Wednesday, September 30, 2009

For me

Right now, I am sitting in a perfect moment.

The kind of moment that I would capture with my camera, except for the fact that it is out of even fingertip reach.

And attempting to reach for my camera would totally change the moment.

So instead, I sit here. Very still. Typing with swift fingers but stiff arms. As to not disturb my moment. And in the same breath, so as not to forget.

His moment.

He fell asleep nursing.

He is here in my lap. On a cushion. Bare-bellied. Eyes closed. Mouth open. Lips perfectly posed to create that beautiful upside-down heart shape. Right hand is resting softly on his chest. Breathing is soft with an occasional shudder breath. A cheek quivers causing a faint smile to cross his mouth. His bright eyes rest behind his relaxed eyelids. The same eyelids that are trimmed with long, delicate lashes. His brow without furrow. His eyebrow unraised.

Despite all the wonderful changes he is making each day, it is in this moment, that I see my sweet baby.

Just being.

In the moment.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Yay me!

I actually got my Fall/Halloween stuff set out before the middle of October this year!

I like seasonal and holiday decor to stay up as long as possible so it can be thoroughly enjoyed. However, except for Christmas, I usually lag behind until I only get 1-2 weeks of enjoyment before it needs to come down.

Now, we get to have fun with the Halloween stuff the whole month and then just take down a few things and keep enjoying the rest until Thanksgiving!

I just need to deal with costumes and we will be set.

Goodwill here I come!

I always make sure we have our Christmas stuff up, whether it is my full-blown version or my minimalist version from last year, from Thanksgiving through New Year. The minimalist version really worked last year and I think I will go that route again!

Hopefully, I can stay ahead of myself through Easter 2010!!

A girl can dream!!


Friday, September 25, 2009

At least some things in life are free

Did I ever tell you about winning a free bottle of ALL laundry detergent from my friend Bee?


That's what I thought! Shame on me!

Well, I did!

So I picked out a bottle of the free & clear version and have been washing away.

Good thing it was free because I will probably use it all today as I wash wet sheets ~sigh~ and throw up towels.


I had a hurler last night.

My sweet girl had an episode around 2 AM and 3 AM. Episode #1 made onto her bed and carpet. B had fallen asleep early last night due to not napping well during the day, so he had woken up early for his once-a-night snack and I happened to be feeding him at the exact moment she called for me. Lucky for me, he was in a playful mood and was happy to squirm on the floor while I helped her shower and get settled on my floor.

With towels and trashcan secured next to her.

It wasn't long before she had episode #2, but thankfully, she made it to the bathroom.

The rest of our night was uneventful, so this morning I just took L to school and she is resting on the couch for the day.

While I do laundry and disinfect stuff!

So, I am completely thankful for free laundry detergent!

Sadly, there is a cost to this story.

I had planned to meet a friend from the big city halfway for lunch. It won't be a problem to reschedule, but it was much needed.

I am more sad for A because she was to attend a birthday slumber party tonight. She had looked forward to it for 2 weeks. Swimming, eating, giggling, oh and the girl has an elevator in her house! I think A might try to pull the "I feel better" card later today, so I will end up being the bad Mommy for sure.

I am hoping with lots of hand washing and creating a barrier around A, the rest of us can avoid the plague.

And in case you are wondering why there is no mention of husband jumping to my rescue last night, well, he was snuggled in his luxury hotel bed in the big city as he has a meeting today.

But never fear, he had his own excitement yesterday. His meeting happened to be next door to this.

Off to claim my Laundry Queen title!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Groooowing, I do it!

4-month letter

Hi Everyone!

Gee, time flies!! Mommy had to do a double blink when she looked at the calendar the other day! But I guess it is true, I am 4 months old now!!

We are staying busy around here! I help Mommy take the kids to school 3 days a week and then we hang out at the house until we pick up L at 12:30. During our morning rides, I love to sing and talk along with A and L. On the other 2 days, Mommy and I are the first ones out the door as we head over to Aunt J's house. Mommy told me the other day that she is so thankful I wake up happy because it makes her mornings easier! I do my best!!

On my days at home, I like to help Mommy exercise, clean the house, or do laundry. Basically, I just supervise but it is an important job and someone has to do it! Mommy and I have lots of playtime together before I take my morning nap. I like to rest up so I have lots of energy to play with L when he gets home! Usually, I take an afternoon nap so I can be all smiles for sister when she gets home later.

I am the perfect baby at Aunt J's house! Or at least that is what I overheard her tell Mommy the other day. One of the girl's is younger than me and she just eats and cries. The other girl is older than me and we like to hang out together, playing and chatting during the day. I am smiling when Mommy leaves and when she gets back to pick me up. I know that makes her feel better about not being with me those days.

