Monday, May 28, 2007

What is that you hear?

NOTHING! Yes, the sound of nothing. That is until I put on a little Bon Jovi in about 5 minutes!

We did slow down as we opened the car door and threw the bags on the grass and made the kids jump out at their grandparents' house. Oh seriously, we stayed a few days to get them settled and then Anysa practically begged us to leave so she could start having some fun.

Much more later as my week progresses. Must get back to purging my house without wailing from the kids that I am tossing their favorite toy in the whole world that likely says "Made in China" on the back and came straight from a Happy Meal!

Rock on!!


Golda said...

Oh sweet silence....will I ever hear you again? Give Bon Jovi my love and have a great week!

Jennifer H. said...

I am so jealous!

Jenna said...

My kids are gone for a few days too. The peace, the quiet, the many jobs that still don't get done! Have fun!

Jennifer said...

What a great feeling! I know that I have mixed emotions when my boys are gone. I love and hate the silence all at the same time. Enjoy the quiet!