Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm fine.

Just dealing with ridiculous work issues.

Over 12 years in one awesome job in big city with no problems.

Move to smallville and 4 jobs in 2 years!

Apparently, small towns don't always equal good people with morals, ethics, and faith!!

Trying to be the bigger person, BUT...

I'm so over it.

Just praying that God will continue to provide job security for the moment while working to unlock some new doors for me.

Thanks everyone for checking on me!!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

I could really use some prayer warriors today.

I feel like Daniel in the lion's den right now.

And there appear to be "sheep" in that den as well.

Lions in sheep clothing.



Monday, May 24, 2010

Raising a smart child ain't all it's cracked up to be

Or an independent one.

Or a strong-willed one.

Or a busy one.

Or all the above especially when they are not feeling well.

Will be back when we recover.

Or turn 18.

Whichever comes first!


Monday, May 17, 2010

Party Preview

Checking out the fish before his big party!
(Mommy's favorite picture!)

All partied out!

Even Mommy made it into a few pictures.

A late nap after a fun day.

More to come!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Grief-driven photo shoot

Last week, after catching up over at Kelle's site, I had a mini-emotional breakdown while putting on my make-up.

Nice timing, huh?

**If you don't know Kelle, her site, or the recent birth of her beautiful daughter Nella, then it is worth checking out.  Once you do, you will understand my mini-meltdown.

With B turning ONE.THIS.FRIDAY, I couldn't help but reflect upon the significant lack of photos of he and I together.  Frankly, I could probably count them on 2 hands and 1 foot.

Or photos of myself with any of my kids for that matter.


I love to take pictures of my children.  I love reflecting on their images and all the cute things and milestones they have encountered.  I think that shows. 

The sad part is that over the years, the number of photos that I actually get to be IN has dwindled dramatically. 

Here is the deal~no one seems to know how to pick up the camera and catch moments except me.  That is unless I specifically say so.  I get tired of saying so.

So the sadness crept over me.  The thought that I have so little documented from B's first year that truly reflects our relationship.  The big things and the little moments.

In my desperate moment, I thought I would take matters into my own hands.

Enjoy the pictures.  They truly are good for a hearty laugh!

Uh Mom, I am not so sure about this. 

But I will give it a try.

You only thought strapping me down would make your job easier! 

No really Mom, squealing makes everything better.

Or a big fat sloppy kiss on your chin!

Or a big bear hug around your neck!


Yea, I am outta here!

No, really!

Hopefully, you will start seeing a lot of better pictures with he and I in the near future!  I will start with his birthday, where like A and L, I always have a friend as a designated photographer.  I hope to plan some casual family photos as well soon.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


while driving my kids to daughter informing my son that "Mommy is getting in her older ages.".
(a response as a result of a broken promise secondary to mommy memory loss) son informing his two grandmothers that his Papa "needs to take a chill pill".
(a response to Papa getting irritated that said grandson was drumming on the seat before him while waiting for sister's dance recital to begin) son asking my mother to please "step out for a moment while he gets ready for bed".
(that coming from my son the streaker)

while sharing our night time moment son asking why "y'all (Mommy and Daddy) don't have to go to bed early like we (kids) do?".  my response, "Because we are grown-ups.".  my son's response, "oh yea, y'all can do whatever you want."  he continued to inform me that "God stays up all night."  my question, "Is that because He has to watch over everyone?"  his response, "Pretty much."

while making PW cinnamon rolls with my daughter on Sunday afternoon...."oh man, this is going to make a huge mess!"
(uh oh, do you think my mess-making anxieties are that transparent?!)


Monday, May 10, 2010

I DID it!

Oh my stinkin' word!

I finally caught up with my blog commenting!

May seem silly to some, but when you have established relationships with people online, commenting (or emailing if you are that lucky) feels so important.

It's the "Hey, I'm there for ya!" thing to do.

I may not have commented on every missed post, but I think I did a pretty good job.

I even caught up with my laundry, so life feel pretty good about now!  :)


Monday, May 3, 2010

Not so bad

So, it's true.

I've been road-testing 40 since January and I guess it's not so bad.

No, I wasn't in the best shape of my life (no rock hard abs....yet!). 

No, I didn't get to go on an incredible trip (yet, I hope!).

But, I did get....

sweet cards, calls, and emails.
upgraded to a Blackberry.
a surprise dinner with friends and night out with my girl friends.

It may seem silly to even talk about it now, but this was one of the many posts that I had started (or at least labeled) and I really don't like leaving things undone.

I can't believe that I am even sharing these pictures.  With B at 8 months old, I was kinda feeling my yuckiest.  You know when you just feel, face, and the body issues that we won't even discuss!  But the point is not how I think I look.  The point is what good friends I have, so I am letting go of my self-conscious issues for the moment!

Please keep in mind that we are good girls, ages 30's to 40's, who are acting way sillier than the amount of adult beverages it may look like we consumed!  I promise you, we are usually way more boring than this!  :)

I am just hoping that I still have friends after these pictures go public!  Love y'all!!

Rachel & Shannon warming up for the dance floor.

Laurie & Jenn

While you might think this picture is all about me, I assure you that I just wanted to share the experience occuring behind me at that moment.  I found it both hysterical and disturbing all at the same time.

Because how can I NOT share the Billy Idol look-a-like contest!  You win Heather!

We laugh like this even when we aren't being silly girls on the dance floor!

Me, Heather, Rachel, Shannon, Laurie, Jennifer (and baby E!)

Thanks for another good memory girls!

And thanks to my husband for initiating the surprise planning and for managing the kids while I went out with the girls.