kids while also having her doctorate in education. I could go on!

You can go here to learn more about Little Sprouts! I loved that my kids would go to school 3 days a week max, but still get the max amount of learning possible. Last year, they added first grade and it only had 4 kids in the class. This year, they grew to 2nd and 3rd grade, along with creating a new partnership with another church which will allow them to continue to grow and foster children in both education and God! I am so excited for them!

But sad for us.

Had we been there when decision time came around, I might have had a small battle on my hands. Tuition again when we have a free public education down the street? But it would have been so worth it. The battle and the tuition. Plus tuition went down this year!

I think that is why I am so sad. Sad knowing she is going to miss out on a great education in a loving environment that is not overcrowded with kids and overly stressed staff. I would have even welcomed the expectations and responsibilities of the two days at home being part of her curriculum.

But I have to move on. And that is an understatement in so many ways!

I have to make sure I am presenting an excited and positive attitude to her about her new adventure. I want her to have those feelings too.

We meet her teacher later this week and will get more of a sense of what to expect this year. I am planning on getting involved, both with the parent association and her classroom personally. I want the staff to know me and know they can rely on me, as a parent and as a co-educator. I want to know the kids and the parents so I can make better decisions when my daughter is choosing her friends and her play dates.

But a little piece of me just wants her home with me.

OK, a big piece.

The one positive way that I have dealt with this is in the knowing that I will have 2 1/2 days at home with just my son this year. A first for us. He will attend a 2-day program, then another 1/2 day program on Fridays at our church.

I have had the mommy guilt that he just never got the same of me that sister did. The special 1:1 time. So this is our year together and I am really excited about it!

It is my little gem I am holding onto before I even start thinking about him starting Kindergarten next year! Oy vey!!

Well, at least I have a whole year to convince his daddy that our son needs to be the oldest, not the youngest, in his class!!



Loni said...

As hard as it is to beleive right now, God has greater things in store for you. He has another, greater plan than any plans we could ever make for ourselves. It's the unknown that's so scary.

My mantra these past couple of months has been, "Your will, Lord; not my own." Try to remember (along with me) that we are on this earth to do HIS will and that no matter how scary that seems, if we will submit and follow, HE will lead us to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Big words from a timid heart, I assure you. It's hard to feel bold to march into the unkown when we feel like we are in the middle of the muck, but we can do it together! :)

kel said...

My babies started 3rd and 5th today eek time is flying

Kimmy said...

I SO know where you're coming from. My boys are entering grades 2 and 4 and I still have similar feelings. I'm not sure if it ever gets easier. ((HUGS))

Jennifer said...

I've only had to deal with sending a kid off a couple of times, as CJ went to school for 4th and 5th grades, so it was a bit different for me. And that wasn't particularly easy. I love having my kids home with me (most days anyway!) I don't think I could handle the thought of sending Ruthi off to school, and so thankful I don't have to do that. I'm sure everything will be great and how wonderful that you will have that extra time with your son! I'll be thinking about you and keeping you all in my prayers!