Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Martie sent me this super fun tag!

That girl must know me better than she thinks because I love any excuse to post pictures!

And bless her heart! She tagged me right after I had just finished cleaning my house!

I kid you not!

Thank you Jesus!

And Martie!

The rules of the game are that you have to take pictures of the following things, just as they appear at the time of being tagged. No straightening, no cleaning, and no making your kids look cute! Then tag someone else (preferably more than one person).

1. Fridge

2. Closet (mine)

3. Kitchen Sink (FlyLady would be so proud!)

4. Bathroom (Kid's bathroom~ love the new animal print rug!)

5. Favorite Shoes

6. Favorite Room (This was a tough one! I chose my little alcove where I hung an unused curtain rod/clips to display kid stuff. I am going to add a chalkboard area on part of the opposite wall.)

7. Self-Portrait (Yes, I know the lighting is bad and I need to powder my nose, but I love my new haircut!)

The best part is tagging! OOOH, the voyeur in me is giddy! BTW, when I had to explain to my husband why I was running around the house taking pics, he quickly assumed that we're all just a bunch of nosey women.

Well, duh!

I tag:

Mommy Zabs
The Diaper Diaries
Mommy Cracked
Someone Being Me

I know the list looks familiar, but I couldn't help myself!

I can't wait!



kel said...

Okay, I did this too. It was fun! My kitchen sink doesn't look nearly as pretty as yours does.

Cyndy said...

Thanks so much for the award yesterday!!!! I had a rough day at work yesterday, so it was really appreciated!!!!

Now, this tag. What can I say? It's kind of exciting, but pictures of my closet???? Oh dear, I may have to pick the neatest one, which will not be mine!!!! I store everything in there. And since the housekeeper was here on Monday, I crammed way too much in my closet! But this will be fun and I can't wait 'til I get home tonight to take the pictures.

Jennifer said...

LOVE your new haircut!

But SHOOT - you won't believe this. I can't take any pictures! My camera bit the dust and I'm on the hunt for a new one. I will try to do it with my cell phone camera, but I don't know how great the pictures will be.

Jennifer said...

oh no! My house is a wreck. Okay, I'll get to shooting and post them later.

texastanya said...

Oh, girl. I'm glad I cleaned my sink like you suggested yesterday! Of course there was lots of stuff to clean because I baked cookies last night.

Thanks for the Tag. This was fun! My pics are up at

Jenna said...

Stacey my friend, I LOVE you, but there is no way that I am doing this tag. My house is in shambles right now, and I am NOT going to share my shambles with the world. I just finished a super crazy summer (and I was behind on things when summer started). I am embarrassed for anybody to come into my house right now!! I am trying so hard to dig out, so after I finish digging, then I will complete the tag -maybe ;)

Anonymous said...

I was really in need of some bloggy fodder, but this may be taking it a bit far... my fridge? Are you crazy?


Mel's World said...

ACK..I MUST go "tidy" real quick...please!!!!

Be right back!

Mel's World said...

Oh shoot...I forgot to tell you that I am SO LOVING your new do!

thediaperdiaries said...

I know you are going to think this is a copout, but I seriously got a new camera and can't figure out how to upload pictures. I am going to see if I can do it this weekend.

Miss Notesy said...

Love the hair! My house is never that clean!!!!


jennjo3 said...

I will get to this soon . . . I promise!