Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh, you know you love it

I have too many things on my mind to really post coherently.

Thus my unplanned absence last week.

So, I will just ramble a few thoughts for the sake of memory keeping and save the good stuff (ha!) for another time.

* Last week, I was a "single" mom. All week. My poor husband had to endure some training all week. In Tucson. At a resort hotel. Eating out. In a room to himself. With full control of the remote. And with no little voices talking to him in the middle of the night. Can you feel his pain?

* My son came home with another paper marked all over with red ink. My 4 year old son. The director and I are about to have a little talk. I should probably talk to the teacher first and I do want to, but to be honest, she doesn't give off too many warm fuzzy feelings and I really just want to discuss it all with the director first. My hope is to present my concerns, offer some ideas, and elicit her help in the best way to approach the teacher as not to alienate our future relationship. See, I am not such a bad person.

* Our guinea pig is freaky. And stinky. Seriously, how does one small animal excrete so many little pellets in such a short time?!! It was so bad on Friday, that I finally had to clean out the whole cage myself. I usually reserve that job for my husband, but I just couldn't take it anymore. His favorite activity is to race around the cage and rearrange his "house".

* Meal planning has gone well so far. We start week 3 this week. I adjusted as needed the past two weeks according to any schedule changes that came up and left a few meals off while alone with the kids last week. Leftovers and church filled in the gaps. So, I haven't tried all the new recipes but will try to post more later about them as we try them. If you are using any of the plans, just know that I have already found a few mistakes with the shopping lists. I knew that rearranging them would do that, but just couldn't "see" the mistakes until I actually shopped for that week.

* Speaking of meal planning, I think the two things I love the most are the shopping lists and the crock pot! Love the crock pot meals!

* Which is why I was super bummed week before last when the handle on my crock pot lid broke off. Less than a year old it is! My dad still had the receipt and I was directed by our local merchant to contact the Rival company. They were really helpful and let me know what information they would need to send me a new unit. A new unit? Did I hear that correctly? I did say to the lady that I would be perfectly happy to just have the lid replaced as the actual pot was in fine condition. She made is pretty clear that I would likely get a whole new crock pot in the mail. We'll see! If that turns out to be the case, I am going to be in crock pot cooking heaven with TWO of those babies!

* One of the reasons I didn't post much last week, other than being busy, was my inability to say something nice so I just better not say anything at all! Work has been about as stinky as Tex's cage the last 3 weeks and I was having some ill feelings about church. Both of which I want to talk about, but will probably reserve all that until later.

* Mainly because I am working Monday-Thursday this week, then heading out of town on Thursday afternoon. My fil is helping me out with little man on my normal off days so I can help a coworker who needed to take care of a family emergency. Besides all of our normal routine stuff, I will need to get us all packed and the house prepped for our return on Sunday.

* The reason that is a big deal and makes me a little crazy, is that I am going to be seeing a lot of old friends this weekend, meeting my new niece and helping out my sister, and bringing my great-grandmother back home with us for the week. All good stuff, but that leaves me dealing with getting the house cleaned, thinking of all the things I need to do to help out, and most importantly, what in the world am I going to wear to make myself look as good as possible when I see everyone! Yikes!

I will probably be sporadic this week and next, but will try to check in when I can!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Pile

Do you have one?

I have about ONE MILLION of them!

Or at least that is what it feels like some days!

After unpacking and organizing the office this summer, I created a huge pile of papers that needed something done to them.

I am notorious for dog-earring magazines with ideas, products, websites that I want to remember. I am also one of those people that jots things down on scraps of paper. And then there was tons of contact information that needed put in the computer. A few pieces of memories were in this pile too.

With the rain all day on Saturday, I found a bit of time to FINALLY go through the pile!

I love the end product!

That is my office trashcan filled over the top!

Now grant it, I still have a pile to be filed from all this work I did, but at least I have a open cubby space in my computer table!

One of the funny things I found was an OLD list I made my senior year in college.

Let's LOL together!


