Thursday, May 31, 2007

Only $8.95 at Great Clips

This is so unrelated to anything, but I just have to say it out loud. I like to scroll quickly through 2 celebrity blogs each day. It catches me up on what the hubby likes to refer to as "that stuff that will rot your brain out" and is cheaper than buying People each week.

So, would someone PLEEEEASE tell these celebrities to TAKE.THEIR.BOYS.FOR.A.HAIRCUT! It is driving me mad. Kate, Julia, Celine (and whoever else I am forgetting)- I am not saying you have to go military and all, but just do something before I send a dress with a matching bow. They can't really think their boys look good with that obnoxiously long hair, can they?

OK, I feel better now!

I will be mad dashing around tomorrow preparing for our beach trip and getting ready to go get the kids Friday evening. They are counting the days; Luke wanting to know when "Mommy come to home." and Anysa wanting every minute of her allotted days there alone before we crash her party!

More stories later of their adventures this week, my accomplishments, and our trip!


p.s. Bangs did great today and I had my first big reveal to people outside of my home with positive feedback! Yea!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bang, Bang

Hard to believe my week is half over! I can tell you already that I am WAY too attached to the cleanliness and organization around here. I think I am in love, but know like many times before, my heart will just get broken again!

So far, I/we have:

* Eaten out twice
* Spent a full day scrubbing spots, vacuuming with a Rainbow, and steam cleaning all the carpet in our house. I am preparing now for the "can't eat in the living room" battle. I have attempted in the past, but vow to be strong this time. I may allow water and dry goods only.
* Hung out with my friends down at the DPS in order to renew my license that MIGHT have still stated I lived in Lewisville even though I have lived in Keller almost 4 years and MIGHT have expired this past January. Kids, people, kids! Anyway, it wasn't bad. I went before work yesterday and waited an hour, only to be horrified when I had to take a new picture (pre-haircut appt.). I thought they just used the old picture if you wanted.
* Scheduled kids' dentist appts, my haircut appt, Luke's follow-up T&A appt, Luke's 3 year old check up appt. while waiting for my number at the DPS.
* Started the back yard purging before the black clouds rolled in- TBC!
* Purged, organized, and cleaned Anysa's room, Luke's room, Play room, and Living room.
* Scheduled a drop off of the good used stuff. I usually take everything to the local goodwill center (because I REFUSE to do a garage sale!), but a friend of mine works at Bryan's House in Dallas and they could use the things. It will be good to share and catch up with her!


* finally got my hair cut!
Just so you know, it was bad. In fact, my hair gal and I joke about how long it will be before we see each other the next time. I got my hair cut back in January and when I left yesterday, she said she hoped to see me before August. Uh, knowing me, it could be Halloween if not Thanksgiving. Now, I have been lamenting about my hair for weeks; should I cut it off, should I color it, should I get bangs? I knew I was going in for some major work, so decisions were important. Although I had seriously considered a very short do, I decided to keep length and just get a lot of good texture with some great blonde highlights, and........BANGS! Yep, it has been about 10 years and I thought I would never do it again, but Reese is so cute and all! LOVE the cut, LOVE the blonde, the jury is still out on the bangs. I can't decide if it is that I am not used to them, they don't really look good on me, or if I need more of them. What I do know is that my friends better tell me the truth (which I know they will, but this comes from a conversation with my hubby about friends and truth which I will share later!)! Hubby liked the hair, mostly the blonde and keeping the length part (referring to the bangs as reminding him of high school-thanks!) until he checked online banking and discovered the cost. If you are a woman and have ever gotten your hair cut and gotten highlights at the same time, you roughly know the cost. I know we could have used the money for necessities like food and toilet paper, but in my defense:

* I get my hair cut maybe once every 4-6 months!
* I have been dousing my hair with color from a box the last 2 years!
* I was paying for a service where I actually walk away with something unlike, say golf, where you pay to do the work!

I must return to my to-do list!

Stay dry!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

What is that you hear?

NOTHING! Yes, the sound of nothing. That is until I put on a little Bon Jovi in about 5 minutes!

We did slow down as we opened the car door and threw the bags on the grass and made the kids jump out at their grandparents' house. Oh seriously, we stayed a few days to get them settled and then Anysa practically begged us to leave so she could start having some fun.

Much more later as my week progresses. Must get back to purging my house without wailing from the kids that I am tossing their favorite toy in the whole world that likely says "Made in China" on the back and came straight from a Happy Meal!

