Sunday, May 15, 2011

Open for discussion

This is my attempt at creating a cleaner look and beginning the process of changing things up a bit.

I think I may have to have someone actually create a new look for me, but if you know how and can teach me online (yes, I'm looking at you Martie!), I am ready and willing to learn!


Friday, May 13, 2011


I miss my voice.

Oh, I still have one.

I just really really miss the one that talks here.

Facebook is quick and easy, but just not the same.

I have needed quick and easy these past few months, but at some point I HAVE to catch up here.

So please don't be surprised when I post about Christmas in July!

I tried to post a few times between February and now, but I got easily frustrated with our online being slow, Blogger being REALLY slow downloading pics, and lots going on around the homestead.

I continue to read my blogs all the time, but once again, I read them on my phone and fell behind commenting as well.

Anyway, I updated my blog to-do list for posts and hope to download some pics so I can try try again!

I need a magic wand!

Here is my teaser...Easter pics!