Thursday, September 17, 2009

I knew there was a reason to surround myself with greatness!

Monday night went pretty good.

We had enough girls sign-up to create 3 separate troops. I know the troops will grow, but for now the numbers are so manageable; 7 for Daisies, 8 for Brownies, and 5 for Juniors!

AND.....the best part.....

is I don't have to be responsible for all of them!

One grandmother (with GS experience) volunteered to take care of Daisies. Our Membership Coordinator is going to start off running the Junior troop with help from another mom. And of course, I will take Brownies since that is A's age group.

We are going to work together, but divide up for our troop activities.

Plus, several other moms volunteered to be helpers!


Since everyone did such a great job with that prayer request, I got another one for you!! :)

I am super-duper tired of my 5-year old wetting every night.

My Dad is probably reading this right now and saying, "Well, I could tell some stories on you.", but I will just go "lalalalala" and pretend I don't hear him!

L did such a great job of daytime potty training when he was 3 and we have had some dry spells for nighttime, but for the majority, he does not go to bed without a pull-up. Those are pretty soaked by morning and we have frequent mornings with wet sheets.

I try to limit liquids after 7, but it is hard to deny a thirsty child. I have tried to have him just wear underwear, but that just means Mommy has to get up at night to help him change and resituate for the rest of the night. I have tried those homeopathic bed-wetting pills when I remember, so not sure if they really work or not. I try to take him to the bathroom before I go to bed, but I get tired of doing that myself and, dang, a sleepwalking 50# child is heavy!

I need to at least get some of those over-sized cloth bed pads to keep me from washing sheets more than I want. I have a friend with one of those electronic thingamagigs that wakes them up at night, so I might try to borrow it if you think it might work.

Otherwise, HELP!!

I realize his bladder may just not be ready yet to get through night time, so I try not to make a big deal to him, but ugh!

So, if you don't have any miracles to share, could you pray for one?!!!



Kimmy said...

I have no advice, because it sounds like you've already tried,or are planning to try anything I would have suggested doing. BUT, I will pray for you and L!

Anonymous said...

No advice, just know that he won't go off to college w/ a suitcase full of Pull Ups!

(Great news on the GS front!)