I am perfecting some of my skills. Besides being a master drooler, I am working on becoming an expert taste-tester! I love to put my toys in my mouth and go gnaw-crazy! With everyone's help, I have even tasted my toes a few times, but I still prefer my hands and toys.

Remember how I mentioned that I could flip over from my tummy? Yay, well that is sooo yesterday! Sure, flipping from my tummy to my back is cool and all, but it is much easier to get in on all the action now that I can flip from my back to my tummy! Sometimes, I like to flip back and forth several times just for fun! It keeps 'em guessing when they turn their back.

I am getting really good at reaching out for faces or toys. If you are lucky, I might even mistake you for a toy and plant a big wet one on your face! It makes me laugh! I also giggle when you tickle my face with my toes or lift me high in the air. Mommy says she loves my big grin when I laugh! I can't remember if I mentioned my love of books yet. If you read to me and show me the pictures, I get pretty excited. I really like to talk about the story with you.

Like I said, I like action, so that is why I am practicing my two-arm belly pulls. If you tempt me with a cool toy, I can make it a few inches before I get tired. Sometimes my arm gets stuck under me, but that is always a good time for a flip! I am not really into sitting up yet because it is pretty hard work, but I still let Mommy help me practice just to make her happy. I can balance in sitting for a second, but that is only in my bending-dog yoga position. At least I can lick my toes while I am down there!

I am still healthy and growing! I go to the doctor at the end of the month, so I will have updates for you in October!

Enjoy the pictures!


People either state who they think B looks like or they ask me what I think. It's a tough call because they all three have such similar features that they just look like each other. Of course, they each have their own look, but they certainly can't be mistaken for anyone other than siblings! For me, I think B and A more closely resemble each other at this point, but B and L look a lot alike with certain expressions! Who knows!

I thought I would pull up some photos of all three and let you have fun with it!





3 months

B and sister compare

B and brother compare

(sorry for the required head tilt here. forgot to take time to rotate!)

More B and brother compare

(this was L and his cousin at about 2 months and 1 month respectively. i miss those sweet little leg rolls and double chin!)

A few more of B's 3-month pictures

I bet these two will have a special bond!

Anatomy of falling!

Big brother really helps me out when I need a break from the action!

What is that Mommy? You are praying for no teeth yet?! Come on!

Happy baby!

Cleaning between the toes

Can't a guy get a little privacy in the tub?!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

I knew there was a reason to surround myself with greatness!

Monday night went pretty good.

We had enough girls sign-up to create 3 separate troops. I know the troops will grow, but for now the numbers are so manageable; 7 for Daisies, 8 for Brownies, and 5 for Juniors!

AND.....the best part.....

is I don't have to be responsible for all of them!

One grandmother (with GS experience) volunteered to take care of Daisies. Our Membership Coordinator is going to start off running the Junior troop with help from another mom. And of course, I will take Brownies since that is A's age group.

We are going to work together, but divide up for our troop activities.

Plus, several other moms volunteered to be helpers!


Since everyone did such a great job with that prayer request, I got another one for you!! :)

I am super-duper tired of my 5-year old wetting every night.

My Dad is probably reading this right now and saying, "Well, I could tell some stories on you.", but I will just go "lalalalala" and pretend I don't hear him!

L did such a great job of daytime potty training when he was 3 and we have had some dry spells for nighttime, but for the majority, he does not go to bed without a pull-up. Those are pretty soaked by morning and we have frequent mornings with wet sheets.

I try to limit liquids after 7, but it is hard to deny a thirsty child. I have tried to have him just wear underwear, but that just means Mommy has to get up at night to help him change and resituate for the rest of the night. I have tried those homeopathic bed-wetting pills when I remember, so not sure if they really work or not. I try to take him to the bathroom before I go to bed, but I get tired of doing that myself and, dang, a sleepwalking 50# child is heavy!

I need to at least get some of those over-sized cloth bed pads to keep me from washing sheets more than I want. I have a friend with one of those electronic thingamagigs that wakes them up at night, so I might try to borrow it if you think it might work.

Otherwise, HELP!!

I realize his bladder may just not be ready yet to get through night time, so I try not to make a big deal to him, but ugh!

So, if you don't have any miracles to share, could you pray for one?!!!


Monday, September 14, 2009


In case you don't recognize me right now, it is because I feel the spirit of Noah upon me!

I guess that happens when you have received non-stop rain for 2 days, in addition to all the other rain from last week!