To Remember:

John Butcher
The Call
Chris Rhea
Michael Penn
Roche Sisters

(I am assuming this is music I wanted to remember!)


Cortland Paul
Jory Cliff
Camelia Nicole
Britan Alise
Other- Colten, Kyle, Garrett, Ashley, Dillon, Cole, Harmony, Macee, Ann, Katlin, Dashnelle (really?!), Blaise, Claire, Chloe

(You know you made one of those "What I want to name my future kids." list too!)


Kite Flight, Easter Egg Hunt, Women in Crisis volunteers, Adopt Highway, Plant tree, Pledge Slave Day


Come Let Me Love You (John Denver)
There Is Love
I've Benn In Love With You
The Cousins Theme from Steel Magnolias

Make 2 wrap-around coats from magazine


I am not brave enough (yet!) to share my journals from junior high that I found!


Monday, September 15, 2008

She's here!

My niece arrived shortly before 1 pm today!

My sister had to wait and go in this morning, but once they got her started, she had an easy delivery with wonderful results!

She is around 7 pounds and 20 inches which makes her smaller than the other two and allowed my sister an easier time!

I can't wait to meet her in 2 weeks!


I am convinced it's a money-s*cking cult!

I don't even WANT to know how much money I actually spent last week!

ALL of it on school-related stuff!

Can't they at least spread it out and let us pretend!

Here is what I spent money on last week:

* A school t-shirt for son.
* A school t-shirt for dtr and myself. Yes, I needed one too for all the PTA events! Plus, won't we make a cute mother-daughter picture!
* Scholastic Book Fair to support dtr's school library.
* School pictures. Total rip-off! I just need ONE picture for her school album, but the cheapest pkg I could get for what I needed was $20!
* Computers for Education coupon booklet.

Oh this one was funny! My dtr had shared this wild story early last week about these super fancy sunglasses with music, a t-shirt, and a trip to Hawaii! I figured it was something she had seen on TV. Well, I was partially right! She had seen it on the BIG SCREEN TV in her cafeteria! It was a booklet you fill out with names/addresses of family and friends. They then send the coupon to them in hopes they purchase a magazine to support you.

I am thinking we will probably score the glow-in-the-dark Scooby Doo tshirt.

And the trip to Hawaii?

Well, it is actually a trip to Florida. But if we are lucky, they will draw our name! ;)

My friend Pam is probably going to laugh hysterically when she reads this! She has 4 kids and has been eagerly anticipating the day we all feel her pain! :)

While on the subject of kids, I thought I would share a few of their papers that came home last week.

Want to guess why this makes me want to pull my hair out?

This is my FOUR YEAR OLD son's paper he brought home last week. I thought he did a FABULOUS job! Is she serious?!! He can't even read what her note and the sticker say! Don't think I won't talk about this come parent-"teacher" conference time!

This is my 6 year old daughter's first practice spelling test. It is hard to tell, but the one she got wrong was because she used a capital "P" instead of a lower-case "p". I realize that learning about that stuff is important, but not in this case. I would have had an issue if this had been her real test. Spelling should be about spelling! Thankfully, she did indeed make a 100 on her real test the next day!

Hey, maybe I could just throw some more money to the schools and bribe the teachers to give my kids perfect scores all the time!

Yes, I know! It is only the beginning!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

I don't usually post on the weekends, but I would love to ask a little favor.

My younger sister is checking into the hospital at midnight in order to start labor and hopefully, have a new sweet baby girl come Monday.

The last time she labored it was a little rougher and they are hoping for an easier time this round by doing things a bit different. She has two energetic kids at home and needs to recover quickly so she can love on the new baby and resume being Mom to her other kids.

Would you mind saying a quick prayer for my sister, the health of the baby, and for an uncomplicated delivery?


I will let you know when I know!


Friday, September 12, 2008


I thought I had forgotten to save these pictures before my portrait package expired.

I was so sad.

I found them!

I am so happy!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Watch your back, John Travolta!

Near the end of summer, my kids decided to take the stage one early morning.

I should have video taped!

There are some serious moves going on here!