Rock on!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Random Updates

Anysa's eyemask- In the flurry of typing fingers, I can't believe I forgot to tell the funniest part which is, YES, Anysa requested that I still leave her closet light on even while she was wearing the mask! Silly girl! And thanks for the reminder question Jenna!

Shopping- Ok, if I am going to share my glory road stories, then I guess I have to share the blunders as well. When Luke attached himself to the bicycle at the resale shop and I saw it was only $5 ($4.99 to be exact), I thought how could I really go wrong. I even called my husband twice for a review of the bike. And even though the bike was clearly marked with a label that said "NO BRAKES", somehow my mind kept interpreting that as "NO TRAINING WHEELS". Surely, you can see how easily I could have misread the label as the words were so similar and all! In my defense, I did have two children in a cramped shopping environment AND we had had many conversations in the previous days with Anysa about removing the training wheels from her big bike. I was just confused. Anyhoo, needless to say, Luke did not end up keeping the bike and I had to give in to the fact that I have probably spent $5 on worse things.

Luke did get a new pre-surgery, big boy, Spiderman bike that will last him beyond the training wheels years thanks to his Daddy who felt sorry that he was going under the knife the next day. And best of all, it matches his Spiderman scooter perfectly. Sorta like matching shoes and a purse!


Friday, May 18, 2007

Have Band Aids, Will Find Boo Boo's

Like many of you, we are band-aid or "dand-aid" central around here! So go over to to enter to win a 1 YEAR'S SUPPLY OF BAND AIDS from Nexcare-that is 45 boxes people!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A $10 Shopping Spree for Shoes! was $9.57! But more about that later!

The kids and I had a fun day. We started out at Anysa's Little Gym performance program where she did wonderfully! Luke was so excited that he actually got to enter through the holy glass doors! He did great staying with me and letting me record Anysa while he copied some of their wiggle moves from the sidelines. What was most exciting for Anysa is that our friend Pam and her two older daughters (who my children absolutely adore-oh, and you too Pam!) were able to come by for part of it.

Then we headed over for free ice cream-right after we ate lunch! While the kids played, we chatted.

I thought I was just on my way straight home when I was passing the resale shop and saw this,


So I quickly calculated the cost of my headache from taking 2 kids with me into a relatively crowded resale shop vs actually purchasing at retail the shoes I might find inside and well, the shoes were the better bargain!

Soooooooo, 7 pairs of shoes and 1 new bicycle later, we headed out the door for under $10. Uh, did I mention buying Luke a "new" bike for $5? Ok, I know he is perfectly happy riding sister's old girly bike, but I thought for only $5, I could make him so happy with a black and red bike. It's not perfect, but it was only $5!

Now we are home with one watching a movie and one sleeping. Guess I should actually clean the kitchen!

And don't forget to support your local resale shops where the money is used for good causes. You both benefit!


Monday, May 14, 2007

And this is why Mommy takes happy pills

Two nights ago while in the middle of bedtime routine, I was reading to Luke while we were both sitting against the wall on his bed. Anysa came in to get what she likes to call a "huggie and a kissie", when she jumped up on the bed, looked at my midsection and said,

"Mommy, your tummy looks like you have a baby in it."

Followed by,
my husband snorting from in the other room.

And THAT is exactly why I did 100 sit ups (or maybe 75), 30 triceps, and 30 push ups in between flipping pancakes this morning. And why I refuse to even attempt buying a new bathing suit until after the Power Body Wrap.

AND no, there is NOT a baby in my tummy. Just chocolate chips and LOTS of PMS bloating.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!


Near the end of March, we surprised the kids with tickets for Disney Princess on Ice. Other than the torrential downpour on the way there and while walking to the show, it was a great experience. I made both of them dress up but did not tell them until we got there exactly what we were doing. They loved it! And we enjoyed it too because it was just enough entertainment within a great timeframe. We did have to shield their eyes and practically sprint while going through the lobby for fear they would be hyponotized by the bright lights and loud noises coming from the vendors, but somehow we made through the event without buying more than a large Sprite.

One day I peeked in on the kids to find them playing pretend in Luke's room. Upon checking on them a short while later, I found this! I realize it is hard to grasp the fullness of what had transpired, but basically they had decided to have a "SALE". They had taken EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM they could carry from Luke's room and transported all of it to Anysa's room. Believe me, the picture comes no where close to show casing their work and the cause of my horror and disbelief! I ran out of film, otherwise you could see how desolate Luke's room looked! I literally had to stop Anysa from moving his mattress off of his bed!