I had errands to run this morning, but no way I am doing that with a 4-month old to tote as well! Maybe it will break later today and I can make a few quick runs with both boys along for the ride.

On another note, if you need something irrelevant to pray about today, I got it for you. I have my first parent meeting for Girl Scouts tonight.

YES, I KNOW! WHAT was I thinking!! I blame it on my mush brain when I was pregnant!!

I won't be alone, as my regional person will be there too. However, since there will likely be more girls signing up (which requires separate troops due to age differences) than I can handle, I need LOTS of parents to volunteer to help in some way. Specifically, I need volunteers for troop leadership of 2 more separate troops (Daisies and Juniors), cookie sales coordinator in January, snack coordination, troop assistants for general management of girls and specific projects, and a fundraising coordinator.

It may seem silly to ask for prayers for that, but I am truly stressed about it. I know (hope) once things get rolling that it will all fall into place, but with everything else I manage, I need all the help I can get.

I have at least 5 posts waiting for me to finish them.

They are feeling sad and neglected.

Maybe this week! ;)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 months is so yesterday!

Since B turned 4 months last week and I just sent out his 4-month letter today, I guess I should probably catch up here too!

I thought it would be fun to include the monthly letter I send to family. I started this with my daughter. Each month, I would send an update along with pictures. By mail! Yep! I would type and print the letters, develop a few pictures, and send them along. I usually do it each month until they are 1 year. They change so much that first year, it is fun to have them to look back. This time around, I am giving in to technology and sending the letter via email with pictures attached! I think I may go back and add the previous letters to my monthly picture posts. Just for posterity.

Hi Everyone!

I am 3+ months now! Mommy has been busy getting everyone ready to go back to school and work, so we are just now getting to my monthly update.

As usual, things are never boring around here with A and L to entertain me! One of my favorite things to do is to sit in sister's pink chair and watch Mommy and the kids play, clean, or dance in A's room. I've been known to start talking or singing quite a bit during all the commotion!! A is teaching me how to dance and L always makes me smile with his airplane noises!

I LOVE my hands! They taste so good. Sometimes I nibble on a few fingers, but I can also get most of my fist in my mouth too! Of course, nothing beats a good pacifier when I am cranky or tired and ready to sleep. Speaking of sleep, I am working on getting used to the full bassinet instead of just my basket. There is so much room that I tend to wiggle myself awake sometimes, but I still usually sleep through most of the night.

I am learning how to hold onto my play rings with each hand and even put my hands together sometimes. I love to watch the mobile on my car seat and now I have a floor mat with some hanging animals. They are good listeners when I want to chat! I enjoy playing while on my tummy, but don't blink, I might flip over to my back if you do! That's right, I have officially flipped over several times now! Even if I don't make it over, I usually end up far from my starting point as I busily inch and scooch with my arms and legs. It's fun! The other fun thing I enjoy is "reading". I love someone to read to me as I look at the pictures. I can get pretty excited sometimes!

July was a VERY busy month for me! Mommy took us kids to spend 6 days in Oklahoma visiting family and Mommy's friends. At the end of July, we spent the night at a hotel so Daddy could take A and L to a Texas Ranger baseball game. The next day, they toured the new Cowboy stadium while Mommy and I "toured" Target. The first week of August, Mommy took us kids again to spend 3 days in Dallas visiting friends.


The kids go back to school next Monday and it will sure be quiet around here most of the time. A will be gone every day, but L will be home with me M/W/F after 12 noon. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, my Aunt J (Gigi's sister) will take care of me while Mommy works. She loves babies and I will have two girl babies to play with while I am there. I bet Mommy will miss me though!

Mommy took me and the big kids for pictures last week and we hope to share them soon! Nobody could get me to flash my famous grin, but I still looked pretty cute and was super cooperative!

I go back to the doctor in September. I will let you know how much I have grown after my visit!

I attached some pictures so you can see how big I am getting!



Learning new tricks is hard work!

Playing with my peeps!

Catching up on my reading!

I love my fish book!


A new friend

Really, it tastes just like chicken!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm the parent, that's why

I will be honest, I just caught up with the news from the last few weeks.

The news, and controversy, about President Obama speaking to our children at school today. I had heard about it, but since I don't watch the news much, I hadn't heard all the details. I happened to catch some talk radio while driving for work last week and realized that I needed to pay attention.

I am not an alarmist by any means. But I also can't ignore a message, from a man I don't trust, aimed directly at my children. At least without knowing what the message will contain.

Being informed is my job as a parent. As a mother.

My daughter goes to a public school with a considerable numbers of employees and families that fall on the conservative spectrum, so I felt confident that they would be making smart choices regarding the speech.