All to a little Boyz In The Sink playing in the background.

I don't know what it is about wood floors that has caused my son to channel a break dance spirit from the 80's.

Since moving here, he will find any opportunity to bust a move!

Seriously, there are days that my husband walks in and he says, "Hey Daddy, watch my moves?".

Oh dear!

Waiting for his musical cue

Can't you just visualize the swift leg moves my girl is doing in the background?!

I had the giggles all day after this one!


Now where is my list?!


Pay attention!

Your dreams have come true!

A very smart mommy over at List Mama Blog has created the ultimate LIST of LISTS!

Seriously, check out ListPlanIt!

For less than $10 every 3 months, you have full-access to over 350 lists!

I am tingling all over!

Best part?

Does Mommy Love It? reviewed it, loved it, and is now giving away a quarter subscription!


I can't wait to win!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Keeping it real

Real ingredients, that is!!

Marcy at Stretching A Buck is having a fab Kiss My Face giveaway! Plus they are giving you a 30% discount off their products when you order using her discount code.

And before I forget! Again!

I won the yummiest fruit and nut bars

from Noelle at

We got Pecan Pie, Cherry Pie, Key Lime Pie, and Apple Pie! My son enjoyed them and I LOVED them! My picky husband and dtr are another story!

Each bar is JUST made of fruits and nuts, with 6 or less ingredients per bar!




Martie sent me this super fun tag!

That girl must know me better than she thinks because I love any excuse to post pictures!

And bless her heart! She tagged me right after I had just finished cleaning my house!

I kid you not!

Thank you Jesus!

And Martie!

The rules of the game are that you have to take pictures of the following things, just as they appear at the time of being tagged. No straightening, no cleaning, and no making your kids look cute! Then tag someone else (preferably more than one person).

1. Fridge

2. Closet (mine)

3. Kitchen Sink (FlyLady would be so proud!)

4. Bathroom (Kid's bathroom~ love the new animal print rug!)

5. Favorite Shoes

6. Favorite Room (This was a tough one! I chose my little alcove where I hung an unused curtain rod/clips to display kid stuff. I am going to add a chalkboard area on part of the opposite wall.)

7. Self-Portrait (Yes, I know the lighting is bad and I need to powder my nose, but I love my new haircut!)

The best part is tagging! OOOH, the voyeur in me is giddy! BTW, when I had to explain to my husband why I was running around the house taking pics, he quickly assumed that we're all just a bunch of nosey women.

Well, duh!

I tag:

Mommy Zabs
The Diaper Diaries
Mommy Cracked
Someone Being Me

I know the list looks familiar, but I couldn't help myself!

I can't wait!


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Enough for everyone

Over the past several weeks, I have had all kinds of bloggy love sent my way!

And since I get to share, I couldn't think of a better way than to gather up all the love and toss it into the air with one big gesture of admiration!

If you end up keeping count, I get to share love with 27 people!

Thank goodness! I hate the pressure of choosing!

Sadly, I am sure I will still accidentally leave someone out that I adore!

Don't hate me! I love you too!

So, here goes all my admiration to 27 fellow bloggers I love!

And of course, these are in no particular order nor is anyone dedicated to a particular award other than that I went down my list and plugged you in line!

I love you all equally!

Just like my children! ;)

Tanya made me blush big time when she attached my name to THREE awards last week! Her words were so very kind and I ditto them back to her 10x10! It is so nice to develop friendship outside of the regular commenting we do.

She gave me this and I get to pass it along to 10 more people!

Chronicles of a Night Owl Jennifer is one I will talk some more about down below, but I wanted her included in the fun! Don't forget to check out her craft blog and little shop!
Gathering Grace Jennifer has been such an inspiration to me over this last year. Her thoughtful posts and encouraging words mean so much to me.
Gather at the River Jennifer is my dear friend who I miss so so much! Along with all my other girls back "home"!
Mom 2 Hudson and Cooper Jennifer loves to share pictures as much as I do! She tells great stories and shares good ideas!
The Wilson Six Jennifer is so talented and makes so many cute things. Check her out!

