Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!


Near the end of March, we surprised the kids with tickets for Disney Princess on Ice. Other than the torrential downpour on the way there and while walking to the show, it was a great experience. I made both of them dress up but did not tell them until we got there exactly what we were doing. They loved it! And we enjoyed it too because it was just enough entertainment within a great timeframe. We did have to shield their eyes and practically sprint while going through the lobby for fear they would be hyponotized by the bright lights and loud noises coming from the vendors, but somehow we made through the event without buying more than a large Sprite.

One day I peeked in on the kids to find them playing pretend in Luke's room. Upon checking on them a short while later, I found this! I realize it is hard to grasp the fullness of what had transpired, but basically they had decided to have a "SALE". They had taken EVERY.SINGLE.ITEM they could carry from Luke's room and transported all of it to Anysa's room. Believe me, the picture comes no where close to show casing their work and the cause of my horror and disbelief! I ran out of film, otherwise you could see how desolate Luke's room looked! I literally had to stop Anysa from moving his mattress off of his bed!

The beginning of summer!

Luke was not to be left out of the new sleeping arrangement and had me fashion him an eye mask as well!

Anysa typically wakes up like a zombie while Luke alternates between VERY grouchy or VERY energetic and mischievous. This face he is making is so typical for him!

My grandmother and the kids' great-grandmother or better known as Memaw, came to stay with us for a few days. I think she really enjoyed being here and the kids had no problem keeping her entertained. I was lucky enough to grow up with my great-grandparents (my Dad's grandparents) for many years. We lost Granny when I was around 16 and I got 26 years with my Grandpa! He was 100 when he passed away and was so healthy and full of life until the end when he was at the hospital. I could go on and on, but will save it for another day! I am glad my kids get to do the same!

Easter 2007


These pictures of Anysa make both laugh and honestly want to cry. The first one is so funny to me because for over a year, Anysa has contributed to our high electric bill due to the fact that she refuses to sleep at night without a light on. Not a little ole' night light for a nice glow, but either a regular lamp or her closet light on with the door no LESS than halfway open. That is a lot of light in her room! This has lessened her nightly wake-up calls that I used to endure. Anyway, a few weeks ago I desparately needed to get the kids some summer pj's and for the most part I can no longer shop for Anysa in the "T" section. So, I found her a cute ensemble that included a gown, shorts, tshirt, and this lovely eye mask. I thought she would find it amusing for awhile, but little did I know! The girl slept with it on for at least several days! The same girl that is afraid of the dark AND has to sleep with major lighting EVERY.NIGHT! Too funny! The other pic isn't that great (thanks to our ailing camera), but it just shows me how really grown up she is becoming (grown up for a 5 year old!). When I started a "potty chart" for Luke where he could earn check-marks and treats, she wanted in on the bounty. So, we came up with making her bed several days a week. She did this all by herself from watching me in the past. I am so proud of her!


Luke will turn 3 in June and I can hardly believe it! He is SO BOY but has obviously heeded well the fashion advice of his sister. Between his sister and I, we will make sure he is a great catch one day. She can take care of style, I will work on household skills, and of course Daddy will make sure he knows all about sports, cars, and mechanical things! These pictures of him crack me up. First, I purposely took the one of him in the baseball jersey and pink heels. Daddy is all into getting him prepped for AggieLand & just wanted to document his early sense of fashion with one of Mommy's favorite pairs of shoes. By the looks of what he has in his hands, he has just as hard a time deciding as Mommy does sometimes. Second, is me documenting our progress since April. In actuality, he does not even use the little potty chair anymore (thank goodness), instead opting for the real deal. I am so proud of him. He has mastered daytime "teetee" and is at about 75% for the other. He is pretty much in underwear except for outings or school/church. I really think I am about ready to brave public outings without a pull up. Oh, and do you like how he is incorporating a typical male past time in the bathroom while also demonstrating his love of the 80's with a little Michael Jackson throwback via the one glove!

Hugs & Kisses- I love you both so much!


Jenna said...

Great pictures!!! I love the eye mask story. Do you still have to leave the light on when she wears the eye mask?

jennjo3 said...

Love the pics! The eye mask is great!