But because I am the parent, it is my responsibility to make sure.

So, I called the superintendent's office last week. As I thought, the superintendent and principals will be recording the speech and viewing it along with the teachers. Should any teachers wish to use the speech for educational purposes, they will send an informational letter home to parents so that they can make the final decision.

I am good with that.

It puts the ball back in my hands.

Yesterday, I read the speech. It's contents, as it is currently written, seem pretty harmless. They appear to be appropriate remarks for school-age children.

I will be curious to see if he sticks to the prepared material.

Along the same lines, I know what you are thinking.

I thought the same thing!

There are so many things, so many many things, potentially more dangerous or inappropriate that my children can be exposed to on a daily basis than a little speech given by the President.

I get that.

BUT, I know what those things are and I am prepared for that. I have been preparing myself and them for those things long before they would encounter them.

Peer pressure, drugs, inappropriate language or dress or actions, etc.

Along the way, I hope I am teaching them to be good listeners and thinkers.

Most of all, I hope I am teaching them to be good talkers.

To me and their father.

I want them to know they can always talk with us about anything. I want them to know in their hearts, and to trust, that we as their parents are the experts. The go-to's for anything they want to know or talk about.

It's a lot of pressure as a parent. To be the know-it-all!

Thank goodness we have One in our corner who truly knows it all!


Monday, September 7, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do

I have said it a million times since bringing B home!

Wash your hands. Have you washed your hands? Are your hands clean?

I tripled my efforts once school started!

I know that with two big kids in school, the odds might not be in our favor to keep sickness out of the house. To keep little man from getting anything yucky too soon!

Guess who brought the first round of yuck home?



True, I could have picked it up anywhere, but working with kids means the odds are I caught a bug from one of them. My first day back, I encountered several snotty-nosed kids! I washed. I squirted anti-bacterial liberally. I washed again!

Friday afternoon, I felt the weirdness in my nose and eyes. It escalated and de-escalated quickly over the course of the weekend. Thank goodness it was a mild version!! Hopefully, thanks to my quick efforts with the netipot, vaporizing, lots of vitamin C, and some mild drugs, I sent my cold on its way without infecting anyone else. I upheld my basic baby responsibilities, but tried to be hands-off (while others were more hands-on) the baby as much as possible.

I pray it worked!

The bummer is that I have been ingesting healthy shakes, and the kids and I have been doing our daily vitamin C megadoses, but it still sneaked in.

The kids and I have not partaken of flu shots the last few years, but I feel that we might need to do so this year to keep the sweet baby as protected as possible.

Any thoughts?


Friday, September 4, 2009

I needed a good laugh

I was gone for several hours last night, so I had my husband take care of night time duties with the big kids. Little man hung out with me at a PTA meeting then at another meeting to plan church class activities.

When I got home, I went upstairs for a story and good-nights with the kids.

I was telling L that I had laid out his clothes for tomorrow because I wanted him to wear his "Big Brother" shirt. He has Show and Tell on Fridays and we got permission to "show" off his little brother. :)

I said, "You can wear your Big Brother shirt and he can wear his Little Brother shirt."

He said, "And you can wear your Big Mama shirt!"

Outta the mouths of babes!

We all giggled!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This was another one of our mini-trips late in the summer.

We headed to Dallas to spend time with good friends and introduce B to several who had not met him.

We let the kids enjoy some fun pool time while the girls caught up. Thanks Jen for opening your pool! Sorry, no pics!

Although my little man slept through most of our dinner at the loud restaurant, he woke up with enough time to entertain the ladies for awhile.

This is my long-time friend Brandee. We have known each other over 25 years, but you can't tell by looking at her picture! We don't get to see each other often, but it is always good to catch up.

I hope everyone has one of these sweet couples in their life! She was my 9th grade English teacher (at the same school where my Dad was the counselor) and he was my OT and NT teacher in college. He even taught me to snow ski on my first and only ski trip in college! We have stayed in touch over the years and it was nice to catch up over a yummy lunch!

We stayed with my friend who was in the process of moving several hours away. :( This was on the day we were leaving. I made sure the kids got a chance for silly pictures so we could get some nice ones too!

A and S#2

We really enjoyed our visit with my friend S and her kids. Our kids went to school together before we moved. I really miss our alternating play dates/free Mommy time!!

They were discussing their favorite yoga positions!

During our down time, the kids played together non-stop! Although they really enjoyed the Wii, there was lots of imaginative play going on as well. Fun to watch!

We had a really good time hanging out with all of our friends! We miss everyone so much!