(Notice a pattern! I had to lump them all together because it was just too funny not to! I can always count on my "Jennifers"!!)

Life with 4 Boys Jenna is my friend and lives life with 4 boys! Five if you count her husband! Go have a girls' night out, friend!
Happy Chaps Cindy is a fellow Texas buddy and will be adding to our population in a few months! Yea!
Simple Life at Home Lori, well I can't say enough about her! She is kind and encouraging. She always shares wonderful thoughts about her life and her family. She is living in a far away land right now, so go give her some love!
The Big Yellow House Martie is my "Mom" hero! Seriously, she is a Super Mom! You can see and hear the joy she has for her family in every post!
Lots of Scotts J. is thoughtful, inspiring, and funny! Well, at least her 4 year old triplets are funny and that makes her funny! My son is the same age as hers, so it is always enlightening to share this time with her!

A Year of Crockpotting This woman is amazing! She is cooking out of her crock pots for 1 full year! Every meal! Plus they are healthy and gluten-free! Go find a good recipe to enjoy!
Ask Kari & Kijsa These sisters spread beauty to our homes and to our lives. They always have an idea to share!
The Lazy Organizer She always has an idea and a funny story to share!
Broomhuggers or Mudlark She spreads green-conscious ideas and good mom stories across her two blogs! I have saved lots of great ideas from her site!
Mommy Zabs Elizabeth is one of my favorite people that I have never met! She speaks straight from her heart, but with clarity from her head! When I visit Nashville, she is in my top 5 people to visit!

***These are the rules which must be posted:

This award was created by Memoirs of a Mommy. It’s a very special award that she created in Honor Of The Donor That Saved (her son) Noah’s Life. Noah received a heart transplant, and she hopes that by passing this award around the blogosphere everyone can help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.

The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog.

**All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipients to do the same**

The Diaper Diaries Funny stories, good ideas, inspiring words! You can't go wrong!
The Wooden Porch Lani makes me laugh! She always has a good story to share. I have enjoyed getting to know her better.
Will Blog for Shoes Bee's my girl! We seriously need to live closer together! Or maybe not-I can only imagine the trouble we might get into!
Busy Busy Mommy Kelli is always sharing her life with us. I so appreciate her honesty when sharing the ups and downs of raising a young man with some unique needs.
Family Faces Cyndy is one of my dear friend's mom! I actually get to see pics of the kids if I visit her ! ;) Plus she might even show you a great recipe!

Jennifer is another friend who loved on me several weeks ago! We have developed such a nice friendship outside of the standard commenting. I am blessed to know her!

The rules:

I have to pick 7 of my favorite blogs and…

1. The winner can put the logo on their blog

2. Link the person you received your award from

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the ones you’ve nominated.

Mission: Kim Possible Kimmy is a precious gal who I consider a friend. It doesn't matter that she lives in Canada and we have never met! And I doubt if the significance of why I stuck her down with this award is lost on her! Did you figure it out Kimmy?!!
Mel's World Melissa is just one of God's little, yet mighty, princess! She has blessed me so much with her many "talks" insired by God's Word!
Mommy Cracked This is one of my newer treats! She is always good for a funny tale or interesting thought!
Pink Peppermints Melissa is a creative soul! It is a hard fact to miss when you visit her! She hasn't posted in awhile, but she is so worth knowing!
Someone Being Me A fellow Texan who, despite never meeting, I just know would be a perfect companion for a pedicure and a margarita!!
As a parent, the days are long but the years are short Tanya could not be left out of the fun! I spoke of her at the beginning! I wouldn't blame her if she is too worn out to do this one too!
Sooner or Later Rachel is one of my dearest friends for over 20 years! I wouldn't even have adequate words to share what our friendship has meant to me over the years. She doesn't post much, but she is a must for my list!

I can't leave without mentioning a few hidden friends! Their blogs are private, so I can't link to them or reveal their true identity. Just know friends (and you know who you are!) that you deserve to be here also!