Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I started a new job today (which I am actually excited about), but I am too tired to share any more about it right now.

Should I be tired?

I have gone to bed by 8:30 or 9:00 the last 3 nights.

This coming from a night owl!!

And I am not even really sick.

Although something must be in the air, some have said it is mountain cedar?, because my eyes have been on fire and watery more than I care to say.

So, I guess I am not really tired tired, just tired eyes.

Which makes typing not fun! :)

I will find time later this week to share more.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Super 8

Hi Everyone!

Being 8 months old is super fun! Mommy would have stopped in sooner to tell you all about my last month, but I have been keeping her suuuuper busy!

Where do I start???

Christmas was FUN! Everyone got me presents and took lots of pictures of me. I loved all my presents, but I think I liked playing with the tissue paper the best!

I visited Oklahoma again. There was some white stuff on the ground, but I stayed nice and warm inside.

Eating is getting better and better! I still love oatmeal, applesauce, sweet potatoes, and avocados. I also love sweet peas, green beans, and carrots, especially if Mommy cooks them and lets me squoosh them into my mouth all by myself! I like doing things for myself, so Mommy gives me these yummy rice wafers that I can eat on my own. Mommy likes that they are not messy!

While I am a mostly happy baby, I thought you might want to know that I am not perfect! In case, you were wondering!! I am almost never happy about having my face washed, when you change my shirt over my head, or when you wait too long to feed me.

Lately, I have been cranky because my gums hurt. No teeth yet, but Mommy thinks my gums are looking prime for eruption!

Have I ever mentioned that my favorite song is The Itsy Bitsy Spider? Since early on, that song always makes me stop, look, and listen. If I am wiggling or fussy, they always start singing it to me and I stop to listen.

I love to crawl up to things and stand up. A few of my favorite spots are the game table, the couch, the fireplace, the stairs, and any drawer in any room.

I got a fun table for Christmas and I like to stand at it and bang, bang, bang!

I have tried cruising a few times, but I am still much better at standing, then sitting, then standing back up again.

I can push my booty in the air and look like an animal. Sometimes, I can even squat.

I scared Mommy around Christmas time! She sat me down to play with my toy on the kitchen floor while she did something at the kitchen cabinet. When she turned around, I was standing there with my hands up and my eyes wide! I quickly sat down though, her squealing scared me!

Speaking of squealing, Daddy swears that I squeal the loudest of them all! I like to squeal, talk, and laugh. My laugh sounds sorta like a dolphin! I say lots of things, like dadadada, babababa, uh, ptptptpt. If I am in a good mood, I will play the "uh" game with you. You say it, I say it, and so forth!

I am a pretty sneaky explorer! Some of my favorite places are the fireplace, the TV stand, the game table, the kids' buckets, Daddy's chair and side table, and Mommy's bathroom drawers. Toys are ok, but I would much rather play with cords, curtains, magazines, picture frames, books, and anything else that looks like it doesn't belong to me!

I had my first real cold a few weeks ago. It wasn't fun for anybody.

I now weigh 20 pounds....well, 19 pounds and 15 ounces to be exact!

Until next month....



Wearing big brother's 1st Christmas pjs!  Less belly fat this time around!

Going in for the kill!

You are going down, man!

Fun wears a baby out!

Something about this look makes Mommy nervous for the future!

My favorite thing to do-stand!

Just hilarious!

Tissue paper rocks!

Discovering the back door window.

Yummy peas!


So proud of himself!

Friday, January 22, 2010

I ain't gonna lie

I love catching up on my Google Reader from bed.

More later!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's the end of the world as I know it

I couldn't let my bloggy streak go uninterrupted, but this is the best I could do.

You did notice my bloggy consistency this week, right?!

I am completely exhausted AND mad at myself because I forgot to set Grey's Anatomy on series recording.

Only caught last 5 minutes.


Anyway, the point here is not Grey's Anatomy.

The point is that my little man is everywhere!

He knows:

where all the cords are
whose shoes have the best shoelaces to chew
what dvd's we have from NetFlix
that we have stairs
and different rooms in the house
how good the antenae tastes on big brother's remote-controlled truck
that he has magnet animals he can reach on the fridge
and how if he bangs one against the other on the floor that it shoots across the room
how good the knobs on Mommy's kitchen drawers taste
what it is like to stand and lean into the dishwasher
how good the remote tastes (do you see a running theme here with "taste"?)
that it makes Mommy nervous when he insists on standing and playing at the fireplace
how much fun it is to pull books out of his basket and drop them on the floor

Need I go on?

Good night!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

He really is Daddy's football buddy!

This is my scrapbook.

For now.

I hope!

I hope to do real ones at some point.  I at least owe each of my boys their 1st year baby scrapbook to match their big sister's awesome one!

Yes, he is now 8 months old.  And yes, I am about to do his 8 month letter and post. 

But I just could not not share all this cuteness!  :)

It is a mommy's perogative, you know.

The funny story with these pics is that we, of course, had to wait a bit longer than I had hoped that day.  One does not want a fussy baby come picture day.

While we were waiting, B became enthralled with a tall, happy daddy that was carrying his 1 year old daughter around on his shoulders while he waited for his wife to pick out and pay for pictures.  He caught B's eye and entertained him as well.  B intently followed him with his eyes and head, craning his neck if he went out of his sight.  The daddy got big smiles out of him.  I jokingly said that I would pay him to do that while we take his pictures and he said that it would be no problem.  True to his word, he (and his daughter on his shoulders) stood behind me and the photographer while she took most of his pictures.