The beginning of summer!

Luke was not to be left out of the new sleeping arrangement and had me fashion him an eye mask as well!

Anysa typically wakes up like a zombie while Luke alternates between VERY grouchy or VERY energetic and mischievous. This face he is making is so typical for him!

My grandmother and the kids' great-grandmother or better known as Memaw, came to stay with us for a few days. I think she really enjoyed being here and the kids had no problem keeping her entertained. I was lucky enough to grow up with my great-grandparents (my Dad's grandparents) for many years. We lost Granny when I was around 16 and I got 26 years with my Grandpa! He was 100 when he passed away and was so healthy and full of life until the end when he was at the hospital. I could go on and on, but will save it for another day! I am glad my kids get to do the same!

Easter 2007


These pictures of Anysa make both laugh and honestly want to cry. The first one is so funny to me because for over a year, Anysa has contributed to our high electric bill due to the fact that she refuses to sleep at night without a light on. Not a little ole' night light for a nice glow, but either a regular lamp or her closet light on with the door no LESS than halfway open. That is a lot of light in her room! This has lessened her nightly wake-up calls that I used to endure. Anyway, a few weeks ago I desparately needed to get the kids some summer pj's and for the most part I can no longer shop for Anysa in the "T" section. So, I found her a cute ensemble that included a gown, shorts, tshirt, and this lovely eye mask. I thought she would find it amusing for awhile, but little did I know! The girl slept with it on for at least several days! The same girl that is afraid of the dark AND has to sleep with major lighting EVERY.NIGHT! Too funny! The other pic isn't that great (thanks to our ailing camera), but it just shows me how really grown up she is becoming (grown up for a 5 year old!). When I started a "potty chart" for Luke where he could earn check-marks and treats, she wanted in on the bounty. So, we came up with making her bed several days a week. She did this all by herself from watching me in the past. I am so proud of her!


Luke will turn 3 in June and I can hardly believe it! He is SO BOY but has obviously heeded well the fashion advice of his sister. Between his sister and I, we will make sure he is a great catch one day. She can take care of style, I will work on household skills, and of course Daddy will make sure he knows all about sports, cars, and mechanical things! These pictures of him crack me up. First, I purposely took the one of him in the baseball jersey and pink heels. Daddy is all into getting him prepped for AggieLand & just wanted to document his early sense of fashion with one of Mommy's favorite pairs of shoes. By the looks of what he has in his hands, he has just as hard a time deciding as Mommy does sometimes. Second, is me documenting our progress since April. In actuality, he does not even use the little potty chair anymore (thank goodness), instead opting for the real deal. I am so proud of him. He has mastered daytime "teetee" and is at about 75% for the other. He is pretty much in underwear except for outings or school/church. I really think I am about ready to brave public outings without a pull up. Oh, and do you like how he is incorporating a typical male past time in the bathroom while also demonstrating his love of the 80's with a little Michael Jackson throwback via the one glove!

Hugs & Kisses- I love you both so much!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Thinking

My mind is wandering so you might need a map to keep up with my thoughts and not get lost!

We scheduled Luke's T&A surgery for Friday, May 18th. I am so ready and know this will be so good for him. Anysa benefitted quite a bit from her surgery when she was 3 in terms of breathing better and sleeping better. Luke's issues are those as well as saliva overload and articulation. The recovery stinks (literally if you know that they have BAD breath for at least a week after surgery!!) because it is a painful recovery compared to just having one's adnoids out. Hopefully, with lots of popsiscles and liquids- and pain meds- we will all survive!

I am starting to get giddy about the kids spending a week with grandparents in a couple of weeks! Don't worry, they will not miss us a bit- ok, maybe a little. But what with a tractor to ride, a pond to throw rocks in, fish to catch, dirt to dig, motorized vehicles to drive, good food to eat, and just good 'ole grandparent spoiling to be had.......who can blame them for talking about it for at least the last month. For me, it means 3 days of being at home (oops, 2 days since hubby will be off on Memorial Day) alone and getting stuff done! There will be a full-on decluttering and cleaning of the house, sewing for my friend Golda, preparing for Luke's 3rd bd party, and a little "me" pampering. My friend Pam and I are going to go get one of those Power Body Wraps!!! She has a GC and I have a coupon. I may even get a little mani/pedi for my upcoming trip to the beach. Oh, and I!!! It is about as non-manageable as I can stand. Belated mother's day gifts for me!! If you want to know more about this body wrap thing, go to

And if all that wasn't enough, I may even get a great night out (or in, we haven't decided) with my girlfriends that is long overdue!

