Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We have been experiencing back to school since last Tuesday, when my son started his 2-day program a week ahead of his sister.

We were prepared physically. We had our new backpacks, lunch boxes, and water bottles!

We were preparing mentally, as we began the routine transitions. We are still working on those, but I didn't expect them to welcome earlier bedtimes and more regulated after school activities so quickly!


Well, I guess you could say there have been a few tears.

But I have an excuse!

Those are my babies!

Last Tuesday, we woke up to dark rain clouds. I guess my plan of being the cool, put-together mom dropping my kid off at his first day was a wash!

His Spiderman umbrella didn't help me out much in the hair department!

Oh well, he was excited!

He knew several of the kids in his class because he was with them during his summer day camp. One of his buddies is actually the son of my new boss.

And since he started last week, I took a little time from work to enjoy a special treat with my daughter!

Our 2nd annual Mother/Daughter Pedicure!

She was so good while we were there. She was polite and intrigued by all the work the lady did on her toes. While I was finishing up, she sat like such a big girl and chatted with an older lady while her toes dried.

On Monday, it was sister's turn! No rain, but overcast and HU.MID! There went the cool mom thing again!

Here is my 1st grader!

A few very important points are necessary here! Earrings. Fake! Pedicure. Open-toe shoes! Embarrassing BIG BOW in hair. Totally cool after her friend showed up with one too!

Brother and I walked her to the cafeteria, sitting with her awhile. Along with many, many other anxious parents! I could see she was a tad nervous, but was holding it together.



Her sweet teacher greeted her and then asked how I was doing.

Here is where waterproof mascara might have come in handy. (Yes, I waited until I left!)

Once her fellow bow head friend showed up, though, she was fine for me to leave!

All I can say is thank goodness I had my little buddy with me! And bless his heart! While he truly wanted to comfort me all day long, he had to settle for having a friend over to play for several hours!

Oh well! We'll make some more of these crazy memories on another day!

(note to self: get some sleep!)

And her?

Well, she survived!

We all did!



Jenna said...

Glad you all survived!! Your kids looked super cute. I am sure it is hard for them to start a new school, but I know that they will make friends quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Not ready for any of that... except the Mother-Daughter pedicure. I'm totally ready for that! :-)

Mommy Cracked said...

Awww, the mother daughgter pedicure is a great idea! Your kids are total cuties!