Monday, August 11, 2008

The Perfect Bag

No, I haven't found it yet, but it sure is fun to experiment along the way!

I had been eyeing this Ashley Judd purse for several months. So when the price took a nosedive recently, I snatched up one of the last two. I love a good bag (and a good shoe!), but really try to stay reasonable in my purchases. I would say I did good for $20!

Isn't it yummy?!

And I think when I get done using it as a purse, I might stuff it into a big square pillow! I am only half-way joking! I absolutely love the fabric design and it has a wide leather strap plus great leather piping around the edges.

It is basically just a big open space inside, which means I will probably tire quickly of digging. I think I may take the Emilie Barnes approach. I heard her speak one time and when she started talking about purse organization, then pulling out all the individual bags from her one large bag (and there were a lot!), I knew she was my kind of gal!

Oh well, I can be sassy on the outside and practical on the inside!