I was thinking about discussing my children today, but have decided to wait until I get my new pics back tonight and share some thoughts about each of them individually with the pictures!

It is SO.THAT.TIME! You know...THAT TIME. My body is running dangerous low on estrogen and progesterone and oh so high with that stuff I can't remember how to spell right now. All I know is I am the perfect "Wanted" picture, guilty of low frustration tolerance, frequent mood swings, extreme fatigue, decreased mental alertness, intense back pain, intestinal eruptions, numerous volcanoes waiting to explode on my face, and EATING.EVERY.THING.IN.MY.HOUSE! It is such perfect timing that my new shipment of B12 and St. John's Wort is arriving on my door step today! Just trying to get through this lovely week only to enjoy the eagerly anticipated week of...well, you know womanhood and using more papergoods than one person should be allowed. However, just to add a little humor, check out this at Yea,not really for me either but it is a nice thought for those of us doing our best to be environmentally-sound and health-conscious.

So, I am off to bath kids, put dinner on the table, distribute sleep-inducing medication to the children, go for a run, encourage hubby to go to bed, and then FINALLY collapse on the couch to watch a highly recommended movie from my movie-expert friend Kim called The Holiday.

Good Night!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Fun Things to Win for Mother's Day!


Just click on the button and enter away! So far, the contests include:

An Apple iPod Nano (4 GB) & chocolate gift set

A handmade Mei Tai baby carrier by All Natural Mommies

Book- "Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover- The Six Week Plan to Completely Transform Your Home, Health, Family, and Life."

Jewelry from Designing Diva- choose either one of the necklace and earring sets or a $75 gift certificate with free shipping

A set of 100 Mommy Cards by Fruition Designs (cute calling cards for moms!)

A $40 GC cute jewelry from Alli's Originals (and she will pay for tax and shipping!)

More to come!

The rhythm is gonna get ya, rhythm is gonna get ya...

a heart attack!

Let me state up front, with complete honesty, and without hesitation that I have never been what you might call a runner. We all know them, I am just not one of them. It just gives me horrible junior high flashbacks of basketball practice. The running around the gym non-stop for 20 minutes like hamsters in a cage. Not to mention the bleacher jumpsquats and the wall sits!! Partner that with bad hair and bad skin and you have got yourself a trip to therapy!!

Give me a good aerobics class or a little Billy Blanks any day!

So while enjoying casual conversation with my girls over coffee 2 weeks ago, Jen mentioned how she was going to start running and had already been fitted for her new shoes. And me being all healthy these days while drinking my pomegranate tea to wash down the remains of my Wendy's "chicken" sandwich that I had eaten in the car said, "Hey, email me that info.".

My brain must be in wheatgerm and flax seed overload as I have been dumping it into my family's meals the last few weeks because I.AM.NUTS! My dietary quest for health has somehow invaded my previous logic that I have no business running.

Nevertheless, I am. Started the Couch to 5K 2 Friday nights ago. I mean really, how hard could it be. You only "run" 3 days a week and the first week only consists of a brisk 5 minute walk to warm up followed by alternating between 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. Heck, the runner's high was so good I decided to go for Day 2! After upgrading myself from the Barbie 12 Dancing Princesses Chime Watch to a fancy pink $7.97 number with a stopwatch feature from Wal-Mart and adding some shoe inserts, I was set.

There is oxygen going to muscles I didn't even remember I had! And of course, my feet and shins are a little sensitive right now. Even my shoulders and arms are sore because I am trying to get an extra arm workout in during the walking portion.

On top of wanting to impress my "runner" friends, I just found out we got our Galveston trip confirmed. Our 3 day, 2 night, lodging-free, on-the-beach because Curtis & I listened to a 45-minute presentation trip! With kids, you can't beat anything free!! We had a 4-day cruise as well but couldn't make it worth into our schedule before the deadline- oh well!!

Soooooooo, bathing suit drama (or trauma) is looming as well!!! That means I better add sit-ups and push-ups to my off days.

Off the exercise!!