Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Picture it

At the time of my home tour, I did not have the kids' new bedding yet. I searched the Internet until my eyeballs fell out, but am pretty happy with the choices.

I love his bedding! I really wanted a vintage baseball look, but it was so hard to find anything that wasn't priced like diamonds or super cheap looking. I finally found this at The Company Store while it was on sale! I got the comforter cover, fitted sheet, 2 flat sheets, and 2 pillowcases. Yea me!

It was even harder to find something for her. I don't like character bedding for the most part because it can date the bedroom and cause me start over again too soon. Everything else I looked at either didn't fit the colors closely enough in her bedroom or was meant for teenage girls. And since she already thinks she is one, I didn't want to perpetuate her (dis)illusion! I finally scoured Target and we made a decision. I really wanted all the Shabby Chic stuff, but that would have caused my husband to ground me from debit card. Permanently! I think we made a cute choice and she really loves it.

While (sorta) on the subject of sleep, this is what I found the other day after sending the kids to their rooms for quiet time. They were over the top on my nerves bickering and I separated them as they wailed, "I don't wanna take a nap!". I made it perfectly clear that they DID.NOT.HAVE.TO.SLEEP, but I guess they missed that part!

I found him behind his door!

She was completely conked out on her bed!

After a long day of playing and swimming! Right before dinner, of course!

Just because he makes me laugh! That is, when he is not making me crazy!



Anonymous said...

I love the bedding. Great job! I am totally with you on the theme-y stuff. I bought Woggie Superman pillowcases...I figure we can change those out fairly cheaply (since I only paid $1 a piece for the S-man ones). Now, I'm looking for a denim comforter for his bed.

Those last shots are going to be GREAT blackmail photos for the teen years. Not that I support blackmailing your teenager into good behavior. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Love the did great on both!!

Jennifer said...

Great choices - they both look fabulous!
Isn't it funny how they think they are NOT tired and do not need a nap and then completely crash! Ruthi does that ALL the time. She will INSIST she is not tired and once she gets still for 30 seconds, she is out cold! Too funny.

Kimmy said...

Loved this post. Sorry I haven't been visiting that much lately . . . life, you know.
The new bedroom ensembles look great. I especially like your daughter's comforter. And the thing with the pantyhose wrapped around his head . . . my boys have done that too. So hilarious!