Monday, September 15, 2008

I am convinced it's a money-s*cking cult!

I don't even WANT to know how much money I actually spent last week!

ALL of it on school-related stuff!

Can't they at least spread it out and let us pretend!

Here is what I spent money on last week:

* A school t-shirt for son.
* A school t-shirt for dtr and myself. Yes, I needed one too for all the PTA events! Plus, won't we make a cute mother-daughter picture!
* Scholastic Book Fair to support dtr's school library.
* School pictures. Total rip-off! I just need ONE picture for her school album, but the cheapest pkg I could get for what I needed was $20!
* Computers for Education coupon booklet.

Oh this one was funny! My dtr had shared this wild story early last week about these super fancy sunglasses with music, a t-shirt, and a trip to Hawaii! I figured it was something she had seen on TV. Well, I was partially right! She had seen it on the BIG SCREEN TV in her cafeteria! It was a booklet you fill out with names/addresses of family and friends. They then send the coupon to them in hopes they purchase a magazine to support you.

I am thinking we will probably score the glow-in-the-dark Scooby Doo tshirt.

And the trip to Hawaii?

Well, it is actually a trip to Florida. But if we are lucky, they will draw our name! ;)

My friend Pam is probably going to laugh hysterically when she reads this! She has 4 kids and has been eagerly anticipating the day we all feel her pain! :)

While on the subject of kids, I thought I would share a few of their papers that came home last week.

Want to guess why this makes me want to pull my hair out?

This is my FOUR YEAR OLD son's paper he brought home last week. I thought he did a FABULOUS job! Is she serious?!! He can't even read what her note and the sticker say! Don't think I won't talk about this come parent-"teacher" conference time!

This is my 6 year old daughter's first practice spelling test. It is hard to tell, but the one she got wrong was because she used a capital "P" instead of a lower-case "p". I realize that learning about that stuff is important, but not in this case. I would have had an issue if this had been her real test. Spelling should be about spelling! Thankfully, she did indeed make a 100 on her real test the next day!

Hey, maybe I could just throw some more money to the schools and bribe the teachers to give my kids perfect scores all the time!

Yes, I know! It is only the beginning!



Danette said...

If my son did that well, I would give him an A+!!! Ditto for your dtr!!! Danette

kel said...

I think my 9 year old's paper would look about like that as far as does not like to color. He will say "I am not really a like to color kinda guy"

she said...

Don't know you but love this post :) I was just complaining about this today - 2 schools - already the fundraisers, the t-shirts, the pictures, the memberships... UGH, can't they put anything off til October??

Love your blog. I was intrigued by "The Pile" (yea, I have those too and and they multiply when the kids start school!) from an APB page and got sucked into this one!

Jennifer said...

I have to say, this post makes me even more glad that I homeschool my kids! Watch your color lines? Are you kidding me? Good grief!
And, she got the WHOLE WORD counted off for capitalizing a word? That's NUTS! If anything, count off a point (if that's even necessary) but not the whole word! She spelled it correctly! Sheesh!

OK, stepping down from the soapbox now! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so not prepared for other people grading my children. Not at all!