Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Pile

Do you have one?

I have about ONE MILLION of them!

Or at least that is what it feels like some days!

After unpacking and organizing the office this summer, I created a huge pile of papers that needed something done to them.

I am notorious for dog-earring magazines with ideas, products, websites that I want to remember. I am also one of those people that jots things down on scraps of paper. And then there was tons of contact information that needed put in the computer. A few pieces of memories were in this pile too.

With the rain all day on Saturday, I found a bit of time to FINALLY go through the pile!

I love the end product!

That is my office trashcan filled over the top!

Now grant it, I still have a pile to be filed from all this work I did, but at least I have a open cubby space in my computer table!

One of the funny things I found was an OLD list I made my senior year in college.

Let's LOL together!


To Remember:

John Butcher
The Call
Chris Rhea
Michael Penn
Roche Sisters

(I am assuming this is music I wanted to remember!)


Cortland Paul
Jory Cliff
Camelia Nicole
Britan Alise
Other- Colten, Kyle, Garrett, Ashley, Dillon, Cole, Harmony, Macee, Ann, Katlin, Dashnelle (really?!), Blaise, Claire, Chloe

(You know you made one of those "What I want to name my future kids." list too!)


Kite Flight, Easter Egg Hunt, Women in Crisis volunteers, Adopt Highway, Plant tree, Pledge Slave Day


Come Let Me Love You (John Denver)
There Is Love
I've Benn In Love With You
The Cousins Theme from Steel Magnolias

Make 2 wrap-around coats from magazine


I am not brave enough (yet!) to share my journals from junior high that I found!



Lori - The Simple Life at Home said...

That's too funny. Guess what I found when I was in the process of moving here? Tapes from Chris Rea and from The Call!!! Sadly, my Chris Rea tape melted in the heat of my husband's car here. I've been moving that thing around since 1989 and Doha did it in!

Cyndy said...

LOL! I'm so glad we I'm not the only one with "those piles". Now tell me, how many of those soda cups did you go through while sorting through the piles??? Hopefully there was caffiene in whatever was in that cup!

Anonymous said...

Your lists crack me up. And I'm so thankful I didn't name either of my kids any of the names that were on my "list"... also glad they don't have any of the last names I put on that list!

I no longer say I'm going to clean my house. I say, I'm "going to restack my stacks". :-)