Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh, you know you love it

I have too many things on my mind to really post coherently.

Thus my unplanned absence last week.

So, I will just ramble a few thoughts for the sake of memory keeping and save the good stuff (ha!) for another time.

* Last week, I was a "single" mom. All week. My poor husband had to endure some training all week. In Tucson. At a resort hotel. Eating out. In a room to himself. With full control of the remote. And with no little voices talking to him in the middle of the night. Can you feel his pain?

* My son came home with another paper marked all over with red ink. My 4 year old son. The director and I are about to have a little talk. I should probably talk to the teacher first and I do want to, but to be honest, she doesn't give off too many warm fuzzy feelings and I really just want to discuss it all with the director first. My hope is to present my concerns, offer some ideas, and elicit her help in the best way to approach the teacher as not to alienate our future relationship. See, I am not such a bad person.

* Our guinea pig is freaky. And stinky. Seriously, how does one small animal excrete so many little pellets in such a short time?!! It was so bad on Friday, that I finally had to clean out the whole cage myself. I usually reserve that job for my husband, but I just couldn't take it anymore. His favorite activity is to race around the cage and rearrange his "house".

* Meal planning has gone well so far. We start week 3 this week. I adjusted as needed the past two weeks according to any schedule changes that came up and left a few meals off while alone with the kids last week. Leftovers and church filled in the gaps. So, I haven't tried all the new recipes but will try to post more later about them as we try them. If you are using any of the plans, just know that I have already found a few mistakes with the shopping lists. I knew that rearranging them would do that, but just couldn't "see" the mistakes until I actually shopped for that week.

* Speaking of meal planning, I think the two things I love the most are the shopping lists and the crock pot! Love the crock pot meals!

* Which is why I was super bummed week before last when the handle on my crock pot lid broke off. Less than a year old it is! My dad still had the receipt and I was directed by our local merchant to contact the Rival company. They were really helpful and let me know what information they would need to send me a new unit. A new unit? Did I hear that correctly? I did say to the lady that I would be perfectly happy to just have the lid replaced as the actual pot was in fine condition. She made is pretty clear that I would likely get a whole new crock pot in the mail. We'll see! If that turns out to be the case, I am going to be in crock pot cooking heaven with TWO of those babies!

* One of the reasons I didn't post much last week, other than being busy, was my inability to say something nice so I just better not say anything at all! Work has been about as stinky as Tex's cage the last 3 weeks and I was having some ill feelings about church. Both of which I want to talk about, but will probably reserve all that until later.

* Mainly because I am working Monday-Thursday this week, then heading out of town on Thursday afternoon. My fil is helping me out with little man on my normal off days so I can help a coworker who needed to take care of a family emergency. Besides all of our normal routine stuff, I will need to get us all packed and the house prepped for our return on Sunday.

* The reason that is a big deal and makes me a little crazy, is that I am going to be seeing a lot of old friends this weekend, meeting my new niece and helping out my sister, and bringing my great-grandmother back home with us for the week. All good stuff, but that leaves me dealing with getting the house cleaned, thinking of all the things I need to do to help out, and most importantly, what in the world am I going to wear to make myself look as good as possible when I see everyone! Yikes!

I will probably be sporadic this week and next, but will try to check in when I can!



Jennifer said...

that is crazy about the red marks on his paper. We had that issue last year with H and I switched his schools about 3 weeks into it. His teacher was rude and never cracked a smile. H hated to go and I could tell that she was so picky about everything. She griped to me that he didn't want to do his handwriting sheet (the one that was NOT age appropriate) and said he'd "get behind" if he didn't do his work in class. Um, isn't this preschool we are talking about? Good luck! Hope it works out with the director.

Martie said...

That is absolutely nuts to grade down a FOUR-year-old child. What on earth??? Sometimes I wonder why certain people teach. Maybe they go into it for the money (wink,wink).It's surely a mystery!

It sounds like you have a lot going on. Hang in there! better days are right around the corner!

Make it a great day.


Loni said...

I am sorry you are having such craziness lately. I pray for PEACE! AND JOY! :)

Anonymous said...

Red marks are ridiculous for a 4 year old's papers. Yes indeed.

We have TWO guineas. Heavens, the smell and expense. We had one die after we first got them, so I do not intend on going through THAT again with an already emotional teenager, thanks. Thus the daily cleaning of the cage. I used to spend $100 a month on bedding, but we just read that you can use old towels, so we've been doing that instead and changing them daily (the girls do it all by themselves) and it's working pretty well so far. I'm with you - HOW can they poop so much????

I have to go read your other post now, the one about piles. I have a few myself and they drive me NUTS. I'll stay up til 2 am if I have to in order to get rid of 'em. It kills me.

Jennifer H. said...

Trying to catch up on reading blogs. Almost done with grad school. Hope to have more time to post and read then.

Red marks, grrr . . . I don't even use red to grade my high school students!!!

Miss you and love you!