Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bang, Bang

Hard to believe my week is half over! I can tell you already that I am WAY too attached to the cleanliness and organization around here. I think I am in love, but know like many times before, my heart will just get broken again!

So far, I/we have:

* Eaten out twice
* Spent a full day scrubbing spots, vacuuming with a Rainbow, and steam cleaning all the carpet in our house. I am preparing now for the "can't eat in the living room" battle. I have attempted in the past, but vow to be strong this time. I may allow water and dry goods only.
* Hung out with my friends down at the DPS in order to renew my license that MIGHT have still stated I lived in Lewisville even though I have lived in Keller almost 4 years and MIGHT have expired this past January. Kids, people, kids! Anyway, it wasn't bad. I went before work yesterday and waited an hour, only to be horrified when I had to take a new picture (pre-haircut appt.). I thought they just used the old picture if you wanted.
* Scheduled kids' dentist appts, my haircut appt, Luke's follow-up T&A appt, Luke's 3 year old check up appt. while waiting for my number at the DPS.
* Started the back yard purging before the black clouds rolled in- TBC!
* Purged, organized, and cleaned Anysa's room, Luke's room, Play room, and Living room.
* Scheduled a drop off of the good used stuff. I usually take everything to the local goodwill center (because I REFUSE to do a garage sale!), but a friend of mine works at Bryan's House in Dallas and they could use the things. It will be good to share and catch up with her!


* finally got my hair cut!
Just so you know, it was bad. In fact, my hair gal and I joke about how long it will be before we see each other the next time. I got my hair cut back in January and when I left yesterday, she said she hoped to see me before August. Uh, knowing me, it could be Halloween if not Thanksgiving. Now, I have been lamenting about my hair for weeks; should I cut it off, should I color it, should I get bangs? I knew I was going in for some major work, so decisions were important. Although I had seriously considered a very short do, I decided to keep length and just get a lot of good texture with some great blonde highlights, and........BANGS! Yep, it has been about 10 years and I thought I would never do it again, but Reese is so cute and all! LOVE the cut, LOVE the blonde, the jury is still out on the bangs. I can't decide if it is that I am not used to them, they don't really look good on me, or if I need more of them. What I do know is that my friends better tell me the truth (which I know they will, but this comes from a conversation with my hubby about friends and truth which I will share later!)! Hubby liked the hair, mostly the blonde and keeping the length part (referring to the bangs as reminding him of high school-thanks!) until he checked online banking and discovered the cost. If you are a woman and have ever gotten your hair cut and gotten highlights at the same time, you roughly know the cost. I know we could have used the money for necessities like food and toilet paper, but in my defense:

* I get my hair cut maybe once every 4-6 months!
* I have been dousing my hair with color from a box the last 2 years!
* I was paying for a service where I actually walk away with something unlike, say golf, where you pay to do the work!

I must return to my to-do list!

Stay dry!!


Jennifer H. said...

Have I mentioned how jealous I am?? I can't wait to see your hair! Will you be at church tonight? Hope so! I've been attempting to purge the playroom and Kaylee's room between Nolan's feedings and wake time today. I will really be happy when he makes it longer between feedings!

Oh, I am repeating week 3 of C25K this week. I didn't feel confident enough to go on to week 4. I MAY even repeat it again next week. I didn't finish the last 3 minute run today.

Jenna said...

Sounds like you are accomplishing a lot! You should post a picture of the new haircut!

shinsley said...

Reassure your hubby that his bank account could be in far worse shape. I do the hair thing every 6-8 weeks, have started pedicures every other month, and signed up for mystic tan last week so I can be tan-fabulous through summer! My next nurturing endeavor, will likely be a massage. So my advice to you is spoil yourself as much as you can. We women certainly work hard enough to deserve it!