Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's the end of the world as I know it

I couldn't let my bloggy streak go uninterrupted, but this is the best I could do.

You did notice my bloggy consistency this week, right?!

I am completely exhausted AND mad at myself because I forgot to set Grey's Anatomy on series recording.

Only caught last 5 minutes.


Anyway, the point here is not Grey's Anatomy.

The point is that my little man is everywhere!

He knows:

where all the cords are
whose shoes have the best shoelaces to chew
what dvd's we have from NetFlix
that we have stairs
and different rooms in the house
how good the antenae tastes on big brother's remote-controlled truck
that he has magnet animals he can reach on the fridge
and how if he bangs one against the other on the floor that it shoots across the room
how good the knobs on Mommy's kitchen drawers taste
what it is like to stand and lean into the dishwasher
how good the remote tastes (do you see a running theme here with "taste"?)
that it makes Mommy nervous when he insists on standing and playing at the fireplace
how much fun it is to pull books out of his basket and drop them on the floor

Need I go on?

Good night!



Anonymous said...

Yay for him! Oh no for you!

Cara said...

Seriously, the CORDS. How do you babyproof that? Sam has been fascinated with all motors for a good 6 months, so he takes notes as I plug something in and attempts to repeat it himself. I've resorted to vacuuming with him on my back so he doesn't get a blue spark while 'figuring out' the plug! Gotta love em! :)

Jennifer said...

I think I'd be exhausted too!
You do know you can watch Grey's online, right? It was good - you don't wanna miss it totally! And I don't know about where you are, but here, they re-air the episode on a different day...I can't remember what day, but I know they do it. Maybe you could check your listings. But online is easy too!