Tuesday, May 11, 2010


while driving my kids to school....my daughter informing my son that "Mommy is getting in her older ages.".
(a response as a result of a broken promise secondary to mommy memory loss)

second-hand....my son informing his two grandmothers that his Papa "needs to take a chill pill".
(a response to Papa getting irritated that said grandson was drumming on the seat before him while waiting for sister's dance recital to begin)

second-hand....my son asking my mother to please "step out for a moment while he gets ready for bed".
(that coming from my son the streaker)

while sharing our night time moment together.....my son asking why "y'all (Mommy and Daddy) don't have to go to bed early like we (kids) do?".  my response, "Because we are grown-ups.".  my son's response, "oh yea, y'all can do whatever you want."  he continued to inform me that "God stays up all night."  my question, "Is that because He has to watch over everyone?"  his response, "Pretty much."

while making PW cinnamon rolls with my daughter on Sunday afternoon...."oh man, this is going to make a huge mess!"
(uh oh, do you think my mess-making anxieties are that transparent?!)


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Jenna said...

LOL! Too funny!