I so should have gotten his number!!


p.s.  He does get pretty excited about watching football on the big tv!  Not so much this past Sunday~boo Cowboys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


She is an incredible ray of light.

I am so grateful that God chose her to shine in our lives.

Celebrating her "Golden" birthday~ 8 on the 8th!

Checking out her new "doctor" kit.

Diagnosing the patient.

One of my favorite gifts to her (maybe not hers yet!)~ a set of Ramona books!  Did you read Ramona?  Ahhh, childhood!

She had been wanting a teacher's kit as well, so we found this one.  Lots of little pieces that we need to organize, but she loved it.  And the cute mini Kit was a big hit!  I think we may collect these instead of the big expensive ones.

She was so funny!  This was a little pink ceramic dish that I picked up for her ages ago at a resale shop.  She said, "I don't know what it is, but it is so pretty.".  She is using it for some of her jewelry.

Trying to read the card from brother w/o the music playing.  He loooooves musical cards!

Her fancy new dress and shoes, as well as her pretty (fake) press-on nails that a friend got her.

We celebrated her birthday at her grandparents, after enjoying the dinner she had requested....steak, baked potatoes, french fries, salad, and cake.  The next day, we surprised her, her brother, and her friend with a day at an indoor waterpark.  I had kept it a secret and none of them knew until we drove into the parking lot.  The squealing could be heard miles away!  It is a small waterpark that is open to the public even though it is associated with a timeshare facility.  They had a blast.  The girls went off by themselves and I spent the day with L.  Yes, I donned a bathing suit.  My motto that day was "Don't look down."  Nothing good can come out of overanalyzing one's white and post-baby mushy skin.  Nothing!  Anyway,  there were 4 big tube slides, 4 smaller tube slides, a water playground, wave pool, and a lazy river.  They went non-stop for almost 6 hours!  It was great because we didn't have to worry about them and could pretty much see them the whole time.  It was kinda crazy to be swimming as you could see icicles forming outside where the water tube looped around. 

I think she had a really great birthday!

Things I want to remember about you right now~

You became a big sister to a little brother once again.
You love drawing, coloring, painting; all that is creative.
You love shoes.
You really enjoy watching cooking shows.
You love to cook as well!
How right on you are when we video your cooking show.
How you crack me up with your perfect British accent.
You can make your bed beautifully.
Cleaning your room is hard and not fun for you.
You love to sing and dance.
How tolerant you are of brother #1.
All the fun you two can have together.
Your persistant dedication to one day having both a cat and a dog.
What a good student you are.
That you don't like milk anymore, even chocolate milk.
How brave you have become sleeping with no lights in your room.
How you still want me to lay down with you for 1 minute.
And all the great things we get to talk about in that "1 minute".
How much you love to swim.
That you share my love of popcorn...and "pagsinon" cheese.
Your cute little laugh.

aka Mommy

Monday, January 18, 2010

It takes sacrifice to be like Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones is what L calls Indiana Jones. 

And jumping into a volcano full of hot lava is exactly what Dr. Jones would do to save, well, whatever it is he is saving that particular day.

And just like Dr. Jones, little problems arise.  My "Dr. Jones" little problem happened to be jumping from his cousins top bunk and landing on a toy as he hit the ground.

Since we were out of town, we consoled him and took care of it the best we could until we got home to deal with it.

The dealing with it thing is a WHOLE other story.  The short of it is that he finally made it to a doctor ONE WEEK LATER who would deal with it and told us that he had indeed fractured his 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones.  Good thing is that it didn't need to involve casting or wearing a boot.  Doctor told him to wear good soled tennis shoes all the time, no barefoot as much as possible, no running, no jumping, no basketball for 2 more weeks.  Apparently, this fracture takes about 3 weeks to heal in youngsters.

I am not sure he has followed all the rules exactly, but we are doing the best we can for a 5 year old boy!

Now his begging for bunkbeds will just sound like "lalalalalalala" in my ears once again!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Accountability or Memory Jogger~whatever it takes!

Here is a running list of everything I need to catch up on around here:

My daughter's 8th birthday
My baby turning 8 months old (today!)
My baby's super cute 6 month pics I never posted
All the funny comments my 5 year son makes
Why I reaffirmed my committment to never owning bunkbeds
My job rollercoaster
My new technological advances

That is a start.  I will probably being adding more.

I am sure the anticipation is keeellllling you!  :)


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I really think I might be onto somthing

I believe that I may have discovered the next big as seen on TV gotta have!

Baby Mop

Let your baby crawl around your kitchen while you cook dinner.

Baby stops to admire own shadow on floor.

Baby drops a huge puddle of drool on the floor while admiring own shadow.

Baby gets bored and crawls off to the next point of interest.

Baby drags puddle of drool along with him as he crawls away.

Thus creating a clean streak as he moves on.

I am so gonna be rich!!


p.s.  Baby was not harmed in this accidental experiment.  Floor had recently been swept.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Or so I thought

Well, this won't be the week for me to catch up.

I don't have time to organize pictures and thoughts to share.

I don't have time to read what wonderful things are going on elsewhere.

This week is slammed with "to-do's" and a whole list of extra things on the side that need to somehow get done as well.

I just narrowed my Google Reader from 148 to 34 posts.  If it wasn't a "good read" or a "friend", then it doesn't really matter anyway.

Those other 34 do matter, so I will tuck them away and enjoy them like I enjoyed my decaf Peppermint Mocha today!

Maybe next week!