Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A $10 Shopping Spree for Shoes! was $9.57! But more about that later!

The kids and I had a fun day. We started out at Anysa's Little Gym performance program where she did wonderfully! Luke was so excited that he actually got to enter through the holy glass doors! He did great staying with me and letting me record Anysa while he copied some of their wiggle moves from the sidelines. What was most exciting for Anysa is that our friend Pam and her two older daughters (who my children absolutely adore-oh, and you too Pam!) were able to come by for part of it.

Then we headed over for free ice cream-right after we ate lunch! While the kids played, we chatted.

I thought I was just on my way straight home when I was passing the resale shop and saw this,


So I quickly calculated the cost of my headache from taking 2 kids with me into a relatively crowded resale shop vs actually purchasing at retail the shoes I might find inside and well, the shoes were the better bargain!

Soooooooo, 7 pairs of shoes and 1 new bicycle later, we headed out the door for under $10. Uh, did I mention buying Luke a "new" bike for $5? Ok, I know he is perfectly happy riding sister's old girly bike, but I thought for only $5, I could make him so happy with a black and red bike. It's not perfect, but it was only $5!

Now we are home with one watching a movie and one sleeping. Guess I should actually clean the kitchen!

And don't forget to support your local resale shops where the money is used for good causes. You both benefit!


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