Monday, May 14, 2007

And this is why Mommy takes happy pills

Two nights ago while in the middle of bedtime routine, I was reading to Luke while we were both sitting against the wall on his bed. Anysa came in to get what she likes to call a "huggie and a kissie", when she jumped up on the bed, looked at my midsection and said,

"Mommy, your tummy looks like you have a baby in it."

Followed by,
my husband snorting from in the other room.

And THAT is exactly why I did 100 sit ups (or maybe 75), 30 triceps, and 30 push ups in between flipping pancakes this morning. And why I refuse to even attempt buying a new bathing suit until after the Power Body Wrap.

AND no, there is NOT a baby in my tummy. Just chocolate chips and LOTS of PMS bloating.


Jenna said...

I feel your pain.

Jennifer H. said...

I did a body wrap a few years ago before my high school reunion. I lost 4 inches total. I did it at a different place, though.

Jennifer said...

Hudson has asked me the same thing. Nice. What a better way to boost your self esteem?