Friday, May 11, 2007

Free Thinking

My mind is wandering so you might need a map to keep up with my thoughts and not get lost!

We scheduled Luke's T&A surgery for Friday, May 18th. I am so ready and know this will be so good for him. Anysa benefitted quite a bit from her surgery when she was 3 in terms of breathing better and sleeping better. Luke's issues are those as well as saliva overload and articulation. The recovery stinks (literally if you know that they have BAD breath for at least a week after surgery!!) because it is a painful recovery compared to just having one's adnoids out. Hopefully, with lots of popsiscles and liquids- and pain meds- we will all survive!

I am starting to get giddy about the kids spending a week with grandparents in a couple of weeks! Don't worry, they will not miss us a bit- ok, maybe a little. But what with a tractor to ride, a pond to throw rocks in, fish to catch, dirt to dig, motorized vehicles to drive, good food to eat, and just good 'ole grandparent spoiling to be had.......who can blame them for talking about it for at least the last month. For me, it means 3 days of being at home (oops, 2 days since hubby will be off on Memorial Day) alone and getting stuff done! There will be a full-on decluttering and cleaning of the house, sewing for my friend Golda, preparing for Luke's 3rd bd party, and a little "me" pampering. My friend Pam and I are going to go get one of those Power Body Wraps!!! She has a GC and I have a coupon. I may even get a little mani/pedi for my upcoming trip to the beach. Oh, and I!!! It is about as non-manageable as I can stand. Belated mother's day gifts for me!! If you want to know more about this body wrap thing, go to

And if all that wasn't enough, I may even get a great night out (or in, we haven't decided) with my girlfriends that is long overdue!

I was thinking about discussing my children today, but have decided to wait until I get my new pics back tonight and share some thoughts about each of them individually with the pictures!

It is SO.THAT.TIME! You know...THAT TIME. My body is running dangerous low on estrogen and progesterone and oh so high with that stuff I can't remember how to spell right now. All I know is I am the perfect "Wanted" picture, guilty of low frustration tolerance, frequent mood swings, extreme fatigue, decreased mental alertness, intense back pain, intestinal eruptions, numerous volcanoes waiting to explode on my face, and EATING.EVERY.THING.IN.MY.HOUSE! It is such perfect timing that my new shipment of B12 and St. John's Wort is arriving on my door step today! Just trying to get through this lovely week only to enjoy the eagerly anticipated week of...well, you know womanhood and using more papergoods than one person should be allowed. However, just to add a little humor, check out this at Yea,not really for me either but it is a nice thought for those of us doing our best to be environmentally-sound and health-conscious.

So, I am off to bath kids, put dinner on the table, distribute sleep-inducing medication to the children, go for a run, encourage hubby to go to bed, and then FINALLY collapse on the couch to watch a highly recommended movie from my movie-expert friend Kim called The Holiday.

Good Night!


Jennifer H. said...

I am so glad Luke is having the surgery. Dr. Murray is great! Yes, the girl's night is way overdue. What about Kenny? Is that still an option?? Okay, I think I am going to have to repeat week 2 of C25K unless I can run tomorrow morning. It was raining one morning and this morning I fed Nolan and then went right back to sleep. My allergies were driving my eyes crazy and I knew I couldn't put my contacts in and if I tried to run with my glasses, they would have flewn right off my face!! Excuses, excuses!!

Jenna said...

Grandparents are great!! Enjoy your time. I have a week coming up 2 with many decluttering and painting projects planned:) Good luck with Luke's surgery. The end result will be worth it.

Golda said...

Okay, I'm not gonna lie....I am so jealous that 1) you're getting your body wrap with Pam, and 2) that I'm not coming to the GNO. Never mind that it's likely impossible that I'd be able to, but nonetheless, I am jealous. Let me know how it goes!